Sunday, January 16, 2022


Hello everyone! I am posting here to let you know I wanted to update my blog and I've started a new blog called The Foxclaw Post. I am still working on it, so it is a work in progress and learning WordPress.

You can find me at 

I have a Follow.It button there already. I am working on adding a follow by email link. Which, should be easy, but it's turning out to not be so! I hope to see you over there!


Shape: RYL W34  Head 21 New Years Shape (Edited) NEW

Skin: Dynasty [xx]+FGInc.+ Arcane Nile NB NEW

Top: KITZ'UNE - Ruxy Top BLACK (Legacy)

Sleeves: AtaMe - Brida Sleeves Black Legacy

Skirt: Skirt :: Legacy :: Pink Cream Pie

Sun Necklace: Cae :: You Are My Sunshine :: Top Necklace

Hair/Dreads: :[P]: & Trap:// Kalari Hair [Rigged-Unisex]

Wings: [SP] Ascendant Wings Demonic v2 M

Mesh Eyes: :[P]:- Tantric Eyes [Sphere] v.1.2

Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Mer Long

Mesh Nails: VENGE - Legacy - Stiletto Nails

Mesh Head: [AK Advanced] - Bento Head 4.1 #W34

Eye Alpha: [AK Advanced] Alpha System Eyes

Brow Shape: ADV Eyebrows

Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)

Pose: katapult – Holding card board sign pose

Monday, January 10, 2022

#875 - Selfie Night

This post is in a new home on a new blog! I am linking here! Stay tuned! 

The Foxclaw Post - #875

This is definitely a work in progress! Bare with me whilst I get it completely set up! Thank you so much for following!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

#874 - Nightlife at Lekku Alley

Yup the party is still going in Lekku Alley! I don't think they ever sleep there! The music is going and the residents are out shaking it off! Maybe they've needed more release than normal the past year! Who knows! But I am all about the partying! Let's release that stress!

I am wearing the new .:Soul:. [G3] Lianna Limon skin, which you will find in the store, this is a bakes on mesh skin and comes in both male and female versions but the faces are interchangeable. Nice and lemony! This is a Special Edition skin tone so you get all the extras with this one! It is made to fit the Lelutka Evo X heads and Bakes on Mesh layers for the Uni-Ears are also included! There are also Chai Feet Blender layer is also available. BoM skins are made for the Belleza, Chai, Legacy, Maitreya, Omega and Slink bodies.

I can't hang as long as they can! I am looking for the way outta here!

The shape here is a new shape from RYL - 21 New Years Shape Kaya. This is a new release in the RYL store right now, so come and get it! It is a very pretty shape! I love the face for the Lelutka Evo X - Kaya head. There are also more new shapes available not seen in this post. There are two male shapes and two female shapes! One for Kaya, seen above, then for Lelutka Evo X Logan, both are the gift heads from Lelutka during the 12 Days of Christmas event. Hope you didn't miss those! The others are for the Akeruka gift heads that recently ended, W34 and M18. I will try to do a post for those soon as well. This one for Kaya is lovely! Come pick her up at RYL! Or come pick them all up!


These are the .:Soul:. - Lunar Eyes in Lemonade and are available now in the store! They go great with the Limon skin and can be worn on the new Uni-Eyes from .:Soul:.. There are many other lemon colored eyes available to wear with these new skins so make sure to look for those while you are in the store!

Well, I must continue on my way home now! Partytime is over for me!

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Saturday, January 1, 2022

#873 - Sad To See It Go!

Yes, I love the Christmas and holiday decorations. I am sad to see them go soon. But, it is still winter. So who says I have to take them down? Especially in SL! Well, we'll see I guess!

This is the Moonlitecat Creations Kiss of Glow Christmas outfit. It is very lovely and is 4 pieces. A corset, shawl, skirt and boots. This velvety dress is just gorgeous! Nice enough for a formal dance. This is available at Twisted Krissmuss until Jan 3rd. It is also available for gifting too! Items at Twisted Krissmuss are $100L and transferable items are marked with the Exclusive Bows. Come on out before it's all over! Find yourself some more decor or even late gifts! 

I am also wearing a new winter makeup from [Glam Affair], the Frost Collection, currently at the Velour Mall right now along with the Amelia and Lizy skins as part of a special collaboration with Velour and Heaux. There are eyeshadows, blushes, red nose and lips. All with the appearance of being out in the winter elements. The skin Lizy is shown here in the Sunkiss skin tone that matches the Velour Ipanema Skin tones. They are baked on mesh skins made for the Lelutka Evo X heads.

This is the last few days of Twisted Krissmuss so hurry on by and take a look while it's quiet! The landscaping is beautiful too!

Twisted Krissmuss - Ends Jan 3rd

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

#872 - Happy Holi(d)gays!

We are still in the aftermath of the holidays for a few more days! Then back to the everyday grind! I can really wait for those days again. Although, it doesn't seem like holidays as much as I've been rushing around and then still not getting everything done. But still! Happy Holigays!

This is the +Inner Mantra+ Winter Gazebo & Dance Floor. This is found at the Twisted Krissmuss event right now. It is a wonderful addition to your Winter landscape decor! I will add value to any home! And nice place to hang out or dance outdoors! And you can buy this as a gift for someone in your life too! A great value! Come and get it at Twisted Krissmuss today!

And, of course, you need an outfit to keep you warm out there...

Okay, it's a little short on the fabric here and there, but hey, you'll be dancing anyway! That itself will keep you warm! I am out here with some little buddies and the reindeer looking on. I decided the lights looked pretty nice as decor on the floor, but they are taking up a bit more room than I thought!

This is the Roped Passions Gay Apparel Happy Holigays outfit! It includes the Top and Shorts and is black with a Festive design in rainbow colors! Very cute and cozy for a dance outdoors! It comes in sizes for Maitreya, Bellezas, Slinks, eBody Curvy and for the first time, Legacy! Find it at Twisted Krissmuss!

ZFG JOELLE Boots! These are new in the store. JOELLE includes 20 colors in the fatpack, or pick from 16 colors sold separately. The sizes included are for Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, ReBorn and Slinks. Cute holiday boots in solid colors! I really love these! Stop by and pick up your favorites, or grab the fatpack!

And, now for accessories, makeup and a new skin!

Here I have a few accessories. The RYL Santa Baby Blue hat is a dollarbie gift at the Hashtag event right now. The RYL Stars Christmas gr (Gold & Red) is part of the Stars Christmas exclusive item @ Hashtag. Hashtag ends on Dec 30th.

The necklace is also found at Twisted Krissmuss! This is the [DB] Frosted Necklace, Ornament Earring and Snowflake Earring. I am wearing one of each earring in the photo. Find them at Twisted Krissmuss thru Jan 3rd!

Makeup is by *Booty's Beauty* EvoX BOM Glampire Makeup. Brows, Eyeliner and Lipstick. The Star Christmas face tattoo/blush is a new item in the store at RYL. It is made for the EvoX heads, has quite a few BoM and Applier color combinations in the package. It is a brand new item for RYL.

This skin is the [Glam Affair] Zara skin in Sunkiss, which is one of the new Velour Ipanema skin tones. Zara comes in 5 of the new Glam Affair skin tones and 7 of the Velour Ipanema skin tones. This is a Bakes on Mesh (BoM) skin and I am wearing it on the Legacy Mesh Body. You can find Zara at C88, which ends on Jan 6th!

Wow! It's almost over! 2022 is almost here!

Twisted Krissmuss - Ends Jan 3rd
+Inner Mantra+          Roped Passions          [DB]

Hashtag - Ends Dec 30th

C88 - Collabor88 - Ends Jan 6th

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

#871 - I am the present tonight!

Hmm, this is a tiny little outfit that leaves very little to the imagination. So, maybe I will add a bow or two and leave it at that! I will be the present tonight! The stars cover me in all the important places too! So no need for anything else! Boots are a cute touch to this outfit! From RYL!

This is the new Santa Baby Freak from RYL, now at the current Hashtag Event! Hashtag ends on Dec 30th. The sizes included with this outfit (hat, top, skirt, body tattoos & boots) are the Altamura, Belleza (Isis & Freya), Maitreya, Slinks and Tonics. The body tattoos are in Bakes on Mesh layers and Belleza, Maitreya, Altamura and an Omega appliers. Four colors are included in the hud for the outfit for 16 color combinations and the shoes (separate hud). Each piece can be changed separately via the hud. The hat included (not shown) is a single color in red. There is a dollarbie at this event too, the Santa Hat in blue, so be sure to grab that too! The Hashtag Event ends on Dec 30th.


This new skin is a free gift from [Glam Affair] in the 12 Days of Christmas Event happening now until Dec 24th! This ends tonight at midnight. I am not sure if she will be offered after this event ends, but we will see! But, she has these cute star freckles in 3 versions and more freckles in 3 more versions. So if you want these layers for your Evo X head, you will wanna grab this gift! I am wearing her on the Lelutka Evo X Gaia Head, which I have really come to love! Speaking of heads, you also have one more day to grab the free head gifts at Leltuka too! They are also in the 12 Days of Christmas event and have 3 different locations where you can grab these gifts! Guys! Gals! Go get them! They are Evo X heads for FREE! Go to Lelutka or any participating store on the list, and grab the folder of LMs. Then get to picking up the gifts! You will need groups to pick up the gifts, but they are all free for this event! Happy Holidays!

Hashtag Event - Ends Dec 30th

12 Days of Christmas - Ends Dec 24th (midnight tonight!)

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

#870 - Cozy Twisted Krissmuss

I made myself a cozy Twisted Living Room! Using some items currently found at the Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Sales event! This event runs all month long and you will find some unique items here. Use them to fill your home with Twisted seasonal joy!


What can I say but warm and cozy! This is a mixture of Twisted Krissmuss items past and present. Make sure to check the credits for the current ones you will find today at the Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Sales Event! This event runs thru Jan 3rd! Now, time to get back to the coziness of the fire! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and I hope you also have a very merry Twisted Krissmuss!

Twisted Krissmuss - Ends Jan 3rd

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Linden Premium Gift - Winter Cabin

Twisted Print Room Divider 1: Ornate Room Screen - Krissmuss - { collect } NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Wall Clock: *UI* Christmas Clock nc NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Small Twisted Print Room Divider 2: Ornate Room Screen - Krissmuss - Small { collect } NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Bows: Twisted Krissmuss 2021 Item Marker (transferable)

Wall Art on Fireplace: ~Libertine~ Winter Landscape with Brabrand Church, Gebauer NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Stocking 1: Pixelancer ~ Stocking 2021 ~ r&g full NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Stocking 2: Pixelancer ~ Stocking 2021 ~ b&w w/foot NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Stocking 3: Pixelancer ~ Stocking 2021 ~ w&b empty NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Stocking 4: Pixelancer ~ Stocking 2021 ~ r&w empty NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Jug on Fireplace: ~ Libertine ~Festive Jug~ Kitchly Hand Painted by A.B.(Texture Change) NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Nativity Scene Ornament Globe: ~*SR*~ Lanternglobe ~ Nativity Scene cm @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Room Divider 3: Ornate Room Screen - Winter Night - { collect } NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)

Messy Floor Rug: ~Libertine~ floor messy animated cloth (texture change) NEW @ Twisted Krissmuss (Ends Jan 3rd)



Floor Mattress: Anachron (Now Ashcan Consortia) - Hacker Squat Mattress - Twisted (Previous Twisted Hunt Item) 

Sofa: Mission Sofa - Twisted Krissmuss : by Dekute Dekore (Previous Krissmuss Item)

Tree Candle Stand on Fireplace: .:TT:.  COUNTRY CHRISTMAS TREE LUMIERE (Previous Advent Gift)

Small Christmas Tree: BDD-DECOR Blue Christmas Trees Little (Previous Gift?)

Wall Photo Heart: Noveny - Polaroid Heart

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

#869 - Shopping and-a Hopping!

 You know, the Holiday Shop n Hop has some really cute displays around the many sims that are available to shop there. So while I was out shopping and hopping I found a cute one to stop by and take a photo.

Very cute holiday displays here. And this time around my entire outfit is from ZFG! I have on the ZFG FREDDIE crop top, ZFG LEGGINGS CHRISTMAS (Single Design, THE NAUGHTY LIST GIFT) and ZFG UUH-UGLY SWEATER BOOTS. Two of these you will find at The Naughty List Event which runs from now until Dec 31st. Both the ZFG Christmas Leggings and the ZFG Uuh-Ugly Sweater Boots are at The Naughty List event! The leggings are a gift at the event so make sure to grab them from under the tree! 


The UUH-UGLY SWEATER BOOTS are available in the booth and so is another gift! The boots are available in 16 single designs or 20 in the fatpack. The ZFG FREDDIE crop sweater is in the store now. I am wearing them all on the Legacy Mesh Body.


This new [Glam Affair] skin is Zara and you can find her at Collabor88 this month thru Jan 6th. Zara is one of two new skins from [Glam Affair]. This is a Bakes on Mesh skin and made for the Lelutka Evo X heads. So you must have one of these heads to wear this skin. The matching body skins are available in the store. This skin is also available in 7 skin tones that match the new Velour Ipanema skin tones. Those matching body skins can be found in the Velour store.

These cute RYL Star Christmas blush tattoos are new in the RYL store now. They are made for the Lelutka Evo X heads. Evo X layers are new to RYL, hopefully many more to come! RYL also has an Advent Calendar too, check over on the Gallery side for the Christmas tree. You will find it there.

This is the new 12 Days of Christmas gift from Lelutka. The Kayla head (and a Logan head for the guys) is a new Evo X head and you get this free with the group join until Dec 24th.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

The Naughty List - Ends Dec 31st

Collabor88 - Ends Jan 6th

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