Monday, December 9, 2019

#652 - Tired After A Long Day of Shopping!

So you saw the She-shed all decked out in Twisted Krissmuss home decor. I was also in that photo taking it easy like I am in this one. Nice to get off my feet after doing all that shopping. This top is the ZFG - Julianna Peppermint sweater, a dollarbie costing $3L in the Candy Cane Hunt 11 this month. There are more mesh body sizes included with it, I am wearing the Belleza Freya size here. The Candy Cane Hunt 11 has 5 paths to choose from, this item is found on the Ice Queen path. Ice Queen consists of female items only and ends on Dec 25th.

My confetti accented hair is a new release from Adoness at Tannenbaum. This is the Adoness - Rock Bottom. This can be worn with or without the confetti and the confetti has a 15-color hud. The confetti and the hair are separate from each other so it can be adjusted to fit as you like. There are 7 different hair color huds to choose from or, you can purchase the Integrity fatpack of all the colors available. Tannenbaum ends Dec 22nd.

And, these eyes! These are the Germinal - Candy Cane Mesh Eyes. These are available, with a few other versions, at the Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Sales Event. This is just one of a three new transferable releases from Germinal at this event. Included are two sets of mesh eyes (normal and blind) and two Omega appliers for Omega compatible mesh eyes. An eye alpha is also included. They also have a Button Eye Gacha, be sure to check that out in the gacha area. Find Germinal at Twisted Krissmuss thru Jan 3rd.

Candy Cane Hunt 11 ----- ZFG - Ends Dec 25th

Adoness @ Tannenbaum - Ends Dec 22nd

And now for the Credits:

Saturday, December 7, 2019

#651 - Gift-Giving Made Easy @ Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Gift Sale Event

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Gift Sale Event is happening this month! This sales event continues through Jan 3rd! There are items here for $100L and they are transfer-able for gift-giving. There is lots of nice home decor, clothing, games, cosmetics and more! Here are some gorgeous home decor pieces from Dekute Dekore, Collect & Roped Passions to start us off!
Isn't this darling! With Twisted Krissmuss cubes accents on the pillows and blocks! I love it! I just love Twisted though! The larger pieces (couch, tables, chair & fireplace) are all from Dekute Dekore. The cute little blue teapot is from { collect } and the sexy boot planter and accessories are from Roped Passions! All combine to make a great living room! It's a little tight in here, but that just makes it that much more cozy!

So come on down to the Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Gift Sale Event and find those gifts you need before Christmas is here! Lots of new items are awaiting you! And you know with Twisted, you can be sure you will find something for those Twisted individuals in your life!

Ends Jan 3rd


Lily's Teapot and Tray - Blue { collect } NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
(RP) Kinky Christmas Planter (Copy/Mod Edition) NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
Candle Fireplace - Twisted Krissmuss : by Dekute Dekore NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
Mission Sofa - Twisted Krissmuss : by Dekute Dekore NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
Mission Coffee Table - Twisted Krissmuss : by Dekute Dekore NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
Mission Side Table - Twisted Krissmuss : by Dekute Dekore NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
Mission Chair - Twisted Krissmuss : by Dekute Dekore NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)
She-Shed: CONVAIR She-Shed blue
Windlight: Annan Adored Optimal Skin

Clothing Worn (not found at Twisted Krissmuss):
Hair: adoness : rock bottom : integrity NEW @ Tannenbaum (Ends Dec 22nd)
Confetti Hair accessory: adoness : confetti in my hair (included with Rock Bottom Hair)
Sweater: ZFG JULIANNA FREYA PEPPERMINT NEW HUNT GIFT – Candy Cane Hunt 11 - Ice Queen Path (5 Paths to choose from - Ends Dec 25th)
Jeans: Blueberry - Power Play - Jeans/Pants - Freya
Boots: Blueberry - Power Play - Boots - Knee High - Freya

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

#650 - Maybe If I Just Ignore That?

So maybe if I ignore that bright glowing light... I can take my picture and be on my way...
Keeping warm from the brisk autumn air here on Innsmouth. And hoping that situation back there stays...well, back there!
And, I am keeping warm in the new ZFG - Arya sweater! It is a snug fit and almost perfectly fit over these pants too. I am wearing her on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. This fatpack has many colors to wear that will match all your Fall separates. You get 20 colors in the full fatpack!

I am also wearing the Facet - Mercia body shape. She was a new release in November and should be in the store soon (if not already there). I am wearing her with the Catwa Kittia head and Belleza Freya Mesh Body.

Eyes are the Stargazer Creations - Reptile Glare set (Hud #2), and these are in the store now. They are Omega eye appliers and worn on the Catwa Kittia eyes. These will work with any Omega compatible eyes if you have the Omega relay required for your particular head. There are 18 different color variants of these eyes.

FACET (Originals / Shapes)

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair < Cyber> Brown
Shirt: ZFG ARYA NEW in the store
Pants: Blueberry - Power Play - Jeans/Pants - Freya
Boots: Blueberry - Power Play - Boots - Knee High - Freya
Eye Appliers: SG Eyes HUD 2.0 - Reptile Glare Set 2
Nail Polish: SG Nails HUD 2.0 - Marbled 03 NEW - Store Sales Area
Eye Lashes: CHIMAERA - Catwa Hud -  'Autumn Gaia'
Bento Ring set: LIVIA::Briar Bento Rings - Belleza NEW @ Flora (Ends Dec 17th)
Necklace: Vengeful Threads - Alucard Necklace
Body Shape: +FS+ Mercia Shape (Catya/Maitreya) (Cheekbone Edit)
Mesh/Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Kittia v4.0
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO
Skin: .:.CoCoChes.:. Selena2 OMEGA Skin - Toffee
Lighting: SG Body Lights Mid
Pose: BESHA Poses: Miu / bento poses Miu 6 NEW @ Flora (Ends Dec 17th)
Location: Innsmouth 

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

#649 - The Workout Begins!

Time for a run and workout! But first, I need some energy to burn off! LOL!
This is the ZFG - Mel Hoodie outfit. It is a one piece item with the hoodie and bodysuit/jumpsuit connected together. Fits like a glove! I did have some alpha-ing around the upper legs, which isn't uncommon in the Belleza Freya Mesh body when wearing clothing. I am loving it and it shows off all the curves! I am wearing the Belleza Freya size here. It is part of the Energy Weekend Price at ZFG this weekend. ZFG got started early this week with her weekend sales, so you can find this today in the store.
I am also showing off the Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Golden Zodiac in the Stars Nails which were previously at the Fallen Gods Anniversary Market. I used the Omega appliers on the Belleza nails but the packs come with Slink and Maitreya nail appliers as well. These should be in the store in the near future, and if I am wrong about that, I will update this post once I find out.

That's it for today folks!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

#648 - RYL Gor Stripes in the Gorean Grid Hunt

Take a look at what RYL has for you in the Gorean Grid Hunt! This hunt lasts through month end so you have a little bit of time to get this one still. There are head and omega appliers along with a BoM layer for the BoM folks.
This tattoo is the RYL - Stripes Gelb GGH 2019, which you can find for FREE in the Goren Grid Hunt. This hunt ends on Nov 29th. Worn on the Catwa Kittia using the Omega appliers.
This is the RYL - Gor Bikini 2 Leopard that I found in the store at RYL. Come find this at a great price (you will need a basic bikini too) and the free hunt gift in the Gorean Grid Hunt!

The hint at RYL is "Find the Huge Multivendor."


Monday, November 18, 2019

#647 - The Beauty of Ahiru

I visited the Ahiru sim due to the Fall foliage there. It is so beautiful and there are boats you can use to ride around the waterways to see the sim. I took this one in the garden there and the color I chose almost had me blending into the foliage too!
These are separates from Shae's Designs! And you will find them at The Wash Cart Sale. These are the Shae's Designs - Stacye Shirt and Skirt! They come with multi-color huds for both and matching solids and bonus patterns in the fatpack. I opted for a brown to wander around and see the sights around the sim!
And you also see the Cat's Claw Designs - Trippy Shoes Animal Print. Also found at The Wash Cart Sale! The Wash Cart Sale ends on Nov 22nd! So not too much longer to go and grab some great deals on quality clothing, home decor and more! Don't miss it!

I am wearing all this on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body using BoM layers for the skin and Omega lipstick. I am quite pleased with this look too! Very easy to apply.

And I leave you with a sunset picture from the Ahiru sim. The sim is open to all residents but please be mindful not to enter homes, there are occupied homes on the sim but many paths to walk and see all the beauty this sim holds for it's visitors! I don't know if they do seasonal changes so this is probably going to change soon.


Friday, November 15, 2019

#646 - Enjoying Nature

I love the fall with the beautiful autumn colors of the trees. The cool, crisp air, warm sweaters and the crunch of the leaves under my shoes. I am soon going on a trip where there is very little of this but on the way there, I will get to see many Autumn colors. We are going to be driving so, I will have a front row seat to all the colors along the way! I can't wait for that!
So since I can't get as far as I'd like in RL, I love seeing the Fall colors on the various sims I visit. These are some new separates that have been released in the store recently. All from ZFG. They are the ZFG - Julianna sweater (12 colors), 9 to 5 skirt and the Ridley Plaids boots (there are also some solids too)! All have a hud of many colors and come in Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya sizes. So make sure to come by the store and pick out your favorites or opt for the fatpacks and get even more colors!

Also, this is the Facet - Mercia Shape (Catwa Catya/Maitreya - Edited), also a new release from Facet! Find this beauty at Twe12ve this month! I am wearing her with the Catwa Kittia (cheekbones edited) and the Legacy Mesh Body.

Julianna sweater (12 colors) - Belleza - Slink - Maitreya

9 to 5 skirt - Belleza - Slink - Tonic - Maitreya

Ridley Plaids - Belleza - Slink - Tonic - Ebody - Maitreya - Legacy


Twe12ve - Ends Nov 30th


Skirt: ZFG 9 to 5 MATIREYA NEW
Boots: ZFG Ridley Maitreya plaid NEW 
Body Shape: +FS+ Mercia Shape (Catya/Maitreya)(Cheekbones Edited) NEW @ Twe12ve (Ends Nov 30th)
Body Tattoo: ZODIAC Aquarius, silver/silver body tattoo +Fallen Gods Inc.
Eyes: .:Soul:. Nebula Eyes - Uk'otoa - BoM NEW @ We Love Role Play (Ends Nov 30th)
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Hailey - [H6] - TT-FB – Brow (using system skin)
Hair: adoness : myrina 2.0 : integrity NEW
Lip Piercing: [DB] Draugr Catwa Skell piercing twisted
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Kittia v4.0
Mesh Eyes: CATWA EYES RIG Kittia v3.2
Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.1)
Body Deformers: [+] Legacy (f) Fit Deformer (Upper) (1.1) & [+] Legacy (f) Fit Deformer (Lower) (1.1)
Windlight: A-6PM

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

#645 - The She Shed - An Expanded Look!

Now for a more expanded look at the She Shed! Furnished with items found at The Wash Cart Sale!
Just really enjoying this! The fire is great on these cooler nights and I love the crackling sounds coming from it...very relaxing!

Find all these items @ The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Nov 22nd

NEW Items @ The Wash Cart Sale:
DKD - Fall Bouquet
DKD - Fall Wine Tray Decor
DKD - Basket Hibiscus (red)
S55 Underneath the moon frame
S55 Thousand Stars frame 1
S55 Leaning Frame - Time Together
DKD - Wall Art - Leaf
StoraxTree - Chimenea B Fireplace C4
EC Designs - Sophisticate Cuddle Chair (V) - Black *So Many Colors To Choose From!
Sofa: EC Designs - Sophisticate Cuddle Loveseat (V) – Black
DKD - Fall Mums Trough (Rust)
Pose: Poses by Alexa - Cappuccino

Items Not @ The Wash Cart Sale:
Boots: ZFG - Cheyenne SE boots NEW - Jerky Turkey Hunt Gift - Ends Nov 30th
Other Outfit Credits: See Post #642
Fiasco - Desert She Shed

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