Friday, March 13, 2020

#679 - Laced Lady -- NSFW

Find this sexy, little outfit at The Imaginarium and leave nothing to the imagination!
Yes, there are laces everywhere you need covered, but they still leave nothing to the imagination. This is the Stargazer Lacette Gacha Outfit which is currently at The Imaginarium. Laces and Jewels cover your body, arms and legs! Still leaving plenty to see! Don't miss this one! The Imaginarium runs until March 31st! Made for the Legacy Mesh Body!

And these body shine materials are also from Stargazer - Body Shine Materials - Pop Diva only at The Liaison Collaborative now thru March 26th! They dance around your body as you move. Please try a demo to see if they are compatible with your body. Here they are shown on the Legacy Mesh Body applied over a Bakes on Mesh skin.

The skin is a new release at the Skin Fair (Opening Mar 13th), the Stargazer Asterodea Nightsky BoM Skin! One of 3 new releases at The Skin Fair. This box includes both male and female skins, face tattoos and system eyes. Stargazer is on the Skin Fair's South sim. Skin Fair (March 13 - 28) come check her out!

The Imaginarium - Ends March 31st

Skin Fair South sim - Ends March 28th

bold & italics indicate sponsors
Eyes: SG Eyes - Synthetica Sky – Synthetica Gacha @ New Babbage Great Expedition (Ends Apr 1st)
Outfit: SG Lacette Gacha - Legacy – Black Pieces - NEW @ The Imaginarium (Ends Mar 31st)
Knee Highs: SG Lacette Knee Highs Legacy - Black SPECIAL - NEW @ The Imaginarium (Ends Mar 31st)
Skin: SG BOM Asterodea Nightsky F Perky – NEW @ SKIN FAIR (Opens March 13th)
Face Tattoo: SG BOM Asterodea Nightsky F Face – NEW @ SKIN FAIR (Opens March 13th)
Body Shine: [Stargazer] Body Shine Materials - Pop Diva – NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative (Ends March 26th)
Hair: #hashbang! - Kiloflop Hair – Rigged - Twisted Main Hunt Gift – Twisted Hunt Cyberpunk #11 (Ends Mar 31st)
Necklace/Choker: GalleryOne - Twisted Cyberpunk Bioluminescent Choker - Twisted Main Hunt Gift – Twisted Hunt Cyberpunk #27 (Ends Mar 31st)
Choker: Archaic - Cyber Control Unit ON (Unscripted) - Twisted Main Hunt Gift – Twisted Hunt Cyberpunk #10 (Ends Mar 31st)
Lamps: Lilith's Den / Tube Light TEAL [ns on] – Twisted Main Hunt Gift – Twisted Hunt Cyberpunk #8 (Ends Mar 31st)
Ring: EarthStones Ever After Bridal Set - Gold
Mesh Nails: [WitchCraft] Cat's Eye Bento Coffin Nails - Legacy
Mesh / Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Susan Toothless v4.5
Mesh Eyes: CATWA EYES RIG Susan v3.3
Mesh Teeth: CATWA Add-on TEETH B [Default] v3.3
Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.2.1), [HANDS] Legacy (f) (1.1), [FEET] Legacy (f) (Classic Fit) (1.1)
Mesh Body Shape: [SHAPE] Legacy (f) "Curvy" (6'3" 21%)
Floating cubes: E.V.E {M/C} Cubic Dreams {White Glow/Black}
Backdrop: Investigation - The Future - TheBearded Guy @ Cyber Fair (Ends Mar 25th)
Pose #1 – Standing: [ Focus Poses ] On My Worst Behavior vol.2 – 5
Pose #2 Backviews: SSP – Backside Views – 4

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