Sunday, January 31, 2016

#31 - Not a Fan of Valentine's Day? This is the Event For You!

 ~ Bitter Love ~ 

If you are not so big on lovey dovey and mushiness, you may enjoy this round of 
the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair! Open from Feb 5th thru the 19th.
Yes, the designers are at it again on The Little Sideshow sim! And the theme this time?
~Bitter Love~
Have you ever been broken hearted? Well, Kelli's Kreations has some must have items for you! And as you can see, three items contain picture frames that you can fill! The Bloody Mess Heart, X&O Wall Hanging and the Heart Tree that can sit on a table or shelf.
Broken Hearted Gacha Items
Broken Love Ring by Kelli's Kreations
KK also has some Candy Hearts with some not so familiar sayings on them! I am holding the RARE.
KK's Candy Hearts - Bye Felicia RARE
And maybe you want to get back at an Ex? Boy do I know that feeling! This is where Magnum Opus has you covered! He is bringing you the [MO] Ex Voodoo Gacha - Ex Voodoo dolls! Now you can get your revenge from a distance! Whatever your desire of attack, its included here!
[MO] Ex Voodoo Gacha Items
And on the Target Your Ex dart board you can add a picture of your intended target, if you just need some target practice. LOL! And yes, its my Ex! But that was a LONG time, just for fun!
[MO] Target Your Ex dart board - RARE
And of course the best revenge is to look GREAT! And that is accomplished with this amazing outfit you see in the pictures above. This outfit is from **DSO** and its the Luv Corsets and Luv Skirts Gachas. There are 8 items to win for both the corsets and the skirts. 
**DSO** Luv Corset & Skirt - Butterfly versions
Remember, the event opens on February 5th and ends on February 19th. And you can get more information from on The Little Sideshow website.

And for the other items included in the pictures:
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone
Eyelashes: MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown - B -
Earrings: *Figment* Morocco Earrings - @ The Fantasy Collective (thru Feb 15th)
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. * ADELE* -BRUNETTE
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - Slink - The Prowl @ GENRE - Drag Queens (thru Feb 12th)
Bikini Top: ALESSANDRA - Essentials Bikini BLACK
Heels: !TLB - Elle Slink Heels w/ HUD
Stool: Purple Poses & ME Jewelry - Holographic Stool - Pack 2 @ Collabor88
Poses: TuTy's Desirable Girl -  40 sexy fem still poses HUD

More Pics On Flickr

And a preview of the Corsets & Skirts from **DSO**:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

#30 - A Couple of Great Looks I Wanted to Share!

I've been taking random shots lately - of my outfits - but I've not had the time to share so finally, here they are! Well, a couple outfits and one is a gacha sale I found on the MP - I had no idea it was a gacha! And the other was actually in the last post I did but the main focus was not the outfit so I am including it here again. And the first look is the gacha find I came across on the Marketplace.
So this is the gacha I found on the marketplace, its not marked as a RARE but I was thinking it was but its made by Champagne Sparkling Couture. I've never heard of them but I think its time that I paid them a visit! Love it! It includes the entire outfit including the headdress/helmet or crown rather. I like wearing big hair so luckily, the headdress does have a resize script. But it looks like hair anyway so wearing it without hair looks okay too.
Then I decided that I would mess around with some filters within the Firestorm Viewer and I got this result with two different Monochrome filters. Jules Verne and Toy Camera. And here is the result...just fooling around with the pics!
From Left to Right: Toy Camera & Jules Verne filters on the Firestorm camera
Then this is the repeat outfit from the last post for Anachron. But I like it so much I am still wearing it now! It's the UC_Fringe_bandage_dress_black and its so nice looking on me! I was chasing some gacha keys when I ran across this outfit. And I don't regret it! I added some boots I had from Sky - AriJ Strapped Boots Black, and whom I can't locate anymore so - wah!
UC - Fringe Bandage Dress - Black & Sky - AriJ Strapped Boots Black
This mannequin is a new prop suggested to me by a friend from {What's Next}. It's called Mimi's Mannequin with Poses. It has five poses in it. And the chair I am using on the right is from Purple Poses & ME Jewelry - Holographic Stool - Pack 2 @ Collabor88, the stool comes with a color change HUD for the metal and has six poses.

And this same friend suggested I go to Earthstone Jewelry and Wow!!! I love the jewelry there but I held off since I had just purchased a couple necklaces but I did find some eyes I really, really love! They are the Earthstones Jewelry Idol Eyes in Chocolate Diamond. And here is a look at those:
LOVE LOVE LOVE these eyes from Earthstone Jewelry!!!
The earrings are from The Fantasy Collective - the *Figment* Morocco Earrings which have a color change HUD for both the metal (4 options) and the glassy bulb section (6 options) of the earrings. 

And the other items in the pictures above are here:
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone
Hair: [RA] Carrie Hair - Regular - Grayscale @ The Fantasy Collective (thru Feb 15th)
Eyelashes: MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown - B -

And more pics on Flickr

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#29 - SaNaRae has begun! Anachron is there!

SaNaRae has started and Anachron has some cute Sugar & Sour Heart purses for you! There are 14 Sugar Heart commons and 7 Sour Heart RAREs in this gacha set! All the familiar colors and sayings (plus a few new ones!) of the candy hearts we all know so well from our Valentine's Days past...and present! And, hopefully to come!
Annchron's Sugar Heart Purse Gacha @ SaNaRae
Here I am at the SaNaRae event at the Anachron booth. I am holding the "XXX" White RARE Sour Heart Purse. Its not easily seen in the gacha key on the machine so now you can see it perfectly! The event sim is a very calming and serene surrounding! I want to just stand around and look at the sky! It seems to be a very peaceful place! I enjoyed it here.

A bunch of cute little purses for you to play for and I am sure you will be happy with which ever ones you win! Hope to see you there!

SaNaRae runs from Jan 25th to Feb 18th.

Other items seen in the picture:
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone
Hair: [RA] Carrie Hair - Regular - Grayscale @ The Fantasy Collective (thru Feb 15th)
Earrings: *Figment* Morocco Earrings - @ The Fantasy Collective (thru Feb 15th)
Dress: UC_Fringe_bandage_dress_black
Boots: Sky - AriJ Strapped Boots Black - Previous Designer's Circle Round
NOTE: Sorry, I cannot locate this store anymore! If you know, I would appreciate the information!

More Pics on Flickr

Saturday, January 23, 2016

#28 - Valentine Bears of Cuteness - Sixty Linden Weekends!

The Dark Fae is back with some cuteness for your Valentine's Day decorating!
Corvi has some cute bears for you and your guests to enjoy for Valentine's Day!
And they are cute!

These little cuties are sure to brighten any room! They are Copy & Modify so you can
make them as large as you like and they are mesh.
9 Land Impact total.

Such Cuteness! 

They are sitting in front of my computer monitors and fit very well right here
in front of them for me to see and to melt my heart!

Check out The Dark Fae Blog or just head to the store to pick up yours!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#27 - Venetian Chopines from Anachron

Wealthy fashionable women wore them back in the day.... way back in the day! They were a symbol of stature, elegance and had the women of that time towering over all others. They needed assistance from the maids or servants just to walk around in these shoes. And sometimes to just put them on! Luckily, here in Second Life we will not have that problem! We can walk so elegantly in any shoes!  

They were also used to keep dirt off the long, beautiful gowns worn in the 1600's. And sometimes used as a deterrent of illicit affairs by those husbands who seemed to not trust their wives for one reason or another. Well, no matter what they were used for, these Venetian Chopines from Anachron look wonderful with a medieval gown and I had a colonial looking coat that they paired well with too. However, as you can see, the gown was so long, you can barely see the shoes!
Venetian Chopines peeking out from under the long skirt of the medieval gown I paired them with!
Some of these shoes were so tall, they were some of the first platform shoes that became fashionable to wear and seen as a status symbol for the wealthy women of the time. Some were twenty-four inches in height! The feet were strapped in to the shoes and laced. Since you could not see them in the previous picture very well, I had to put on a shorter colonial looking coat with them so I could take some pictures of the shoes. And here they are:
A better view of the Venetian Chopines from Anachron
And, of course, a close up! The height of these Chopines will not cause you any trouble here in SL! 
Closer Detail of the Anachron - Venetian Chopines (SLink Flat) - Imperatrice set
These are modify and copy (so they are resizable) and have an animation in the shoes to slant the foot forward so it sits in the shoes correctly. They are made for the Slink Flat Feet. And they are 20% off at the Cosmopolitan Event which began on January 18th and runs for two weeks. 

Come grab yourself a piece of history! And take a walk like no real life woman could do in these shoes! There are six options to choose from. The one seen here are the Imperatrice version, a grey and tan shoe with a lavender trim and laces. And the price is pretty sweet! Only $159 at this event!

 Also seen in the pics:
Medieval Gown: !! FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! Matelda Gown
Hair: *PINK HUSTLER hair* 8103 - Monochrome

Coat: !TLB - Beary Coat & Bow Earmuffs w/color change HUD (Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt Gift)
Hair: ICONIC RUSSINA - Cafes - Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Stool: Purple Poses & ME Jewelry - Holographic Stool - Pack 2 @ Collabor88

More pics on Flickr

Saturday, January 16, 2016

#26 - Attention, Ladies &Gentlemen...Great Deals This Weekend!

There are two great deals going this weekend at The Dark Fae for both men and women! Yes, there is the Holiday Gown - Purple for the ladies and a brand new item for the men, I Heard I Was In Town Sweater/Jacket set. These are both the Sixty Linden Weekends deals from The Dark Fae.

For the Ladies:
The Dark Fae's - Holiday Gown - Purple - Sixty Linden Weekends Item Jan. 16th & 17th
And for the men:
TDF's I Heard I Was In Town Sweater/Jacket set - The Dark Fae's Sixty Linden Weekends Item
Both are such great deals this week! For more details, check out The Dark Fae's Blog. And give it a follow for future deals and events information, if you haven't already.

What you see in the ladies picture:
Dress/Gown: The Dark Fae's Holiday Gown - Purple
Shoes (not shown): The Dark Fae - Love In The Library - Purple (Slink High)
Skin: {Meghindo's} Trishana ~ Caramel ~
Eyes: {Meghindo's} Tatiana - Eyes - Hazel - Large
Eye Lashes: *MC* Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

What you see in the men's picture:
Sweater/Jacket: TDF's I Heard I Was In Town Sweater/Jacket Set
Jeans: Swarm Jeans - Forsaken (past Twisted Gift) - No longer available
Skin: Thorn (Medium) The Gradient - Labyrinth
Hair: Jett/Brett - Black - MINA
Hands: Slink Hands
House: GSTAAD - InVerse
Snow: Snow/Rain Mesh - Botanical
Location: Corvi's Winter Home
Windlight: Ambient Grey

Flickr Pics

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#25 - Inner Beauty

To be honest, the term Inner Beauty bugs me a bit in itself. Why do we have to call all of our good qualities "beauty" in order to make them count? I think we should be just as proud of our kindness, our strength, our smarts, our sense of duty and honor as we are of our beauty. Miss Congeniality shouldn't be a consolation prize!                                                                             -- Nix Marabana

I couldn't of said it better myself! And, in this offering from Anachron, Miss Congeniality is one of the Rare prizes! 

You will receive with each play both the Ms. and Mr. sashes. They are rigged mesh and include 5 sizes each for both male and female. And you can share these with others you feel deserve them. Sounds like a great idea to me! There are many options to be won and all of them are great qualities to see in someone!

You can find these currently at the OMGacha Event which runs from Jan 10th thru the 24th.
All options for the Inner Beauty Pageant Gacha from Anachron
Hope to see you there!

More pics on Flickr

What else you see in the picture:
Dress: :: PM :: Elwing Gown in Moss Green v.2.0
Hair:  ICONIC: RUSSINA - Cafes - Mesh Body Addicts Fair - Bi-Monthly (January 2016)

Monday, January 11, 2016

#24 - A Frosty Elven Beauty

An Elven look is what I chose to do with this Frost - Laguna Ice skin from Fallen Gods we Fallens acquired as a Group Gift at year end this past year. If you are into RP these skins should be on your list of items you need to create your look (No, I do not RP at all, I just like looking like I do!). This skin is a greenish/tealish color and I only softened the pictures and didn't add any other filters so hopefully you can see the colors as they are in Second Life. Again as with other lighter skins I tend to have a lot of trouble finding a look I like but I found a few looks that I really like with this skin. 
Fallen Gods - Frost - Laguna Ice skin - Year End Group Gift
And it went great with a purchase I made from Arcadia, the Elohim outfit in Mint, which I originally wanted to use with another green skin but it did not go well with that one, so I was kinda upset over having bought it and it not going well with that skin. But! This skin came along and yay! It goes great with this one. The Blix Ears from .:Soul:. are matched perfectly because included with the skin are appliers for those brand of ears, along with Slink, Omega and other appliers, every part of my body is perfectly matching. So, so great! The hair is from Runaway Hair. Makeup is from Sn@tch and Senzafine. Everything you see of the outfit comes with the Elohim set from Arcadia, including the wings. I have tinted the wings a bit to make those match better but that is the only thing I've added some tinting to. And now for a bit of a closer look at the details on the skin and the makeup.
Makeup: Eyes - Sn@tch & Lips - Senzafine
I did a few looks but I will save the third look for my Flickr pictures. But here is another look I liked a lot. I changed the hair and used a gacha dipped horned hair from ploom to get this look.
Posing on the Island of Misfit Toys 
I thought the ears and the horns were a bit much so I dropped off the ears and made myself more of a devilish look instead. Dipped white hair with Teal ends and the horns where whitish/greyish but I tinted them to make them match the wings and skin better. And while taking pics I found a nice winter sim, The Island of Misfit Toys. I didn't find the toys but I was looking for good spots to take pics so I was pretty distracted! But I love the end result of this pic. 
Close up of the Devilish Look with the Frost - Laguna Ice skin
In both these looks I was using the Chus! Eyes in Bark, which sadly I can no longer locate anymore. I happened to win two fatpacks of eyes from those gachas sometime early in 2015(I think!) at a special gacha event if anyone remembers seeing them please let me know so I can properly credit which event this was at, or just the store which I cannot seem to locate either! I love their eyes!

What you see in the pictures:

Pictures - Set #1:
Skin: Frost [xx]+FGInc.+ Laguna Ice - Group Gift - Available in the store soon
Eyes: Chus! Humanoid Elven Lenses - RARE - Bark
Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears - Blix
Hair: [RA] (Runaway) Luan Hair - Colours
Outfit: Arcadia. Elohim Mint
Makeup - Eyes: :::Sn@tch Temptress Gothic Eye Makeup::: Teal
Makeup - Lips: .:SF:. (Senzafine) "Rhapsody" Lip Color - PVB 05

Pictures - Set #2:
Hair: ploom. Stokes - Dipped - (White w/Teal Dipped)

Set #1: Misty mountain romance - winter sim
Set #2: Island of Misfit Toys - Interactive Winter Sim

More Pics & 3rd look on Flickr

Saturday, January 9, 2016

#23 - Dark, Mysterious & Sexy... the ROMP event has begun

Dark and mysterious...we tend to do more things that we may not do if we were not anonymous. The ROMP: Elegant Kink Event has begun and Anachron has something for you to keep you feeling very mysterious! The Dark Masquerade Masks from Anachron are very elegantly detailed with flowers,  fishnet veil, pearls, gold, rich velvet colors and studs for both women and men (studs for the men). I am wearing all the versions in the collage. You can find them all at the ROMP event which runs from January 8th thru the 22nd. 
Anachron's Dark Masquerade Mask - Ice Queen - Open
And all the masks have the Closed version as well, for those submissives or for yourself! Here is the closed version of the Ice Queen:
Anachron's Dark Masquerade Mask - Ice Queen - Closed
And now for all the versions available 3 for women and 3 for men:
All versions available - Men's and Women's - Open versions shown only
And they are all 25% off at the ROMP: Elegant Kink Event right now. Hope to see you there!

Also shown in the pictures:
Skin: Frost [xx]+FGInc.+ Ice @ We <3 RolePlay Event
Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears - Blix
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Harlyn - Hud 03
Makeup - Lipstick: .:SF:. "Rhapsody" Lip Color - PVB 05 - We <3 RolePlay Event
Wings: .A. Elohim Wings Frost @ We <3 RolePlay Event

More photos on Flickr

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#22 - Disco Dance Party deserves a great Disco look!

Last week I attended a Disco music set by one of my favorite DJs and good friend, DJ Star (Starman2k7 Randt). I showed up and he and his host were all dressed up in Disco outfits with afros and all that! I had seen the notice but I'd been so busy with RL family and blogging in between so I forgot to get an outfit together so when I showed up I was in one of my blogging outfits. Sure, not everyone shows up all dressed up and I've not been to a themed party in soooo long. But I felt so out of place until the beat hit me! LOL. But still I wanted to dress up too, so when I found out Part 2 of the Disco set was today, I had to get in costume and join the fun! Here is the result and it was perty cheap! And I cheated a little with my own stuff! I can't believe I did not have any disco clothing in my inventory!

I cheated by wearing some slink heels I already had so they weren't in theme but they matched! And the flexi at the bottom of the outfit hid them anyway. There was no one there looking at my shoes! The Fro and the outfit was perfect! And it only cost me $45 Lindens! Outfit - Shoes (which I did not use) - Jewelry - Earrings (not worn) AND the Afro where included! There are a few things I didn't wear from the outfit trying to make it as I liked it. And this was the end result! I love it! I ended up partying in it later at an R&B club too... totally out of character there but I liked it that much! LOL. So, I had to share it here too! 
Kickin' it @ "The Dish"
Yup, I had dances to match the theme too. I kept digging and I found more than I knew I had so I must have done this before sometime that I've forgotten! Hope you get the chance to hear this DJ if you like R&B, Funk and Ol' Skool music, he loves to play that and on Tuesdays at 2 pm SLT, its on at The Dish with DJ Star! Next week, its Funk music! Inworld he is Starman Randt.
DJ Star and more club goers at "The Dish"
And here is what you see me wearing:
Outfit: Disco Dancing Retro Costume by Costume Creations
Shoes: !TLB - Lexi Slink High Heels/Plum
Abs: {Meghindo's} Free Gift - Washboard Abs Tattoo
Eye Make Up: :::Sn@tch Temptress Gothic Eye Makeup:::Purple
Lipstick: .:SF:. "Rhapsody" Lip Color - PVB Pack (PVB 01) - We <3 Role Play Event

And this you can't see but here they are anyway!
Earrings: *MC* Gypsy Beads Earrings #Black Purple
Nails: [:Rad Designz:] Slink Rockin Retro Nails

And you can find DJ Star's (Starman2k7 Randt) fan group in my profile group list if you want to follow him and catch his future sets! Those links will not work I have not included them.

More pics on Flickr

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#21 - Dressing Up!

I could not pass up showing off this gorgeous gown from Rowena's Designs. The Adalina Gown is a beautiful gown to own for only $10L! It has 6 Color Change options for both the corset and the skirt sections of the gown. Very pretty! You cannot beat this price for the number of options it has. You can find this at The Wash! 

Also from the same designer comes the Aaliyah Dress and Heels also with 6 Color Change options and the same options on the heels with 6 different metal options on studs as well!
Aaliyah Dress from Rowena's Designs
Metal Options on the Aaliyah Heels - Black
Color Change Options on the Aaliyah Heels
It's almost over! Don't forget to get down here and grab up these deals before they are gone! I hope to see you there! And if you want to browse the offerings before you visit, you can take a look at that here.

More pics on my Flickr

Monday, January 4, 2016

#20 - Party time is over! Back to Work!

All the year end festivities have come to an end and now its time to get back to work! And there are still items at The Wash that can help you get back to work in style! Now the outfit I have on looks more like a party but I really like these two pieces together. I am wearing the Eluzion * Janya STARS Leggings and the !TLB - Dani Top V1 w/ HUD. And they look great together. Truthfully, I have been partying in them the entire New Year's Weekend, but I would wear this to work too! I love this outfit! I threw on a Christmas Group Gift hair from ICONIC to finish off this look and the heels are from Loordes of London also at The Wash and featured in a previous post I did. 
Items from !TLB-The Little Bat & Eluzion @ The Wash
We are now in the final days of The Wash and you still have two days to get down here and find yourself some deals! So get by here so you don't miss out! Only two days left. 
Relaxing after some power shopping on the Fallen Gods sim Libertine area
And to polish off the full outfit of course I had to have some matching nails! Here are the Corset Laced Slink Nails from Dark Knight Decor. They went perfectly with this outfit of Grey, Black and White. Also seen, in a different color, on Flickr.
Corset Laced Slink Nails from Dark Knight Decor
Also seen in the photos:
Hair: ICONIC: FIONA-HAIR-XTRA - Group Christmas Gift
Shoes: Loordes of London-Cuir De La-#4 Slink High Heels @ The Wash

More Photos on my Flickr