Tuesday, October 18, 2016

#196 - Madhouse & Mad Circus II From +Facepalm+ & !Head Desk!

Wow!!!! +Facepalm+ is sooo busy this month! And surely you will find something you love in all the various offerings from +Facepalm+ & !Head Desk! Hair! So many events and so many new releases in the store! So let's get to it!
The Madhouse Gacha Event (by Gacha Good Events) runs from October 8th thru the 31st! There are gachas galore there for your gacha loving pleasures and all in haunted, gory, scary, or whimsical glory. All types are there and all themed for the Halloween season. These +Facepalm+ Madness Tees are one of two gachas there from +Facepalm+. There are two Rares, shown above (SL Horror Story & Psychopath) and three commons. They come in 5 mesh sizes and these are shown here on the Maitreya Mesh Body.

This is the Murderess Tees Gacha, also in 5 mesh sizes each there are six designs which are the commons and the rare is the Fatpack. Here I only show three and, as above, I am wearing them on the Maitreya Mesh Body, using the small size.
Here is the full key so you can see what they say since the gorgeous Megan Hair from !Head Desk! is in the way of the design:

All this is available at The Madhouse Gacha Event! Now until October 31st!
Next is another set of tees that are an in-store new release. O The Horror has some of Ripley's favorite saying from her favorite horror movies! And some of mine too! Woot! Take a look.
You get 10 different sayings in this set. 10 Texture HUD (of the sayings) and 5 Fitmesh sizes, 1 Maitreya, 1 TMP, 2 Slink and 3 Belleza sizes are included. So she's got you covered in the Mesh Body department! And this is available in the store now! New as of 10/13/16.
Also seen above is the !Head Desk! Gale Hair, which is an exclusive at the October Twe12ve Event. It is a short bob cut with the varying HUDs you have come to know from !Head Desk! This event began on the 12th and runs through the end of the month. This is a monthly event.

And now for the Mad Circus 2 Event! A shopping and gacha event that is also going on right now and +Facepalm+ & !Head Desk! are there! Woot!!! First a lovely, rosey, gothy dress:
Iracebeth includes 5 Mesh Sizes and a 4 Texture HUD. This is a lovely gothy strapless dress and includes a crown for the queen in you! And again we see the !Head Desk! Gale Hair here in different shades and ombres from the Darkling and Color Struck HUDs.

These are from the +Facepalm+ Boo Who Gacha at the Mad Circus 2 Event. +Facepalm+ has quite a few offerings there and I am showing you 3 of those items. These come in 5 standard mesh sizes and there are 3 commons and 2 rares (Batman & Stick shown above). Also shown on the Maitreya Mesh Body.

And you see above the Others Hair from !Head Desk!. This is also at the Mad Circus 2 Event. This is an exclusive item at this event. A lovely medium length with big loose curls fall softly onto your shoulders.

And the third item I am showing you is the 10L Gift from !Head Desk! - Alice Bloody - Essentials HUD. This hair is only 10L!! Long flowing curly locks cascade down your body and they are tainted with drops of blood, telling the story you may not want to tell! This is a gorgeous hair!

The Mad Circus 2 Event
October 8th thru 31st

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