Friday, February 19, 2016

#44 - A Star Wars Fantasy Twi'lek with Items from !dM & Fallen Gods!

I love so many of the Star Wars characters but I'd not really tried any of them out here in SL until once last year when I found a $10L Twi'lek skin and really liked it. Now, at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, !dM has their N'Shaddaa Gacha for Mesh Bodies and Classic Avatars. So, I had to try! I loved the way the Ad looked and I had to have the same look. 
What I really like about this gacha is that when you play, the commons are all the dancer silk sets in full. Not in pieces! I really loved that! So each time I received a common, I had a full outfit I could use with my mesh body or my standard avatar. The RAREs are four items: Dancer Silks **THE FORCE**, THE DARK SIDE, Chromatic Shift & The Ornamented Lekku Headpiece with the Four Tentacle Option & Wild Stripes Option on those tentacles.
Here are the Lime Dancer Silks with the Ornamented Lekku Headpiece in my normal Caramel skin from Meghindo's.
Location: Little Mos Eisley - Star Wars Roleplay sim - Cantina

Then, I have a Blue skin from +FGInc+ (Fallen Gods). So this is the Female Frost - Ice Skin. The N'Shaddaa Lapis Dancer Silks with Silver metal parts (option in the menu for the dancer silks) and the Ornamented Lekku Headpiece tinted as close as possible to the skins color.And as in all pics, the headpiece has the wild stripes option worn but cannot be seen in the front, only in the back and they are very, very light in color. I am also wearing The Dark Legacy Tattoo RARE (Full) in the Soft Full Body option and the Trouper Head Tattoo Face Marks (Soft Option) on the standard avatar head. All Tattoos are from the Legacy Gacha from Fallen Gods.
Location: Planet Ahch-To Star Wars Roleplay sim - Stone bridge

This gacha is also at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and it does come in various pieces but not as many pieces(Limbs - Chest - Head), but it does come in four different possible colors for each piece. The 2 RAREs are the full body tattoos in Intense and Soft tattoo versions and all four colors. It does not include the Face Mark tattoos so you will need those to complete the look. And the Face Marks come in four different versions each with 2 tintable versions of Intense and Soft tattoos.

I don't think I am done experimenting with this look! I have another skin I will definitely try out with this outfit. So I may update this post or just post that to my Flickr when I finish with that one.

Also seen on the body are the following items:
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara - v 3.4 & 3.5
Eyes: {Meghindo's} ~ Tatiana ~ Eyes ~ Grey ~ Large ~
EyeLashes: MG - Eyelashes - Party - Separated Kim K - BLACK
Nails: [:Rad Designz:] Galaxy - Maitreya Nails - seen in Post #41
Top: Yasum*Shawl Deco Top*Size 2*Static/mod*Pitch Silver
Panties(Thong): !FP! (Female Poison) Lace Panties (Black) Appliers - Maitreya
Poses: VA-Dance *HUD3.9j* HOT & SPICY AO V1.1

Both are Star Wars Roleplay sims


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