Monday, July 25, 2016

#143 - The Stringer Mausoleum, Eye Catching Hair That Commands Attention

*TSM* - The Stringer Mausoleum's Hair offerings at Hair Fair 2016 are some very attention grabbing styles! Large and in charge are how I would describe most of them that are available at this years Hair Fair 2016! It was quite fun walking around to see what responses I would get in these hair styles. And yes, they really attracted attention but I would have to say they commanded attention everywhere I went! 

This is one that commanded attention when I wore it. Haute comes in an array of 28 colors! This color is Blood Raven and it is included in the Flames pack with four colors total. There are six packs to choose from and the Fatpack. They are modify so you can adjust them to your head as needed and resize them as you need. Haute is seen here on a Standard/Classic Avatar head. No mesh head here. The shaved head hair base is not included.

This one was also an attention grabber! Lightbloom also comes in 28 colors and this is also the Blood Raven color from the Flames pack. It looks like a flower about to bloom with little light satellites floating all around it! Also Modify so you can adjust it as needed and this is also worn on a Standard/Classic Avatar head. This is also available as a Petite style.

Ruin is a shaved head hair style that is pulled back and tied in a ponytail. And you have some bangs left on each side of the face. Also available in 28 colors and the hair base is not included. I just used another hair base I had on hand, this is also worn on a Standard/Classic Avatar head! This is also a unisex and available as a Petite style.

And remember with each purchase you will be donating a portion of the lindens to the Wigs For Kids Organization! They provide hair replacement systems and wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to cancers or other medical conditions.

Hair Fair 2016
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