Wednesday, August 7, 2019

#616 - New in the Neighborhood!

Soccer and I finally scored one of the new linden homes in the Bellisseria neighborhood! We are soooo happy and frankly, still can't believe it!
So we were surprised to get one really, and then this is not the style we started with, you get all the new home styles to choose from! You can change the style of home you have, plus the exterior colors and interior colors and floors (of course). I was not aware that the style of home, Addams, Alderley, Colonial, Winchester, etc were all available to you. This was a big surprise! So we already had our eyes on a Winchester and that is the style we chose to use. I've found a couple add-ons including the porch shown here. And the walkway had to be added too. 

Front Porch: MB LH traditional Front Patio Winchester

Then the backyard. The L shaped patio and pergolas are add-ons too, found around the neighborhood as I wandered to look at the houses around us. Some are much bigger with larger room additions and some have created their own additions from the materials supplied when you get the home. You get all the textures needed to match your homes exterior and interior so you can build them yourself if you like too!

L Shaped Patio & Pergola: Zoobatos - L Shaped Pergola (White)
Pergola (deck): Pergola for Linden Home Balcony - Traditional - Winchester

Find all the add-ons here on the Bellisseria Community Website, there you will find the list of all available add-ons. I wish I had known this before. I was just going into edit to find the creators and then searching for them on the marketplace! Which in many cases was not easy. You will find a lot of information about the area, events, parties, happenings, groups, community center and more.

There is a smaller gift porch for this home at the Blushed store. It is a group gift so you will need the group, but it is free. I just found out it is also on the Marketplace here! So you can just grab it!

I forsee more venturing around the neighborhoods in the near future. I need to beautify the outside too. I will be traversing the areas with my trusty Peep Steed! It's the only thing that travels slowly enough for me not to lose control. Or the covered wagon I found in my inventory but, I think not!

Back to more leisure! I took this break at the perfect time! Been quite busy with the home since we moved in! And still more to do!

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