Monday, March 9, 2020

#678 - Twisted Decor! From Roped Passions!

It's Twisted Season again and here is some Twisted Cyberpunk decor for your homes from Roped Passions! I love the colors and can't wait to show you what I have!

This is from the Roped Passions - Cubeception Intensity Gacha! A Twisted Cyberpunk Themed Gacha made especially for the hunt! Lots of decor for your home and some of it comes in Dinkie sizes too! Also the large Octo Babies: Cyber Octo Baby Programs, Cyber Octo Baby Ninja and Cyber Octo Baby Circuits! Each one of these does it's own thing. Ninja does some ninja moves when clicked. Octo Baby Programs wanders around patrolling and Octo Baby Circuits moves back and forth. There is a Hard Disk Table and Chair, Side Table, Tentacle Chandelier, Floating Cube Hologram, Neon Wall Signs and Shoulder pet! I am laying across the lap of the RARE Sitting Robot (Dinkie sized too) in the back and it also has couple sits too!

I am also wearing items from the Roped Passions side hunt and the Twisted Main Hunt Gift for the ladies from Roped Passions too! A better look at this outfit in a future post!

Here is the Cubeception Intensity Gacha Key:

Come by Roped Passions #16 and play the (RP) Cubeception Intensity Gacha! And fill your home with these Twisted Cyberpunk decor items!


(RP) Cubeception Intensity Gacha
Roped Passions #16 - Side Hunt Gifts (Ladies gifts)
Skybox: SynCo (now CELESTE #43) - Low Prim SciFi Skybox
Hair: A&Y Cyber Queen - Rebirth - Green

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