Tuesday, April 13, 2021

#799 - Mark of the Djinn

 Upon wandering into what appeared to be an empty pavilion, I felt something smack my exposed skin suddenly but never saw anything or anyone around. I thought it to be my wild imagination having heard so many stories about the spooky djinn that were said to still inhabit this area and I went about my way. I felt a steady sting on my hind end where I though I felt the smack before. I finally twisted myself around enough to look in a nearby broken mirror and, to my surprise, there was a new tattoo-ish mark on my buttock!

I was marked while exploring this pavilion! I wonder if I dare cover it up?! Will that spirit come after me and mark me again elsewhere? Maybe I should not chance it! Next time I am going to cover up a little more but it's too late for me today. It's actually rather nice! Very pretty design! And this outfit actually shows it off very well. Maybe I should wander out of this place since I've been marked once already! I don't want that to happen again, or anything worse! I've heard of things happening around here. This place has a long history of it.

Decided to relax a bit on the rather large lamp nearby. It's out in the open, hopefully I won't disturb any Djinn or Genie who could be in the lamp! Let's hope not! This is an End Game Prize from { collect } #10 on the Twisted Hunt Djinn.

This is me imagining the genie or djinn inside the large lamp. Because it's large, there is plenty of room to lounge around in comfort! Looking like she's living in luxury there!
The outfit is the Roped Passions Almira Enchanted Black which is a full outfit with jewelry and all in the Twisted Riot Vendor at the Roped Passions store #11 in the Twisted Hunt Djinn. It consists of the Top, Bottom, Bracelets & Anklets, Belt and Mask. I am wearing it on the Legacy Mesh Body using the Maitreya size. If you didn't get a chance to buy this outfit in the store, holler out in the Twisted Hunt Group calling for a Riot Party at the Roped Passions store to hopefully get that chance! If folks are online maybe we can get enough in to bring the price down to the low, lowest price! If you find the main prize it is available in gold (outfit only). There is both a men's main prize and women's main prize. A gold set of jewelry is also available for sale in the store to match the Main Hunt Prize set (and the End Game set!).
The *Wyld Wynter* Djinn's Mark tattoo, is a Bakes on Mesh only tattoo for mesh bodies, classics and the Regalia (furry) body. It comes in 4 strengths from 25% to 100%. This is a great bonus to have, it is a Twisted Hunt Extra for $100L and can be found at the Wyld Wynter store, #35 on the Twisted Hunt Djinn.
There is a sandy skin hunt prize too! Find the Twisted Hunt Main Prize at The Stringer Mausoleum #23 and you will find this Bakes on Mesh, *TSM* Bisque Doll Skin (Dune) and that is not all! There is a second skin in there along with eyes for you! Looking great with the (RP) Almira Enchanted Gold bottoms there!
Large Desert Nomad Tent is the Twisted Main Prize at Dreaming Thicket #7 in the hunt! It is a large tent in the Twisted Cube colors. It can be closed or open along the front section. The rug and most all the other furnishings are from Roawenwood #6 on the Twisted Hunt Djinn. With the exception of one planter from Mirage #5 on the Twisted Hunt Djinn.

The hunt is almost over, it ends on April 15th. End Game will be open thru May 10th! So there is plenty of time to try your luck there!

Twisted Hunt Djinn - Ends April 15th
End Game open until May 10th

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Friday, April 9, 2021

#798 - When the Thirst Grips You


If you entertain the Thirst, it will pull you in. Many times it is overwhelming and takes over. It draws the curious, taunts of a longer life and once you accept it, it is very hard to satisfy! Yet so gratifying! So forgive me while I wind down from fulfilling my Thrist. It takes time to pass.


All you see here (with a few exceptions) is from the New Main Store Mega Release at [Glam Affair]. The new [Glam Affair] Jezebel skin. This is the Sand tone. The ear shading and veins are part of a collaboration effort with Heaux, which has created a fae skin and the dark fae features include the ear layer that matches the skin tones from [Glam Affair]. There are also hairbases and a hair available in collaboration with Tableau Vivant.
A large collection of makeups and tattoos are also new releases along with the Jezebel skin. The face makeup seen here, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick and lip blood are all parts of the new release. There are Mystical and Vampire Makeups, two Lipstick palettes, 7 eyebrow sets, 3 eyelash sets and face scratches too.
This is intended to be a vampire skin and as such, is offered in 6 of the new skin tones from [Glam Affair]. Please note, this skin and the cosmetics and hairbases will only work with the Lelutka Evoloution X heads, so be sure you have one of them before purchasing this skin set. The head shape and brow shape were made using the Lelutka Evo X Ceylon Head, but here I am showcasing it on the Lelutka Evo X Briannon Mesh Head using both the head/body shape and the brow shape with no edits on the face.

So, are you feeling a little blood thirsty tonight? Try the Jezebel skin and her many add-ons and embrace the darkness!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

#797 - Soooo Stuffed!

So the time at The Wash Cart Sale has come and gone so quickly! I am going to miss all these great prices that showed up during these events! And I have a few more things to show you before it's all over. One more day left to grab them up before they are gone! The Wash closes at the end of the day April 7th.

First, a little something cute for the garden. This is from Love Everlasting. The LE ~ Animated Mouse & Strawberry Plant. Great for your garden! Isn't he so cute! Quietly going about his business of eating the strawberries! So CUTE! Find it at The Wash Cart Sale!

As we head inside, I am met with a ton of goodies to partake of! There are quite a few foods this time around! Come and get your grub on with all this foodie goodness! There are items here from Love Everlasting, Sahova Creations and those cute little Lucky Nekos are from Dark Knight Decor. They are resizable too! In 4 different designs.

As you can imagine, after eating my fill of those goodies, I am so stuffed!!! So of course, I laid around to hopefully let the fullness wear off! In my undies of course! Gotta be comfortable! I am wearing an underwear set from Dark Water Designs (DWD). This has many a mesh body size in this package! So worth the purchase! It'll cover a lotta bodies. I am wearing the DWD - Spring Cotton Pastel Bra & Panties, Latte here on the Legacy Mesh Body. 

This beautiful pink hat is from Sahova Creations! It is adjustable and just as bright as Easter! Just as cute are the little chicks and flowers around the crown. Come find this on the Sahova Creations cart.

As always, the amazing jewelry is from Luminesse! I am wearing the Florizelle Jayanna Ring and the Chantay Diya Necklace and Earrings . This tattoo is also at The Wash Cart Sale, from Leave Your Mark. The Weather This Storm tattoo is a Bakes on Mesh tattoo. Front and Back tattoo.

And these stunning eyes are from The Stringer Mausoleum. The new Brayden eyes are found on the Stringer Mausoleum's Men's cart. These are the tester eyes and there are 4 more on the cart that are just as colorful! There are Bakes on Mesh layer, Mesh Eyes (and Petite Mesh), Genesis, Omega applier eyes in each set of eyes.
This gorgeous skin is a new release from [Glam Affair]. The Jezebel Skin. There are lots of tattoos, cosmetics and hairbases (in collab with Tableau Vivant), ear tattoos (collab w/Heaux), veins, face scratches available to add-on. You can read more about that here.

Today is the last day of The Wash Cart Sale so if  you miss visiting, try the main store links in the credits for these and other items.

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Apr 7th

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

#796 - Taking a Vape Break

After a while of hunting it was time to take a break and for some reason, maybe it was the Twisted mood I was in, I decided to take a vape break on the rooftop.  So there I was enjoying the quiet. It's nice after the stress of hunting a while! And I absolutely love it!

I am wearing the new [Glam Affair] - Tera skin in Cocoa with added freckles layer. There are also body layer freckles included with the body skin (body sold separately). This skin is made for the new Lelutka Evolution X heads (specifically Avalon). I am wearing it on the Lel Evo X Briannon head with the shape the skin comes with and I've not modified the face at all. I thought she looked great as is.

I am also adorned with my Twisted Hunt jewelry too. Just a few prizes I love wearing this round to show my love for all things Twisted! The jewelry is from Grogo's Gadgets #42, choker from Pixelancer #15 and the shoulder pet is from Inner Mantra #20 and the wings move on this one, just give them a click and they flap and change colors whilst it hovers over your shoulder.

So come get your favorite shade of [Glam Affair] - Tera while she is still at Kustom 9 and good luck making it through all the stops on the Twisted Hunt Djinn. You still have time!

Kustom 9 - Ends Apr 10th

Twisted Hunt Djinn - Ends Apr 15th

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Monday, March 29, 2021

#795 - My Easter Egg Living Room

If you know me, you know I love colors, as I stated a few posts ago. So here is what I call my "Easter Egg Living Room." Thanks to The Wash Cart Sale!

So many of these items can be found at The Wash Cart Sale. I decided to do a mix and match of colors because Easter makes me think of colors and not all the same but a mix of wonderful colors, which is what I found when I opened the ~ Ballade ~ box. These colorful Gentility Striped Chairs with matching Ottomans fill my living room and bring so much brightness to it. I feel so happy when I see them! And with some nice animations too! Animations for both male and female avatars.

All you see with the exception of the Twisted 2021 Rug and Lamp are from The Wash Cart Sale!

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Apr 7th

Twisted Hunt Djinn - Ends Apr 15th

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Items @ The Wash Cart Sale:

Sequel - Brynn Side Table - White
Sequel - Tulip Planter - Blue w Bow

StoraxTree - Berry Twig Vase Red

~Ballade~ Gentility Striped Chair (Leaf)
~Ballade~ Gentility Striped Ottoman (Leaf)
~Ballade~ Gentility Striped Chair (Violet)
~Ballade~ Gentility Striped Ottoman (Violet)
~Ballade~ Gentility Striped Chair (Sky)
~Ballade~ Gentility Striped Ottoman (Sky)

Cwtch. Easter Egg Bucket

DKD - Spring Bloom Mannequin

Outfit: ZFG Willa Mega Pack @ Beauty Sales Event (Ends Apr 11th)

Other Items:
[MC] Twisted 2021 cube Rug - Twisted Hunt Djinn - Special Item (Ends Apr 15th)
[MC] Spring Twisted 2021 floor lamp [plugged in] - Twisted Hunt Djinn - Special Item (Ends Apr 15th)

House: Trompe Loeil - Cassia Beach Cottage V1.2

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

#794 - A Twisted Willa

ZFG Willa is a new Mega Pack that is currently at the Beauty Sales Event. It is a full outfit with shirt, jeans and shoes for the ladies! Only at the Beauty Sales Event right now.

The ZFG Willa Shirt, Jeans and Shoes each have 16 Singles available for sale with 20 in the fatpack. And then the whole Mega Pack with everything. Mesh body sizes are Bellezas, Legacys, Maitreya and Slinks. Only at the Beauty Sales Event thru April 11th.


I am so happy to inform you that I've been accepted to the blogger team for Glam Affair! And here is a new skin found at the Kustom 9 Event. This is [Glam Affair] Selly. She is a new skin that comes in 7 skin tones. And it is made for the Lelutka Evolution X heads. I am wearing her on the Lelutka Evo X - Briannon Head in the Honey skin tone. The new skin tones are found at the Skin Fair where you can also find demos to try on (also available in the store). This is the final weekend of the Skin Fair so go check it out! Glam Affair is very close to the landing point on the North sim. Kustom 9 runs until April 10th.

The new skins come with so many Bakes on Mesh (BoM) layers for you to customize her as you like. With makeups, moles, freckles neck shadow layers, eye and lip layers too. There are 5 different face layers and a layer for the ears. The ears are a separate layer on the Lelutka Evo X Heads. The body skins also have different versions included. I happen to be wearing the Perky breasts and fit tummy version additional layers on the skin in the picture above. Please note these skins will only work on the lelutka Evo X Heads. They do not fit other mesh heads! You must have one of the Lelutka Evo X Heads for this skin to fit it correctly.

And here she is without the additional makeup. So you can see her fresh faced as she comes in the package. The makeup is the *Booty's Beauty* Artemis Makeup (for Lelutka Evo Heads). Love this set, there are a lot of options in it. 

Here is a full body shot of the ZFG Willa Mega Pack. And, some great Twisted Hunt Djinn pieces I found at Inner Mantra. Once you get all dolled up, if you are not already, I hope you enjoy the hunt too! It runs thru April 15th. 

Beauty Sales Event - Ends April 11th

Kustom 9 - Ends April 10th

Skin Fair - Ends March 29th

Twisted Hunt Djinn - Ends April 15th

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Friday, March 26, 2021

#793 - A Trip Too Long

Usually, trips around the galaxies are not very long. But sometimes, there are one or two that last a bit too long and we may run out of supplies along the way. This was one of those trips! I didn't pack enough vittles for this trip, not anticipating it could be longer than I expected. And so you have to substitute or find a way where there is no way. Yeah, sometimes, that doesn't always work out, but I tried! Judging by where I landed, there isn't much sustenance near here either!
.:SOUL:. .:S:. [G3] JALYN [F-2] -BOM- SKIN

This is from the newest skin line found at .:Soul:., the .:Soul:. [G3] Jalyn [F-2] Bakes on Mesh skin. This one in a deep purple tone. This is a BOM skin, head and body sold separately. There are lots of additional options you can purchase as well. Censor Covers, Dick Dye, Uni-Ear Appliers too. Make sure you grab what you need before leaving the store. The body layers are created for various mesh bodies too, so be sure to look for the layers for your specific mesh body. There are both fantasy tones and human tones available. Find them all in the store now.

Plus! If you are a .:Soul:. VIP Group Member, there is a new VIP Group Gift too! Also shown, are the .:Soul:. Horns - Geit in the Rainbow Special Edition horns. Wear you tag and go pick them up! There IS also another set of the Geit horns for sale too.

The eyes here are also from .:Soul:. but sadly, these specific eyes were a hunt gift years ago now. But! The .:Soul:. Draglien Eyes in many other shades are available in the store. These eyes shown above are the CATWA applier eyes. Omega, Catwa and Gensis appliers. There is a set of mesh eyes and system eyes included as well. So we can ALL can wear them!


Thursday, March 25, 2021

#792 - Mirage Has My Home Colorfully Content!

 I lπŸ’—ve colorful furniture and basically anything! So, when I saw the set at Mirage, who happens to be #5 on the Twisted Hunt Djinn, I had to have that in my home!

The Mirage - World Traveler Set is a very colorful living room set available if you love color and the amazing patterns that are included! It fits perfectly into the Twisted Hunt Djinn theme of this hunt and looks great! My place is a little tight where I have it but it will be nice and cozy just for me when I need a break! The full set is available in both PG and Adult versions. It includes 5 pieces, the Sofa, Loveseat, Rugs, Coffee Table and Lantern. Also different texture options in the Sofa, Loveseat, Table and Lantern. Check it out in person at Mirage, #5 on the Twisted Hunt Djinn. This is a Twisted Hunt specially themed item for sale.

The two items you see made from Twisted Hunt Cubes are from another merchant in the Twisted Hunt, Multifarious Conceptions (#16). When you arrive there, there are so many extras to purchase and freebies under the Twisted Easel! So grab them while you are there!

Twisted Hunt Djinn - Ends Apr 15th

Mirage (#5)

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