Friday, April 19, 2019

#569 - Fantasy Faire is Open!

Fantasy Faire is now open! Visit all these beautiful sims available at the fair! There are tons of amazing creators with lots of new fantasy items for you! Of course you will not only see the cutest little creatures and avatars running around the fairelands, you will also find them for sale! Check out this little cutie that I had to have as my first Dinkie Avatar.
Meet the Designs by Isaura - Dinkie Dragon Avatar! This is a mod for a Dinkie avatar that you can customize. Not being the owner of any Dinkies before, I didn't understand that, but I did understand how to mod (with furry avatars). But it's pretty easy! First of all, you need to have the Create Your Own Dinkie body to be able to wear this avatar. Designs by Isaura does have this vendor in her main store for purchase. Just unpack that and add the texture script to the body from the Dinkie Dragon Avatar kit, and you have the Dinkie Dragon Avatar after wearing all those pieces. You will find Designs by Isaura on the Sanguinely Garden sim at the Fantasy Faire 2019.

There are so many other creatures I've seen so be sure to check my Flickr for more #Fairelanders photos I will be taking as I have time to visit each of the sims!

Fantasy Faire (website) - Fairelands Junction (Fantasy Faire portals to all sims)
Make sure to grab your Teleport Hud at the Junction to easily teleport to each sim!

Location: Dreaming Thicket Fantasy Faire Store on Tensors' Flying Market

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