Sunday, April 3, 2016

#69 - [:Rad Designz:] is in the Perfect Storm Hunt!

[:Rad Designz:] is busy, busy, busy! They are in The Perfect Storm Hunt which began on April 1st. And here I am with the gift you will receive if you find the hunt object.

The Perfect Storm Nails (Dark Blue-Green Storm-Pink Storm-Pale Green)
A set of stormy nails! This hunt lasts from April 1st - 30th and the hunt object is a lightning bolt. Make sure you get these great nails from [:Rad Designz:]! They are totally worth the time you take finding them.

These also come with all the appliers shown as usual with the nails purchased at [:Rad Designz:].

The Twisted Side Hunt is still up too! There are nine sets of nails in there for free! And many more other shops to get awesome freebies from in The Perfect Storm Hunt! Don't miss out!

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