Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#373 - Happy Halloween...Furry Style!

Thanks to my furry bestie Fenny, I have this amazing Jako Halloween Demon Furry! So I am wearing it today for Halloween! I love the colors of course and it looks so different from the normal animal furries. This is also a Maitreya Furry Mod. Which I love because you can wear the Maitreya Mesh Body Clothing on it, which gives you way more options than the regular furries with their own special bodies and very few options as far as clothing. You usually need a whole new wardrobe for each new furry! And the furry mods aren't too bad like this one was from a gacha machine (so...cheap) but the parts can add up depending on what you want. And then you have to buy new clothing too? This way I can wear what I already have an concentrate on the furry mod alone.


Previously @ The Nightmare:
Horns: + WitchCraft+ Satyr Horns
Top: .:PULSE:. Scare Me / Maitreya L / Top - Monsters
Suspender Shorts: .:PULSE:. Scare Me / Maitreya Lara / Bottom + Suspender - Black

Hair, Other clothing, etc:
Hair: [RA] Shelley Hair
Boots: C&S Greta Boots for Maitreya
Claws: #EMPIRE - Claws Nails - Ultra *Maitreya*
Rings: Astralia - Eternal Rings set (maitreya bento)
Necklace: Alienbear 2009 halloween gift Bat Necklace (black)
Choker: LoveCats Group Gift Halloween collar girls

Furry Body & Attachements:
Head: SKNK: Undropper Head $v1.2
Skin: Lab Rats - Jack-o-Lantern Furry - Undropper Mod - Hunt Gift - Quest Fur Cover Hunt
Neck: Maitreya Neck piece - cannot locate - Notes recommend Omega Neck Fix
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Ears: .:Chimera:. Gauged Notched Long Ears
Tail: [M.O.R] bento demon tail v1.1 : normal (worn with Animator)
Wings: 17. darkendStare. OmNom Wings (w/Animator [saM/Hain] - Gacha



Monday, October 30, 2017

#372 - Frightfully Fun Fashion - RYL @ L'Elite & Previously @ The Nightmare

The night was dark and cold and the girl was wandering on her way back home when she gets lost in the forest. She sees light in the distance and heads for it thinking that is where she needs to go. Unfortunately, it is a mirror that is going to change her completely and transform her into death itself to live through her! As she approaches she glances into the mirror...and sees something not herself, staring back at her. She gasps in horror...

She cannot bare to look anymore and then she sits on the ground in despair. Feeling overwhelmed she contemplates her life as she is now...

The poses seen above are from the ::WetCat:: "Boo!" Pose Set these were at The Nightmare event and should be in the store soon if not already out.

The RYL Spider Pasties are actually an alpha'd  mesh top. Spiders cover your breasts very well with more coverage than the regular pasties you might think of wearing. The Spider Pasties are available at the L'Elite Event, which sadly, ends today! But these should be available in the store shortly too. 

The ~KB~ Halloween Bib Overalls are a half worn bib overall set I've paired with the Stelloane Spider soles. They are a Spider you wear with your Belleza, Maitreya or Slink high feet and they have a pin that sticks in your foot with an omega blood spot at the site of the pin.
Accepting her fate, she runs forth to wreak havoc and feed her newly born hunger!

This pose is from the NamiiChu ~ Zombae Bento poses FATPACK and this is the exclusive pose from that fatpack.

The skin is the [KRR] Mako Skin which has the savage and mild versions of the skin in the package. It comes with Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink body Appliers, CATWA Appliers and Omega Appliers for those mesh heads that are compatible.

The eyes shown here are the Po - Ghost Eyes Red which are available in system layers and an Omega Applier. Here I am wearing the system eyes with my AK Mesh Head. There are 9 colors!
The skin irritations and eyes you see are the {Ghoul} Scopophobia - Ghost BONUS (in the fatpack) the irritations are the redness around the eyes which are applier added to your skin. The Eyes are an attachment. These are currently only made for the Belleza Isis and Freya bodies. I am wearing it on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body in the photo above.

The nails here are the Astralia - Salem polish (Available @ N21) on the Coffin/Maitreya nails also by Astralia
This back tattoo is the RYL - Werewolf Girl Tattoo. There are appliers for Belleza, Maitreya & Omega appliers in the package. This tattoo is pretty fierce looking! This is also at the L'Elite event and will be in the store shortly after the event. And a much better look at the {Ghoul} Scopophobia - Ghost BONUS on the back here!

So here are the event infos you might want!

L'Elite Event - Ends Today October 30th (monthly event)

N21 - Ends November 12th

The Nightmare - Closed, Check the store links above, the items may or may not be in the stores yet.


#371 - Now at Gacha Guardians from #HASHBANG!

This month is so, so busy! Here is another gacha whose event is nearly over, so not much time to find it at The Gacha Guardians. This event ends on October 30th. Are you looking around for some great disco decor for your club or home? These are inexpensive and they look great! I transformed a corner of my skybox into a lit up dancing corner, I set up the dance cage and got all into the dancing mood with these items.
Here is my corner all lit up with many of the #Hashbang! Club Lights Gacha items:

Dance Cage #1: #hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Dance Cage (Solids) RARE
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Disco Floor Pastel (left of dance cage)
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Disco Floor Primary (directly in front of cage)
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Disco Floor Neon (right of dance cage)
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Disco Floor Retro (on wall right side of cage & wall lights)
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Wall Lines Primary (on wall left of cage)
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Dance Light Neon (above cage)
#hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Wall Lines Retro (on wall right of cage)

This gacha is currently at the Gacha Guardians which, sadly ends on the 30th! Sorry for the late post! But you will be able to find it in the store shortly after the event. Above you see the RARE Dance cage (solids) you can click on it to get different solid color lights that flash. The same with the Dance  Light Neon Sign, you can click it to get solid colors or a Multi-color display. The Disco Floors light up when you walk across them and there are four to win from this gacha. The #Hashbang! Club Lights Gacha has 12 commons and 2 RAREs. Here is a glance at the #hashbang! - Club Lights Gacha - Dance Cage (Multi) RARE:
And you can make it today, the final day until midnight. If not, look for it in the store soon. And, here is the Gift of the Guardians you win after 20 pulls. The key and more information will be at the end of this post.

So make your way over there and play for these items, you will not regret it!

And now for that sexy outift I am wearing inside that dance cage plus one more! Both from Facepalm Clothing Company:
Both these items are available in the store right now, on the left, +FCC+ Aiofe's Torment is the prize in the Femdom Hunt this month and this hunt also ends on October 30th. So you have a little time to get it still. The second one is +FCC+ Persephone, and it is a new release in the store this month. Both very sexy and great for dancing!

There are some differences in the two in available sizes. Aiofe's Torment is made only for mesh bodies and comes with sizes for 3 Bellezas, 2 Slinks, Maitreya & eBody.

Persephone is made for both Classic and Mesh Bodies and comes with 5 standard mesh, 3 Bellezas, 2 Slinks, Maitreya & TMP sizes.

Both available in the store now! One hunt gift and one new release!

Gacha Guardians - Ends October 30th

The Femdom Hunt - Ends October 30th

CREDITS (also worn):

Saturday, October 28, 2017

#370 - Decor and a Little More @ Gacha Good & The Nightmare Events

Today I want to show you the various home decor or holiday decor from two events! The Gacha Good Ghost Town Round and The Nightmare, both which will be ending soon. October 31stth will be here very soon! So don't miss out! Let's get to it! Do you have last minute decorating needs for the Halloween weekend? Or that Halloween party? Here are some items to get your place into the Halloween spirit.
The Mariposa Halloween Wreath and the Psycho delic Pumpkins Gacha are perfect Halloween decor for your home and yard. The pumpkins are large pumpkins and I've placed them all over the yard (yes, maybe I went a bit overboard!) next to other items to show the scale. They are very uniquely designed pumpkins and I really, really like these! They are a stand out kind of pumpkin decor I am fully embracing and plan to keep out for a while. 
These items from Park Place Home Decor will definitely brighten up any area of your home in the colors of the season. And, to keep the spirit of the season alive Go Frock Yourself has a Skin & Bones Gacha with some home decor to show off those skeletons you've been keeping in your closet! Lol! I'm sorry, I had to! 
And to keep the spooky, creepy atmosphere are these items from Lilith's Den (top), Khargo Street Lamps Gacha (Lower left & right), Immortal Avatars Lunchbox Gachas (middle) Famous Horror films and Monster High Lunchbox Gachas are all at the Gacha Good Ghost Town Round.

The Coffin Cabinet seen here is by Schadenfreude and found at The Nightmare Event.
The Static Bone Chime and the Cat Skull Candles are more spooky Halloweeny items to have around your home. And Abstract Soul makes some pretty amazing animated art for your home as well. This is the Abstract Soul - Somnum Exterreri. It is very mesmerizing to watch!

And that is it for today for the decor, anyway. There are lots more to find at both events too, so make sure you get by them both before they end!

Gacha Good's Ghost Town Round
Ends October 31st

Shopping & Walk Through (with prizes)
Ends October 31st
Unexpectedly Closed, Please check the linked stores below. Items may or may not yet be available in the stores yet.


Friday, October 27, 2017

#369 - New Releases (Men & Ladies), Femdom Hunt and MFH Gifts From Roped Passions

Roped Passions has a couple of new releases for both men and women for the Halloween season and for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVII too. First, something seasonal for the guys. 
For you guys! Here is the Roped Passions Halloween Shirt Skeleton for men. This is new in the store and comes in sizes for both mesh and classic avatars. It is a black sweater shirt with skeletal details on the front and the back. Sizes include: Adam, Aesthetic, Signature, Slink, TMP and Standard Mesh sizes and alpha. Come on by and get yours!
Next, surprise guys! Something else for you! There is a gacha for the guys at the store with shirts you submissives would be proud to wear for your mistress!
These Beta Shirts have lots of different sayings you can win and are all the same style with varying colors. For male subs or the lovely Ladies who would like a gift of a bit of humiliation and fun. 25L a pull. All commons. 9 different shirts. See the full gacha key at the end of this post.

And the gifts for the Femdom Hunt from Roped Passions:
One for the ladies and one for the gents, some sub humor for the men. This hunt runs until October 30th. The RP - Flurette Evony Coresett Dress - purple comes in mesh and classic sizes including 2 Slinks, 3 Belleza, Maitreya and TMP for the mesh bodies and 5 Standard mesh and alpha for the classic bodies. The men's shirt comes in 2 Fitmesh sizes, L, M & S standard mesh and a TMP size.
Next the gifts for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVII - Light In The Woods:
The gifts for this hunt are the (RP) Worn Leather Boots Beige and they are Unisex, Unrigged and Modify. You can adjust them as needed. The second gift is the (RP) Lighted Forest Mirror and it stands pretty tall as you can see in the picutre. It is also re-sizable via a menu. It does cast light as well. This hunt runs until November 15th. So you do have a little time to grab this one but why wait if you you be doing the Femdom Hunt? Grab it now!

Finally, the new release sandals for the ladies, to complete your costume or just because and either you can take the chilly weather or it hasn't reached your part of the world yet.
The (RP) Iwi Akua Sandals are some cute gothy sandals perfect for the Halloween season and beyond. The sandals come in three sizes for mesh feet including Belleza, Maitreya and Slink sizes. The hudded fatpack has 8 leather colors and 6 metal colors. A great addition to your wardrobe no  matter what the season.

And the best thing about all these items? You can find them all at the store! One stop for everything you've seen here. Happy hunting!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

#368 - Fun & Fashionable Shirts From Facepalm Clothing Company

Those chilly temps are here (in my part of the world!) and you are gonna need some warmer clothing on a regular basis as the year progresses. Here is something fashionable and warm for those chilly temps some of us are seeing already. This is new in the store this month.
+FCC+ Dark Days Tweed & Silk is the perfect set to keep the chill in the air off of you! This comes with a hud to customize the sweater and the shirt separately, so you can mix and match as you like. There are 6 colors each for the shirt and sweater. On the left, are 3 of the textures available in the Add-On HUD, which is sold separately.

The Dark Days set comes in classic and mesh body sizes as follows:
5 Standard Mesh - 2 Belleza (Freya & Isis) - 2 Slink - 2 Tonic - Maitreya - eBody - TMP

Both these items are new in the store!

+FCC+ Decoration is only found at the Gotham Island Event and is the hunt item there from Facepalm Clothing Company. It is made for both classic and mesh avatars and comes in the following mesh sizes: 
5 Standard Mesh -  3 Belleza - 2 Slink - 2 Tonic - Maitreya - TMP

And it reads:
"I love Halloween because your murder could be viewed as decoration, giving me time to leave town."

The Gotham Island Event - Ends October 31st

+FCC+ Nevermore shirt is the gift in the store for the Bump in the Night Hunt. It is a single texture as seen above and comes in the following sizes for both classic and mesh bodies:
5 Standard Mesh -  3 Belleza - 2 Slink - 2 Tonic - Maitreya - TMP

Bump in the Night Hunt - Ends October 31st

There is a lot more going on with Facepalm Clothing Company so please visit the store and see what else is happening, as well as keep an eye on my posts to find out more soon!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

#367 - Treasures, Fashion, Decor and More @ The Wash Cart Sale!

There is always so much to find here at The Wash Cart Sale! And don't forget, this is the 10th Anniversary Round so you will find gifts all around the place! And the new Gacha Laundromat Area!
So we will start with this new gacha in the Gacha Area of The Wash Cart Sale by The Dark Fae! The Dark Fae - Samba Heels are made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza high feet and come in so many colors! You win one pair with each pull or the RARE fatpack of all the colors! Very stylish and sexy, you can't go wrong with these heels! There are colors for all seasons in this one!
There are nail polishes here too! Dark Passions - Hauntingly Splattered can be seen on my Maitreya Nails on the left and in the first picture above on the toe nails. These two pictures will be separated and much larger on my Flickr (see link at the end) for easier viewing of the nails and jewelry.
The Captivating! Elaine #7 Necklace can be seen here on the left side the stone is purple with a gold necklace and matching earrings (not shown). On the right you can see the $50L Luminesse Malaize Despra Choker Set and the $10L Luminesse Tirio Vietri Bracelets. Both of these can be found at the Luminesse Stall at The Wash Cart Sale. Both have some beautiful jewelry for great prices and Luminesse has a gacha in the Gacha Laundromat too.
Here you see the Luzifee Dancing Bones Jeans and these are a gift at the Luzifee stall. They are a layer clothing for both the classic and mesh avatars. They include appliers for the Afrodite Avatar and an Omega applier in the package along with the system layer for the classic avatar. 
The +FCC+ Decoration shirt can be found at The Gotham Island Event this month.
Tyler's Treasures has a collection of skeleton decor for this Halloween Season! And they are a great deal at these prices! $10L each! Also seen here are the Sequel Preppy Pumpkins Gacha Key and Hay Tables and DIY Pots by The Artist Shed. The brightly colored pumpkins on the porch edge are the Preppy Pumpkins and the other items directly in front of the porch are by The Artist Shed with the Pearl Pumpkin as their gift this round.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

#366 - More Wickedness @ The Nightmare!

Some things you are just not meant to mess with! I got too close to something that did unspeakable things to me for nosing around where I should not have been! The cabin was so welcoming from the outside... I had to wander in and see how what was inside... and I was very sorry I did.
This set of poses from Spartin Parx Poses (SPP) - Freak are very spooky and crazy looking bento poses. They put you in some very contorted poses that are just...well so wicked looking! There is a note in the box to inform you how to fix yourself if you get stuck in the pose. My bento head stayed stuck so I had to reset my skeleton to fix that. A quick fix. These poses are properly named... they are freaky scary, they make me shiver just trying them out, none the less taking pictures of me in them! The gift from SPP is "Freak" Makeup, which is only for Lelutka so I cannot show you that today, darn!
The wickedly haunting items around the room you see are from the OLQINU: Gothic Nightmare Gacha collection. Some great decor for your dark laire where you may be making potions for whatever your dark desires are for the moment. There are also three rugs in the collection with poses in them! Silly me! I didn't realize that when I did these photos! So I will add some pics with those poses on my Flickr if you are interested in seeing those too. But spooky skulls, interesting books, bottles of various needs, melting mirror, a cabinet of all sorts of ingredients and seen here is the blood splatter rug (yes has poses too!).
The lower right corner pic is the Mello Nightmare Gift - Bloody Mouth and their Lovely Thing Hair in the Black Magic Hud. Plus the MomoChuu Yoho Mesh Eyes. and here is a closer picture of those eyes and the Bloody Mouth gift. It makes me look like I've just finished with a recent feeding.
I can only describe the MomoChuu Yoho Mesh Eyes as some very fleshy looking eyes and I really like them a lot! There are five colors in this set. They also have some Kitsune makeup which is made for CATWA heads, which I can not show you since I don't have any CATWA heads. Darn! But those are pretty cool looking sets and there are 6 sets to chose from along with a set of lipsticks too. Also made for the CATWA heads. So give them a looksee, you may find those suit your look. MomoChuu also makes the Creepy Clown Balloons which are not shown here.

The Red/Silver skin you see here is from +Fallen Gods Inc+ called Chronos Fire Silver and can be found at The Underdog event, which is a new event this month. This Fire Silver skin has constellation markings all over the body as part of the skin. And I thought I'd try it out with The Nightmare item from +Fallen Gods Inc, + the +FGInc.+ Widow Body Tattoo. There are 7 colors available, but I am using he black on this skin. I thought it might show up best. +Fallen Gods Inc+ also has a second body tattoo called Tarantula also available in 7 colors for the men. Come check those out guys!
This is a very bold noticeable face and body tattoo you could almost go around naked in it because it covers your important parts... well almost all of them! I would not recommend that you do that, though it was tempting! It does come in various strengths to suit your taste too. I am wearing the 75%  strength via the Omega Applier, there is also a Slink applier too.
I am also sitting on another of the OLQINU Gothic Nightmare Gacha items, the Crescent Moon Rug, which has poses and these are not the poses, I didn't realize it had them in it. So, sorry about that!

#365 - Weekend Retirement Sale & New Release Promo Prices On New Halloween PJ Pants Ladies!!!

Roped Passions is having a Weekend Retirement Sale! These two items are only $50L for this weekend only, thru October 22nd. So if you are in the market for classic avatar clothing, you will want to check this out at these prices! These will fit some mesh bodies with your body's alpha hud, I know, I've done it!
This sale only lasts until the end of the weekend so if this is for you, make sure you get there before the weekend is over! This sale only lasts the weekend!

And along with these items being retired, there is the new release of the (RP) Halloween PJ Pants... Four new textures and four bonus textures in the full fatpack and out now for a special promo price. Now with mesh body sizes included.
You can buy each individually for $99L (of the first four above), or you can buy the fatpack with the Bonus fabrics for $299L (5th picture above, one example)! Cute and fun fabrics and now with mesh body sizes. These seen above are worn on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Come and pick up your favorites today!

$50L Retirement Sale, 2 items, on sale thru October 22nd
New (RP) Halloween PJ Pants $99L each
or $299L Fatpack w/Bonus Fabrics & mesh body sizes.

(1 of 2)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

#364 - Elegant Medieval & Rugged Looks Both From Two New Brands (prev Anachron)

As mentioned before in a previous post, a familiar brand has splintered into four new brands. Anachron is the umbrella underneath which these brands have come. In this post, there are two more brands, Dreaming Thicket and #hashbang! Both have some items at current events around the grid. and here is a reminder of what you can expect from these brands:

Dreaming Thicket - for fantasy and (pre-20th century) historical items
#HashBang! - for cyberpunk/urban/punkish stuff

So let's start with Dreaming Thicket.
The Dreaming Thicket Belledonna dress is a floor length gown with 3/4 sleeves, beautiful fabrics and a deep plunging neckline. This looks so gorgeous on me with the collar/necklace and other jewelry I decided to wear with it. I am wearing it on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. Yes! There are mesh body sizes included in this offering from Dreaming Thicket. The others are Slink and Maitreya sizes. This one fit perfectly with some elbow alpha-ing and that was all that was needed. Such a beautiful gown for your medieval role playing. You will find this gown at the We <3 Roleplay until Oct. 30th.
The #hashbang! Scuff Boots are unrigged mesh unisex boots and come in small and large sizes for men and women. There are 6 options to choose from in the booth and lots more to look at in the booth too.
I am wearing the small size on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body along with two more offerings from #hashbang! also at The Dark Style Fair - Day of the Dead Special Edition which runs until Nov 4th. This is a large event, so the links I give you will help you to locate the #hashbang! booth. There are maps of the store locations on the website and a gallery on the Seraphim site too.

You can also find the Dreaming Thicket and #hashbang! stores here:

Please note, they are both in the process of being built and stocked, so please forgive the mess! For now, the events would be the best places to find their items.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#363 - Spooky Cute Dresses and Footwear @ The Wash! Mishmash Fusion/Roped Passions

 Don't mind me! I am just frolicking around in my new dresses available now at The Wash! They are only $10L and one is in a gacha located at The Wash Cart Sale! Yes, they have a gacha section here at The Wash for this round. Which by the way, is an Anniversary Round! The Wash Cart Sale is now 10 ryears old! So the regular $10L sale items all around, one $50L sale item, new gacha area with machine pulls priced at $50L or lower and of course, gifts galore! Come check it out!
Above you see one of the MishMash Fusion - Cobwebbed dresses from the ~*MF*~ Cobwebbed Dress Gacha. I am wearing the Belleza Freya size in this picture. This gacha is in the Gacha area at The Wash Cart Sale and is $20L per pull, there are 11 colors to win from this gacha with no rares. And each pull comes with 1 Standard Fitted, 3 Bellezas, 2 Slinks, 1 eBody and Maitreya... In each box! I don't have to tell you that is a lot for only $20L! So worth playing! I heard there are more at the main store too, so FYI, check that out!
You also see the Unisex Halloween Kreepers Boots from Roped Passions, which is her gift at her stall only at The Wash Cart Sale! Very ruggedly made, these are mesh boots in one size and I am wearing them on the flat Belleza Mesh Body feet without any alpha just a little adjusting was needed. Some great boots for those rough terrains or just to match your outfit as I have done above! Spooky cute and a great match for the dress! And this is just her gift! 
Here you see again from Mishmash Fusion, the Lillian Dress - Day of the Dead Teal (also in Pink) in the Belleza Freya size along with her Wash Giftie, the Dead Promises Platforms in Teal (you also get Pink) for the Belleza Flat Feet. There are also sizes for the Maitreya and Slink flat feet too. The dress comes in the same sizes as the Cobwebbed Dress and there are more designs and colors to choose from at the Mishmash Fusion stall. Lots to choose from here!
And at the Roped Passions stall you will find these cool (RP) Slayer Rider Jackets in various color accents and one in black with a hud for the metals for $50L. These jackets come in standard mesh sizes, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and TMP sizes for both classic and mesh avatars.

Now for some better pics of the shoes! First the (RP) Halloween Kreepers LE (Unisex):

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

#362 - Elegant Cultural Traditions, Nostalgic Monsters and Strong Words! All New From Facepalm Clothing Company!

So, after a break from some unexpected drama and some other commitments that snuck up on me.... I'm back and I hope to keep rolling with lots of blog posts! First, let's get started with the current season which brings along with it, some cultural traditions, nostalgic monsters and some strong words! All new from Facepalm Clothing Company!
Along with the Halloween season comes the Mexican Celebration of El Dia de los Muertos, a day to celebrate, remember and prepare special foods in honor of those who have departed. Seen above is a dress to commemorate that special day, the +FCC+ Dia De Los Muertos outfit. This outfit comes with the high heel shoes, dress and the skeleton hand choker. This is a beautiful floor length dress in black, with roses and a skull on the skirt. It is strapless and the shoes included (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya & TMP) are a dark red with ankle straps. This is a beautiful dress for this occasion! It comes with sizes for both classic and mesh avatars including Standard mesh sizes, 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic, eBody, Maitreya and TMP. Lots of bodies covered by this gorgeous dress! This is a new release in the +FCC+ store! Don't forget to come by and pick this one up!
+FCC+ Zuul is a crop top with the red glowing eyes of Zuul, the nostalgic monster from the original Ghostbusters movie. It is all black and only the glowy red eyes on the front of the shirt, it also includes a 3 texture hud with eyes in green and orange too. This is a hunt gift in the Boo Bunny Hunt you will find in the store. Come on out to the store and find yours. A great dollarbie to have during this Halloween season! It comes in sizes for both classic and mesh avatars with sizes as follows: 5 Standard & 1 Alpha, 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic, eBody, Maitreya and TMP. This is worn on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.

And now for my release from the unexpected drama recently, I will just do it with the +FCC+ Outspoken T-shirt...
This is an Exclusive Release at the Darkness Monthly Event going on right now. This is the +FCC+ Outspoken T-shirt. It has 3 HUDs available and you get a bonus hud with the purchase of the fatpack. Seen above worn on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. I was so ready to pull out my hair and just scream it all out. Which felt good by the way, and kept me from my impulses! The shirt here has a new take on the Serenity Prayer: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain my self-control and wisdom to know if I act upon my impluses, I'll go to jail! I really like that serenity prayer, LOL! Helps keep things in perspective, huh? Deep breath in, and exhale it all out!

And as I said, there are multiple huds with this shirt, here is one from the other HUDs available:
Also shown on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body, these read as follows:

HUD #2: Some people need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a hammer

HUD #3: It's only a murder if they find the body. Otherwise, it's just a missing person. Just sayin'

Bonus Fatpack HUD: I'm just going to put an "Out of Order" sign on my forehead and call it a day

And all the info you need to find these great deals...

Darkness Monthly Event: Oct 8th - 31st

Boo Bunny Hunt: Oct 1st - 31st

Facepalm Clothing Company (+FCC+)

Adoness Macaria Hair (Pic #4) @ The Dark Style Fair - Day of the Dead Special Edition
Map of event store locations

Now for the

Sunday, October 15, 2017

#361 - The Wash & The Dark Style Fair Now Open!

Adoness Macaria Hair (The Dark Style Fair), Crys Garden Fantasy Fall Field (The Wash)
& [Cynful] The Hunt Outift (Salem)
Wow! I thought there were so many events last month but I totally forgot about all the events in October! Here is just a small bit from three events going on right now.

The Wash opened on October 11th and it is in its 10th anniversary! So there are gifts galore around the various carts and this time around there are gachas too! Seen above is the Crys Garden - Fantasy Fall Field. This is actually much smaller than what you see here on the ground. It is no copy and a smaller patch so to get this effect you will need more than one for whatever area you want to cover. At $10L that is totally doable though! This is only at The Wash Cart Sale - Anniversary Round!
Check the website for previews before you go shop!

Also seen here is the new release hair from Adoness - Macaria which comes with both a headband and a Band of Roses, both can be re-textured via a hud. An additional add on hud for some extra Halloweeny colors can be purchases separately. This is such a cute and edgy curly shoulder length style! I am wearing this on my Akeruka Eretica Mesh Head. Adoness also has some new mesh head shaved hairbases! See those at the end of this post! This is only at The Dark Style Fair - Day of the Dead Special Edition!
Info on The Dark Style Fair events, map and more can be found on the website.

And finally, my outfit is from [Cynful] and called The Hunt, you will find it at the Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows. This is a sexy cutout top and pants with ties down the legs on both sides. This one shows a lot of skin but covers you where you need it. Flare bottom pants and a tube top. I am wearing it on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. There are also a few other mesh body sizes included.
Check the gallery on the Seraphim website and prepare your shopping list!

So much to see! So many events! And here they are again with important dates:

The Wash Cart Sale - 10th Anniversary Round: Oct 11th - Nov 1st

The Dark Style Fair - Day of the Dead Special Edition: Oct 14th - Nov 4th

Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows: Oct 1st - 31st


Ground Cover: Crys Garden - Fantasy Fall Field @ The Wash Cart Sale
Hair & Headband: Adoness - Macaria (shown with Band of Roses) Reds @ The Dark Style Fair
Choker: +FCC+ Dia De Los Muertos (part of this outfit) - New in the store!
Bracelets: Tam's Trousseau - Boo Bikini Skeleton Hand Bracelets (MP Link)
Outfit: [Cynful] The Hunt @ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows
Mesh Body: Belleza Freya V2.01
Mesh Head: [AK] Eretica Mesh Bento Head


Adoness Shaved Hair Bases (CATWA):

Thursday, October 12, 2017

#360 - Fallen Gods and Goddesses Contest Entry - Please Vote!

Here is my Fallen Gods and Goddesses Contest entry this year at the Decennial Celebration at Fallen Gods. I went with a Twi'lek and the Legacy of Maul skin in Moss. I hope you like it! And if you can and are a member of the group, please come by and vote for me! If you like my picture anyway. If you do, let me know your inworld name, so if you have a picture in the contest, I can return the favor! This is also on Flickr (link at the end of this post), and I need more followers, so if you have a Flickr account, this is my shameless plead for a follow! I will also return the favor there too! Unless all you post is porn...sorry I really can't follow that as much as I keep Flickr open or I look at it a lot! I usually have eyes around me at all times so I can't have that showing up on me unexpectedly.

Keep up with all the happenings this week by checking the notices or on the website!

Here are the credits, I may add links later but I am sure you can find what you might want from this list:

Fallen Gods & Goddesses Contest 2017 Photo Entry

Skin: Legacy of Maul [xx]+FGInc.+ Moss
Eyes: .:Soul:. Draglien Eyes – Scaled
Mesh Body: Belleza – Freya V
Lekku Head: !dM N'Shaddaa - Lekku **ORNAMENTED** RARE
Hipbags: [LAB737] Inverse-Hyperion-FREYA-punk-Hipbag L/R RARE
Gloves: [LAB737] Inverse-Hyperion-FREYA-noir-Gloves L/R Common
Panties: [LAB737] Inverse-Hyperion-FREYA-noir-Panties Common
Vest: [LAB737] Inverse-Hyperion-FREYA-noir-Vest Common?
Boots: Fashionatic - Karma Boots – Freya
Weapon: -=MaG=- Demon Scythe - Twisted Hunt Prize #2 (Sept2017)
Poses: BTTB Look Down Poses #5
Body Details: ~About My Body~ Mesh Head Credits - Section 1
Location: Star Wars Legends RP Sim – Black Rakatan Arena [RCS]

And here are some runners up I chose not to enter, but I did do a little work on them. You can only enter one photo in the contest each year. And the location of my picture on the wall of entries at the bottom.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#359 - Gacha Good's Ghost Town Is Open!

This month, Gacha Good is all out Halloweeny all month! Lots of Halloween themed gachas with clothing, decor, decorations, dolls, poses, full perm items...there is so much to see here at the Ghost Town Round this month! I love Halloween and I was so waiting for this! There are things all around that go bump in the night. I wandered into the warehouse and one of those things grabbed me!
I got too close to one of the tables and not realizing something was under it... it suddenly tripped me and grabbed me! This is the Something New - Hidden Monster Exclusive pose and prop. This is quite big as you can see and a perfect pose for this haunted season we are in right now. Come take a look, there are more poses to choose from and much more to see!
This new release by Facepalm Clothing Company +FCC+ Calida sweater gacha comes in Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya & TMP mesh body sizes and 5 standard mesh for Classic avatars too. I happen to be wearing this one on the Belleza Freya mesh body with alpha cuts on the arms. A very nice autumn sweater to have for this cooler weather that is creeping up on us! There are 6 color variations  to win and a Fatpack RARE available at the Gacha Good Ghost Town Round.

You also see the Rose Your Life Cryptgacha Head Spider 1 RARE tattoo from her RYL - Cryptgacha Head Spider Tattoo gacha, an exclusive gacha only found at the Gacha Good - Ghost Town Round! This is applied with an Omega applier to my Akeruka Eretica Mesh Bento Head. Lelutka appliers are also included in the packages. The creepy crawlies are spider tattoos in black and red on your face. And here is a closer look at those:
There are a few options to win in the RYL gacha machine. So come on by and check out the event. There really is a lot to see here. Also seen in this picture above are the new Men Only Hunt prize from Draglien Eyes - S.E. Omega eyes from .:Soul:. These are Special Edition eyes in the same style as the Draglien Eyes at the previous Men's Only Monthly but new colors. I love these Omega eyes they are very vibrant! And, you don't just get one pair of eyes in the hunt gift, you get all six new colors in the hunt gift! You also get a set of mesh eyes, appliers and system eyes for each color. So guys, that is a big deal! And for little to nothing to get a variety of special edition colors on the Draglien Eyes. Visit the store to find this hunt gift.

And that is it for today. Here are the links to get you to the places I've spoken about in this post: 

.:Soul:. - Draglien Special Edition Eyes (6 colors) - Hunt prize in the Men Only Hunt 
Flair For Events™ presents: Men Only Hunt 10 (MOH10) - October 7th to 28th, 2017