Sunday, March 11, 2018

#433 - Yakko Shimada Hair @ SaNaRae From Kisetsu

"As with many things in the geisha world the hairstyles of the geisha and maiko are ritualised. Special meaning and seasonality is attached to each hairstyle and much can be told about the girl simply by reviewing her hair. 
Many of the traditional hair styles worn by geisha today were modern fashion in the Edo and Meiji periods. Today they are worn mainly by traditional artisans like geisha and kabuki actors. The styles take hours of waxing, teasing and construction and are designed to last many days. While maiko are expected to grow and use their real hair for these styles, wigs are often used by geisha and dancers for practicality." Amaya Booker, Cyber Goth Geek - Geisha of Japan
I had to look up the information on this hairstyle because I knew there was some significance behind it. As do all the hair styles I've had the pleasure of blogging from kisetsu. I did find, along with the above information, that this used to be worn by married women in Japan. And the geisha also wore this formal hairstyle for dance recitals.
I also found information on the new updated hairstyle in the kisetsu store, the Ofuku hair! Which I do not have a picture of just yet. But surely that will be soon!

The kisetsu - Yakko Shimada is a new style at the SaNaRae event until March 18th.
There is a ribbon (and pin) on the top in front of the bun and beads around the hair in the back along with a wrap underneath held by a pin. On this style, using the accessories hud, you can change the colors on those 4 parts and the hair colors on a separate hud. This hair is also resizable via the color hud and you can move it to fit your head as needed.
Also seen in the first picture are cosmetics by *Booty's Beauty*. New this week is the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Thunder Makeup, which includes the Eyeliner, Lashes and Lipstick. And again I am using the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa - Punk Pixie Brows.

You only have a week to visit the SaNaRae event so don't forget to get by and pick up this gorgeous hairstyle for your roleplays or just because!

SaNaRae - Ends March 18th

Eyebrows: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Brows ~ Punk Pixie
Liner, Lashes & Lipstick: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Thunder - NEW
Collar: Cae :: Ardor :: Collar
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Gyouko - [H4] – No Brows
Eyes: .:Soul:. Draglien Eyes - Brown
Mesh/Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Uma Toothless v3.1
Fangs: Bloodlines Fangs 4.3 [L]
Pose: Stonerella :: Kimono Poser Hud #3
Background: RARE. DYNASTY - Peaceful Pavilion - Gazebo
[CC] C.Basalt Wall, Red Basalt
Hairstyle Information: Amaya Booker, Geisha of Japan

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