Thursday, September 16, 2021

#843 - Sunning Myself...Again (NSFW)

 Well, Oh my gosh! I found a pretty new spot to hang out at that has a beach, tai chi, surfing, swimming, dining, and a nice peaceful vibe to it! It's great! A friend of mine owns it with a partner and they have done a great job on it! There is also a balloon ride there and on the shore dining and a hooka bar above the diner which sits not too far from the beach! There is a monkey forest and a nearby gaming area (near the monkey forest). But the thing that drew me there was the meditation. I arrived and haven't even done that yet! Another draw is that there are 3 area parcels that can be rented by the day. If you want to hang out with your loved one, friends or whatever, you can rent the huts per day here. One is like a retreat with a private area, hot tub and plenty of places to cuddle. The huts contains a bed, a radio, which you can change the music with, an expresso machine and a breakfast table under an umbrella on the deck facing the beach! There is probably more to see too as I have not been everywhere here yet, I suspect. Each hut is on it's own parcel and is private from the community / common areas around them. Each has it's own security too. So I hung out here to sun myself not far from the beach this time! There is a covered hammock where I've taken these first couple pictures. It is Taste of Bali. Taste of Japan Meditation Zen Garden is directly next to it. 

I am wearing this on the Legacy Mesh Body. This is the RYL Bikini III Neon. It comes in many mesh body sizes including Altamura, Belleza Freya, Inithium Kupra Original, Low & Kups, Legacy, Maitreya & Petite, and Slinks. There is a 7 texture hud and the huds of the previous versions of this bikini will work with this one as well! 6x6 different combinations if you have all six versions. And this one also comes with a matching bracelet! With a separate hud of the same textures found in the bikini's hud. This was only at the Up event. Which ended on Sep 15th, so find it in the store soon (But you can still get in to buy it before that happens!).

Here is a view of the backside! Of the bikini, that is!

And the matching bracelet!

This body shape was the RYL Dollarbie at the UP event! It may be regular price after the event in the store. I am wearing it with the Lelutka Evo X Briannon Head and Legacy Mesh Body. Skin is by Glam Affair. A new release called Cara at the ACCESS. The RYL Muscle Shape is a slim athletic body shape. This is the Dollarbie Gift from RYL so, even though the Up event is over, you may still be able to wander up there and grab it! Look for the UP GIFT prim in the booth!

I am also wearing a hunt gift from RYL too. This gift is in the Renaissance Hunt & Fair (Artisans & Healers)! It is the RYL SCRIBO Tattoo. There is a Bakes on Mesh layer and appliers in case you use those. The Renaissance Hunt & Fair runs until Sep 26th. This is a grid wide hunt so you will find this gift in the store, and it's all yours.

There it is! Stop by the store and find it! Appliers included are Nana, Altamura, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega. And BoM.

UP Event (Ends Sep 15th)

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Saturday, September 11, 2021

#842 - After an Exhausting Day of Hunting

Just me relaxing in my Twisted Hunt Living Room after a long day of Twisted Hunting! 

There is so much here to discuss! All of it can be found on the Twisted Hunt! All in the theme and/or color and looks great together in this room! Some are hunt gifts and some are Twisted Extras you can buy from our merchants! Regardless, all of them are Twisted! Many of these items are only available during the hunt, so be sure to look around the stores. A friend of mine loves the theme color this year, and I have to say the color, dusk, (purple) looks great in this room! And don't you just need this cute little cubie pet wandering around your home? He is the Pixelancer #18 ~ Decoy & Avatar.


The couches and chairs are from Dekute Dekore #20 and are the Twisted Main Hunt Gift. This includes the oil painting to the left. The smaller wall art is from { collect } #15, also a Main Hunt Gift. 

All the cube decor items are and lamps are from Mulitifarious Conceptions #49 and are Twisted Extras you can buy around the store, or in fatpacks also found in the store in front of the reception desk. The coffee table, side table and both the table lamp and floor lamp (the ones with lamp shades) are part of the Multifarious Conceptions End Game Prize (Living room set) that is in the works! If you can finish The Twisted End Game, it's all yours too!


This is the Neon Coyote #33 Twisted Hunt Main Prize. The door glows and you can click to turn that on or off. It lowers the glow, then click to make it back bright. I need to make this a teleporter! That would be great! 
More Twisted Cubage from Mulitifarious Conceptions #49, including the rugs, cube scatters, cube pyramid, cube tall floor lamp (plugged in), all are Twisted extras. The planchet cabinets from Widdershins #40 are Twisted Main Hunt Gifts.

Plenty to see here! And you can get all of it during the Twisted Hunt - Beyond the Veil. Just join us on "The Hardest Hunt in SL" and pick all this up for your own Twisted home! You can do it!

Ends Sep 30th

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Everything is NEW in the Twisted Hunt - Beyond the Veil!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

#841 - Soul's New Crystal Horns @ We Love Role Play

I am not much of a horns person myself but these new horns from .:Soul:. are pretty amazing! They are splotched with lots color, have crystals and jewelry on them and are also showing some marrow. Now, that may sound kind of messed up, but just take a look! They are some beauties!

These .:S:.  Horns - Crystal Ram are available at We Love Role Play right now. The Torn : Septum piercing is a new release in the store. Both have plenty of color combinations to choose from on their huds. And the horns have the optional skin near the skull, which can be matched to your skin via the hud or by using the Bakes on Mesh option on the hud. So one way or another, if you are using a BoM skin, you can match it! Or hide the skin section of the horns completely (Using the Hud)! And did I mention they are such lovely horns?

This beautiful purple skin is from .:S:. as well! The .:S:. [G3] [F2] LelEvoX: Andi fantasy skin. It is a Bakes on Mesh skin. The body skin (also BOM) is sold separately. Available in the store now. Shown on the Lelutka Evo X Briannon Mesh Head.


A picture from the front shows the new .:S:. Piercing : Torn : Septum off a bit better! These are also the .:S:. Eyes: Lunar - 2021FF Exclusive Purples (Violent & Dorei). The eyes may not be available until the next Fantasy Faire (I will update this if they are currently available). The Torn : Septum is available now in the store and the Crystal Ram Horns are available now at We Love Role Play thru month end.

The makeup I am using on this skin are all from *Booty's Beauty*. I have on the *Booty's Beauty* [EVO X BOM] Cosmos Makeup (Lashes Only), [EVO X BOM] Glampire Eyeshadow, Glampire Veins and [Lelutka Evo] Jelly Queen HD Lips. All available in the store now.

We Love Role Play - Ends Sep 30th

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Friday, September 3, 2021

#840 - New to the Twisted Hunt!

We have a newcomer to the Twisted Hunt! I am sure there are more I haven't seen yet, but here is one whose items I've been able to take a look at, and they are cute and a little Twisted! Mara's Meshy Stuff has an outfit for the ladies this round. Take a look!

This is Mara's Meshy Stuff - Friday the 13th Bunneh Top and Red Webbed Skirt. Both cute and spooky! I am wearing it on the Legacy Mesh Body. There are sizes for Freya, Isis, Hourglass, Legacy and Maitreya included. You have to find the two Twisted Hunt cubes in the store to get the whole outfit so ladies, let's get hunting!

The Bunneh on the shirt is done up all in Friday the 13th style too!

I also have on one favorite of mine from the hunts, the Pixelancer Twisted Cube Choker! A simple black choker (in Gold or Silver metals) with the Twisted Cube in the current cube color! Love it! And it's also a Twisted Hunt Gift! Pixelancer is #18 on the Twisted Hunt Beyond the Veil.

So get on out here and get to hunting! The Twisted Hunt Beyond the Veil is going!

Twisted Hunt - Beyond the Veil (Ends Sep 30th)

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

#839 - Major Annoyance!

Man, I hate waiting on folks! I've been around here waiting for my ride for a while now! I am so annoyed! And I am so tired of sitting around! My hind end is worn out too! LOL!

In this photo, I have the ZFG Dominique shorts which are a new release at the Miix Event. I am wearing it on the Legacy Mesh Body but it also comes in sizes for Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique and Kupra. There are 16 single colors or get 20 in the fatpack. The Miix Event runs thru Sept 20th!

The top is the Mara's Meshy Stuff - Friday the 13th Bunneh shirt, which is a hunt gift in the Twisted Hunt - Beyond the VeilMara's Meshy Stuff  is shop #60 in the hunt. I am wearing this on the Legacy Mesh Body! The Twisted Beyond the Veil begins on Sept 1st and runs all month long. I will show this off better in the next post!

If you just like to show off your bootay, these are the shorts that will do it! Plenty of air conditioning in this pair! 

This lovely skin is the [Glam Affair] Cherry skin. You can find her at UBER right now. I am wearing the Caramel skin tone and she is available in 5 more Glam Affair skin tones and 5 Velour skin tones. Matching body skin tones are available in their main stores. Come try a demo! She is gorgeous!

Miix Event - Ends Sep 20th

UBER - Ends Sep 22nd

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Sunday, August 29, 2021

#838 - Looks like I Missed the Party

That's never fun! This is the feeling I had recently when finding out that a trip I had planned, fell through. I am not going anywhere now and staying home. Booo! I really wanted to go but it's not gonna happen. I guess it's safer for me to stay home right now. With the state of Covid and all that! That is what actually burst a whole in my plans. But, I guess, there will be another time.

I am wearing some clothing for this summer heat! It's so hot right now! So, I felt the smaller the clothing, the better! My top is from Sn@tch, the Sn@tch Wanna Be String Top. This one has 48 wild patterns and comes in five mesh body sizes for Maitreya, Petite, Belleza Freya, Legacy and Kupra. And it gives your boobs some breathing room! New in the Sn@tch store now!

This teeny skirt is the a new release from ZFG, the ZFG Carolina skirt! This one comes in 16 single denims or get the fatpack for the full 20 colors! Made to fit Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Legacy and Hourglass mesh bodies. It includes all these sizes, but you only unpack the body size you need! Find this new release in the ZFG store now!

I am wearing these items on the Legacy Mesh Body. 


Sorry for the glum face, but I missed the party, remember? A new face from [Glam Affair], this is the Nevaeh skin. This skin is the face only and is for Lelutka Evo X heads. I am wearing her on the Avalon head. Nevaeh comes in 7 of the new body skin line from [Glam Affair] and 5 of the new Velour skin tones! The [Glam Affair] skins include Bakes on Mesh layers for different eye versions, lip glosses, freckles, brows, eyeliners, brow and no brow versions and the Evo X ear layer. Find Nevaeh at Kustom 9 thru Sept 10th.

And for Wanderlust Weekend, the .:Soul:. Torn Nose Rings and Crystal Earrings are both available for only 50 lindens this weekend. There are two shown here but there is a third Torn Tiered Septum Ring which is also available during the Wanderlust Weekend Sale only. With 42 metal textures, you can match it to every outfit or our ever changing makeup! Get all 3 in a fatpack for 150L. Find these sales in the .:Soul:. store now! Wanderlust Weekend ends on Aug 30th!

Last but not least, I am wearing some Miix Weekend new release makeups from *Booty's Beauty*! I have on the *Booty's Beauty* Cosmos Eye Makeup and it includes these cute eyelashes with little stars on them in Plain tintable, Gold, Silver and a Multi-Color option! So lovely! The Frostborn lips are also available in this Miix Weekend Special too! See those here. The lipstick is also from *Booty's Beauty*
 Sharp Lips which are now in the store!

Don't miss out on any of these deals! Get to shopping today!

Kustom 9 (Ends Sept 10th)

Wanderlust Weekend (Ends Aug 30th)

Miix Weekend (Ends Aug 29th)

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

#837 - Summer Isn't Over Just Yet! (NSFW?)

 I've got a couple of bikinis to show off today and that is also another reason to teleport on back over to SL's Miami Beach! Woot!!! So yes, I am playing around in the sand here today showing off these skimpy and cool bikinis! Lots of skin coming up!

First, the RYL Colorato Bikini is back! I am wearing it on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, but there are sizes for Altamura, Belleza Freya, Inithium Kupra (Low & Original), Kups B (also first time included), Legacy, Maitreya & Petite (first time included), and Slink bodies. Lots of bodies! Plus, this also means the previous huds (5 of them) for the other designs of the Colorato Bikini will work with this one too! So that is is a lot of combinations you can have with these bikinis! I love a lot of options!

Check out the backside of the RYL Colorato III Bikini:

Oh, there is a bracelet included this time too! In the Colorato colors! Take a look! It's the HOT Bracelet Colorato.

Cute, right!!! And it has the same textures as your bikini does! It has it's own hud with the 8 textures to match the bikini. I love it! A nice addition to the RYL - Colorato III Bikini set! Find the RYL - Colorato III Bikini at the Hashtag event thru Aug 30th!

Don't miss the Dollarbie at Hashtag too! The RYL Colorato Stirn for your forehead! There are both a Bakes on Mesh layer and an Omega applier if you prefer to use an applier instead. Just as colorful as the Colorato Bikini I am showing you today! Worn on the Lelutka Evo X Avalon (On Classic setting) Find all of them at Hashtag!

Sn@tch also has a new bikini out in their Riot Vendors! This is just one of 3 new items you can get at a great discount if you can get enough friends and/or group members to hang out and make the prices drop! You can always try!

The Sn@tch Greta Sequin Bikini is made to fit Slinks, Tonics, Bellezas and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies. It includes a hud of 30 colors! Plenty to choose from! And did I mention it's tiny? Well, it is very tiny! So you should keep cool in this one too! And get a great tan too!

Check out the backside!

Find the Sn@tch Greta Sequin Bikini in the Sn@tch Riot Vendors right outside the store! Come and get it! And bring all your friends!

This amazing Olive-y skin is the .:Soul:. [G3] Jalyn PRIDE [F4] V.I.P. Group Gift! There are 3 versions of this face layer. This one I am wearing is made for the Classic SLUV heads (wearing on the Lel Evo X Avalon - Classic setting). There is a version of Jalyn for the Lelutka Evo X heads and one in Jayson for Classic SLUV heads for the guys too. They are VIP Gifts, so come get it if you haven't already! The makeup is already on the skin. Brow and No Brow versions are included in all 3 versions. Come visit the VIP area in the store to get it!

Hashtag Event (Ends Aug 30th)

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Monday, August 23, 2021

#836 - Feeling Caged In


Feeling trapped, I hate it. So I need to change my thinking so I don't just follow through on these feelings. Like looking for silver linings and all the good things I can find. That would be great and helps me get out of this feeling of being trapped. That is all!

This female skin is from Stargazer, the Rain Femme Skin for the Lelutka Evo X heads. There is also a unisex skin which is separate from this one. I am wearing Rain on the Lelutka Evo X Avalon head and the Legacy Mesh Body. There are no brow and brow versions, in the brow version. And there are different layers for the Legacy Perky and layers for Flat, Petite and Push Up Breasts. There are 3 face layers, Brow, No Brow and V No Brow, and eyes are also included. Find the Rain skin in the store soon.

Also shown is the Stargazer - EVOX Tattoo Set - Kelon. There are 16 colors in this set. All made for Lelutka Evo X heads. This one should also be in the store soon. So make sure to check back!

The background is The Bearded Guy - Lunar Blue - Lifetime Backdrop which is one ten of them in this new set you can find at the Thirsty Event thru Sep 5th! One of 10! Come grab the colors you want / need! See the full set here. And don't forget, all the gachas in the store are marked down to 30L per play until month end! Complete your sets now! Come play for some you didn't know you needed!

Thirsty - Ends Sep 5th

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