Thursday, April 7, 2016

#73 - Finding my inner roleplayer @ We Love Roleplay.

I would call this my green warrior. I tried elf ears but the ears were hidden too much by the hair so I guess I went with a warrior of some type! Both these looks are displayed on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.
Viata Induri Femdom sim (Adult)
I found this big hair that I loved in the bright colors at the We <3 Roleplay event. Which began on April 4th and runs for a month. There are so many great designers there and lots of different offerings for roleplayer. And the prices were very nice! You might also find a new RP community to become a part of too. 

I chose this hair from [RA] (Runaway Hair) called Winx to go with my Pure Moss Skin from Fallen Gods. Fallen Gods has some Flowering Wood Nymphs skins there this round, what you see here was from a previous round but is currently available at Fallen Gods.
What you see in the pictures:
Outfit: =Zenith= Wood Elf Ranger Leather Dress (Black) Maitreya -RARE - FEB FGC
(With all accessories in black except the RARE crown)
Skin: Pure Moss - Fallen Gods
Hair: [RA] - Winx - Colors @ We <3 Roleplay Event
Poses: Tuty's Desirable Girl 40-Pose HUD & 
Vista Animations - HOT & SPICY AO V1.1 (captured moments)
Location: VIATA INDURI - Femdom RP sim (Adult)

And a second look with help from !dM who has some Egyptian Silks at the We <3 Roleplay event.
The location, Little Egypt was pretty small, its on a platform and it was very simple. The dwelling was very big and very nicely decorated on the inside. I only looked around and took my pictures outside the building. These are the "Iset" Silver - Egyptian silks from !dM.  They come with wings that move as your arms move. You can wear with or without the wings, it looks just as majestic without them.
What you see in these pictures:
Hair: *Drot* Short Side Mohawk-Seven- Greyscale & Vibrant - RARE - March ARCADE
Outfit: !dM deviousMind "Iset" **SILVER** EgyptianSilks @ We <3 Roleplay Event
Silks come in Hourglass, Physique & Maitreya sizes
Poses: {Nantra} - Defying Gravity 4 &
Vista Animations - HOT & SPICY AO V1.1 (captured moments)
Location: Little Egypt
owner also does drawings of SL avatars, IM him to have a drawing done

And there are the gems I've found at the We <3 Roleplay Event this round. I have one more on the way.  From [SyS] which is not ready yet. Meanwhile, visit the event, and make sure you are not too heavily scripted because you will be booted!

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