Monday, September 14, 2020

#738 - Finding My Path

 Finding your own path looks a lot like being a little bit lost. -- David Cook


This is exactly what I feel like at many times on the Twisted Hunts! But, if you are in the group, you can ask for a hint if you have exhausted the time you had for hunting the elusive cube at any particular location. Yes you can! I would say if you are hunting alone, take a few minutes of rest and try again, or don't hunt alone. Two sets of eyes are better than one! And, many of the more seasoned hunters are most willing to help you out if asked! I've heard we have many new hunters this time around so, Welcome to all the new Twisted Hunters!

This gorgeous gown is from Dreaming Thicket #27 on the Twisted Hunt Drow! The Nightshade Gown has sizes made for Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, Maitreya, Ocacin and Voluptuous. I am wearing the Slink Hourglass on the Legacy Perky body with some minimal alpha cuts. Very nice fit! And I love the color!

The very tall columns surrounding me are the Garden of Hedone - Snake Path Braziers and this one is an End Game gift from the Garden of Hedone #69 (oh funny!) on the Twisted Hunt Drow.

Come and join us on the Twisted Hunt Drow! It's a hard one but it's also great fun!

Twisted Hunt Drow - Ends Sep 30th
Twisted Hunt Website
Twisted Headquarters - Starting Point
Twisted Hunt Group

Dreaming Thicket #27

Garden of Hedone #69

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Dress: Dreaming Thicket - Nightshade Gown - Slink Hour. – Twisted Hunt Drow Main Prize (Ends Sep 30th)
Skin: SG Iridescent BOM F Perky – 03 - NEW Gacha @ Lootbox (Ends Sep 18th)
Pose: [VSM] Drow Gift 1 – Twisted Hunt Main Prize – 
Twisted Hunt Drow (Ends Sep 30th)
Body Details & Regulars:
Eyes: *Booty's Beauty* [Classic/BOM] Monster Eyes 4 - STAY AT HOME GIFT (Ends Sep 25th)
Eyelashes: *Booty's Beauty* [Catwa]Wild One Lashes
Mesh Nails: VENGE - Legacy - Stiletto Nails
Body Outline Glow: EUTHANASIA - Legacy F Outline
Ring: EarthStones Ever After Bridal Set - Gold
Mesh / Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Kittia Toothless v4.5
Mesh Eyes: CATWA EYES RIG Kittia v3.2
Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - High Elf
Mesh Teeth: CATWA Add-on TEETH B [Default] v3.3
Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.3.2)
Mesh Body Shape: [SHAPE] Legacy (f) Perky "Curvy" (Kittia Face)
Columns: GoH Snake Path Brazier THF20 Endgame - 
Twisted Hunt Drow ENDGAME (Closes Sep 7th?)
[CC] Gaia Underbrush - Blue Glowplants Irreg S-Scales Unscripted
[CC] Paradise Bat Orchid - Double Stalk
[CC] Tree Fern v3 - Straight Short
[CC] Bromelian Tree - Short Straight/Spiral Flower
Column Wall – Far Background: [CC] C.Basalt Wall, Red Basalt


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