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#307 - A Twisted Fairytale Indeed - Mooonlitecat Creations

The Twisted Fairytales Sales & Mini Hunt RFL Event has a great many items from many amazing merchants. As I bring you today's item by Moonlitecat Creations, I have only associated this creature with a beloved Disney character. As is the Twisted Events way, these merchants put a very different spin on these stories, and the story will not be the same as those we already know about. I can look at their interpretations with awe and amazement in many cases, and this is one of those cases! Bare with me, as this scenario I've envisioned is quite grim and a little disturbing.
Our world as we know it is still quite lush and green. We still have the chance to try to turn around the effects of pollution and stop our expansion into the lush worlds that have been little explored (at least we hope we still have the chance) and heal our planet. But, what if  we couldn't and it was already over for us humans? What if these mythical creatures actually existed and we just never knew? And if they were a few of the final surviving beings on our planet? How would they look trying to survive the effects of  our excesses? Maybe the sea offered them much more protection than the land we lived on, a protection and abundance we could not completely take away from them. I think these once majestic mythical creatures may have to deal with circumstances something like this:
After donning this avatar, the MLCC Dead Mermaid Avatar, I could more easily envision the struggle the mermaids could be in, in a world bereft of most of its resources and original splendor.  She (or he) would be much thinner than I would think a healthy mermaid to be. Struggling to find uncontaminated food or much of anything healthy and nourishing to satisfy the hunger she fights. But, it is also quiet on the remote places where she can steal away and enjoy the sites humans so often took for granted. Finding herself upon a rock in a beautiful bay watching the sun set, again ushering along the end of the day. Which means, there is a new day ahead. Yes, she is thin, but she still has her gorgeous colors so that she may still draw those weary sailors into the depths of the sea to be hers....forever. If there are such beings still around...
But then as time goes on, she begins to loose that brilliant color and little by little she begins to deteriorate. Slowly she loses the bright colors that helped her capture the eyes of those who seem to now be long gone. Her hair has even lost its color and becomes faded and white as if aging like a human. 
This avatar, shown here on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body and classic avatar head, is made to be worn with the Classic (Standard Mesh & Fitmesh sizes) and Mesh Avatars (Maitreya, 3 Belleza & 2 Slink) with your own skins, as seen in the above two photos.
Finally, she can find not much else to keep herself well and alive and at her favorite spot, is where she fades away from the life she once knew. The algae now clinging to her remaining body, hair and bones, where she still sits unable to continue on, but wanting to be in the spot that brought her so much joy before it became so hard to go on. She continues on to the mystical hereafter where she joins her friends, family and other sea creatures who've gone before her.

The skeleton version is included in this package. It comes with the hair, starfish bra, tail and huds to change all the parts as you'd like! Four Huds change and coordinate each piece for a complete matching look. And a Mermaid AO is also included. The huds contain 13 colors for the Hair, Bra & Tail. And the Skeleton has 3 texture options.
Finally her remains fall into the deep ocean below, to their final rest. And continuing to keep the secret of her existence from the humans who she so loved to tempt follow her into this amazing colorful world that was shared with so much other sea life, and possibly so much more we will never ever completely know.
This MLCC Dead Mermaid Avatar is only available at the Twisted Fairytales Sales & Mini Hunt RFL Event. And there is more available (much more!) from Moonlitecat Creations at this event! Come take a look! There is a tank for this amazing avatar to live in and a male skeleton avatar for the guys which are the two other Exclusive RFL offerings at the event.

You can find Moonlitecat Creations here at the event. To see more of what Moonlitecat Creations has to offer outside the event, please visit the Mainstore Location.

Also Seen In The Pictures:

MLCC Dead Mermaid Avatar
Hair: MLCC Fiora Dead Mermaid Hair (included w/Avatar)
Eyes: MLCC Sunset Eyes @ MLCC Mainstore
Eye Makeup: ::DS:: Alien Citrine Eyeshadow
Lipstick: ::DS:: Alien Lipstick $1L
Bracelet: Cae :: Engraved :: Bracelet :: Friend
Necklace: Fallen Gods(Gift): Oceanica~ Eclipse Shell Necklace, female
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Natural Cleavage ~ Caramel ~
Pose: Ground sit included in Dead Mermaid AO
Windlights Used: Fluffy Big Clouds & Glassy Water
Location Pics #1-3: Fallen Gods Bay

MLCC Dead Mermaid Skeleton Avatar
Pose 1: an lar [poses] The Tortured Series one
Pose 2: BauhausMovement - Frequency Shift 46
Location Pic #4: Cave Rua

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