Wednesday, July 31, 2019

#614 - Taking a much needed break! But first -=MaG Mens=- Fashion!

Yes, I am in need of a nice Summer break, so I am going to do that for the month of August. Now, even though I will be doing way less blogging, I may still do a little blogging and maybe just show off some things I've not had the time to show due to my blogging deadlines mixed with RL interruptions. I won't be nearly as detailed in those posts as I normally am.
I am also a new Linden homeowner now, so I am in the process of getting that all set up. Which is nearly done already, but I want to explore the sim and enjoy it before I get back to the daily grind! I basically plan to enjoy Second Life leisurely and maybe do some personal mixed with a very small bit of sponsor blogging (sings..."Nails!").
Introducing a new release in the MacMoragh an Gabha store, the -=MaG Mens=- Hawaiian Shirt, shown on the Signature Gianni Mesh Body, and with the TDF Boat Drinks shorts (love these!). This shirt looks GREAT! It shows a little chest, which I like and there are plenty of designs in the included 8 texture hud. The shirt fits perfectly over these shorts without any peeking through too (which is always great!). Did mention I love how it looks on the Signature Gianni?!
Also shown on the Signature Gianni, is the -=MaG Mens=- Sports Thong, and as you can imagine, shows some man booty! Not showing off the man booty, it needs improvement! There are sizes for Slink, Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake, it includes an 8 texture hud. Perfect for that bikini beach party! This is also an new release in the store. Come and get these guys! Your ladies will love you for it!

-=MaG Mens=- @ MacMoragh an Gabha


Monday, July 29, 2019

#613 - Siren, The Dark Side of the Ocean

Have you made it to the Garden of Shadows this round yet? The theme is Siren, The Dark Side of the Ocean. So there are some wicked themed items there for sure! And here are some amazing dresses for the Siren in you! All of these are found at the Garden of Shadows ~ Siren, The Dark Side of the Ocean.
For the conjuring and conniving siren, there is the Ursala dress by MacMoragh an Gabha. It is floor length and purple in color. Comes with a few mesh body sizes, the Slink Hourglass Mesh Body seen here. Bellezas, Maitreya and Slinks are included in all these dresses. Made for mesh bodies only.

Also floor length is the -=MaG=- Oriphei Dress. Shown here on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Mesh bodies only. This outfit includes the mask and shoes.
This beautiful bright green ornamental gown is the -=MaG=- Nautiris Dress which also includes a mask and shoes (not shown). 
Finally, the -=MaG=- Sea Witch outfit. you'll be showing off your abs in this one! Again shown on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, and made for mesh bodies only. This dress along with the others all include sizes for the Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya.

Find them all at the Garden of Shadows -- Siren, The Dark Side of the Ocean, this event ends shortly on July 30th. Come pick up the one you love before it's over!

Ends July 30th


Sunday, July 28, 2019

#612 - Queen Anne's Lace Hair @ We Love Role Play

An elegant hairdo fit for a queen! The Dreaming ThicketQueen Anne's Lace Hair, with 5 hud options to choose from (or the fatpack) and included extra hud for the net and pearls.
I feel like a queen for a day! This is worn on the Akeruka Deluxe - Eva Bento Head. I am using the [AK] head hairbase with it. Lovely, is it not? Perfect for your royal role play. Each hud has 20 colors, the net has 10 colors and the pearls have 5 colors.

Find the DTQueen Anne's Lace Hair at the We Love Role Play event through month end. Only a few days left! And it's at an event discount of 25% off, get it while the discount is available!

We Love Role Play - Ends July 31st

After the event ends find it in the Dreaming Thicket store


Saturday, July 27, 2019

#611 - Hunt Gifts From Roped Passions!

Looking for some fashion that won't break your budget? Here are a couple of hunt prizes to fulfill that need. One for the guys and one for the ladies! Both from Roped Passions!
For the men, there is the (RP) Hideshi Button Up Shirt, very nice shirt! With many mesh sizes included. Aesthetic, Belleza Jake, Signatures (2), Slink and TMP AND L. M & S in Standard Mesh sizes. So it covers both Classic and Mesh bodies! Come on guys! You need this in your wardrobe! And look around, there are more in the shop! Show on the Signature Gianni Mesh Body.
For the ladies, is the (RP) Hisako Sleeveless Dress, which you will find in the same box (not transfer, btw). And the same for the ladies, this will cover both Classic and Mesh bodies! Including Bellezas, Maitreya, Slinks, Tonics, TMP and XS to XL Standard Mesh sizes!

Both are the hunt prizes in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX - Realms of the Rising Sun! This hunt runs until August 18th. There is the stop at Roped Passions for the above two prizes and there is the beginning here. And more information on who's in the hunt and the hints are here.

The female shape used here is from +FS+ Facet Originals and is new in the store for the [AK Deluxe] Eva Bento Head. Isn't she a cutie! I am wearing her with the Belleza Freya Mesh Body.
These adorable nails are currently at the Gloss event. They are the Dark Passions - Dark Unicorn Love nails. There is also a Pure Unicorn Love (white) version available at this event. So you have a choice of two here along with some other items. Both come with the Maitreya, Slink and Omega nail appliers. Gloss runs through July 31st!

And that is it for this post! Here are the links to get you there:

Roped Passions - Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX - Realms of the Rising Sun - Ends Aug 18th

Dark Passions @ Gloss - Ends July 31st


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

#610 - Men's Fashion @ The Wash Cart Sale!

Fashion for the guys! At The Wash Cart Sale so that means at amazing prices! And these do include classic and mesh body sizes! I will be showing you designs from Emerald Men's Couture and Roped Passions. But there is only one day left at The Wash Cart Sale, it ends on July 24th. The prices will be going up to normal after The Wash ends and most will become available in the main stores after the event ends. So let's get started!

Above you see the EMC - Bronx Summer Shirt PLUM & Shorts. Plum with a Gold design with Red shorts. This is shown on the Signature Gianni Mesh Body. There are other mesh body sizes in the package. Included are both classic and mesh body sizes XS - XL standard mesh, Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Narcodix, Signature, Slink and TMP! Lots of sizes to choose from at amazing prices!

This is the EMC - Bball Sport Tiger Black outfit. It is a matching top and shorts also shown on the Signature Gianni Mesh Body. Sleek black fabric with a tiger and colorful ribbon down one side of the outfit. And more classic and mesh body sizes included in the package. Included sizes are XS - XL Standard Mesh, Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Gianni, Slink and TMP. Right now only at The Wash Cart Sale until July 24th.

And the shirt seen here is the Roped Passions - Hideishi Button Up Shirt. This is one of two gifts in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt - Realms of the Rising Sun for the guys there is also a female prize included. Sizes included in this gift (men's sizes) are S,M,L Standard Mesh, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signatures(2), Slink and TMP. Look for the gold decorated bowl in the store to find this prize. Good Luck! It's a niiiiice shirt! This hunt runs until Aug 18th.

The above shirt is not at The Wash Cart Sale, but the decor around is though! Seen above are the following @ The Wash: *KKH* STRAWBERRY PLANTER, *KKH* 4TH OF JULY UMBRELLA V1, *KKH* MINI BBQ & GRILLED FISH & DD Pilling Lantern & Gulls. And there is so much more from both of these merchants! Check out the website for a quick look!

And, from Tylar's Treasures there is the .:TT:.  ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE PALM &

And now, the links to get you there!

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends July 24th - Window shop here

Roped Passions - (RP) Male & Female - Hunt Gifts - Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX (start point)


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

#609 - The Red Hot Torchy Salamander Skin by RYL

Just a wild kinda look to share with you today! This is a new release from RYL which is now in the store. The RYL - Torchy Salamander skin!

Pretty wild, huh? This is a new release in the RYL store right now. The markings on the RYLTorchy Salamander skin are not tattoos, those are on the skin (just FYI). It is a deep but bright red skin. I have applied it here to the Slink Hourglass Mesh Body using the LNL appliers in the package. There are appliers for the Maitreya and Belleza bodies too. LNL are the Omega appliers.

The body shape seen here is the +FS+ Marisol AK Cleo, and this is new at the current Swank event. This shape is made for the Akeruka Cleo head which was released back in June for the group. I am wearing it with the Slink Hourglass Mesh Body.

Find this cool backdrop at the Gachaland event! #hashbang! has a new Neon Backdrop Gacha and there are 10 to win including two rares! All very cool neon colors.  This one is a common, the Pulse Dark Neon Backdrop.

These nails are from Go Frock Yourself (GFY) - Mermaid Precious Nails and they are at the Garden of Shadows which runs until July 30th. They come with Slink, Maitreya and Omega Appliers. There are three sets to choose from and the gowns at this event.
I picked up these Mermaid Rings from the Cosmopolitan event, the AMA - Mermaid Rings and they are made for the Maitreya and Slink hands only. An excellent accessory for the beachy and mermaid themed events this month!
Finally, I am wearing these fancy wedges currently found at the Swank event this month. These are the {zfg} francie wedges. They come with a hud of 15 colors and fit the Maitreya, Slink & Belleza High Feet. Both dark and bright colors are included for those more colorful outfits you might have in your wardrobe.

And that is it for now! I hope you've seen something you like and find these items at the events mentioned! Here are the links to help you get there.


Swank (Ends July 30th)

Gachaland (Ends July 30th)

Garden of Shadows (Ends July 30th)

Cosmopolitan (Ends July 27th)


Thursday, July 18, 2019

#608 - Beach Fashions @ The Wash Cart Sale!

Of course, beach fashions abound at The Wash Cart Sale!
This is from MishMash Fusion - Chevron Beach Dress (Teal & Yellow), long, light and flowing to the floor, these come in five different color combinations. I am wearing it here on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body, but it comes with more mesh body sizes too (Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya and eBody Curvy). Mishmash Fusion also has some mini dresses on their cart too! Just in case you'd prefer to show off your legs instead! The Chevron Beach Dresses however, are only $10L. Minis are $25L. Only at The Wash Cart Sale!
This gorgeous bikini shows off your curves and still covers quite well! This is the Biker Braatz & Bastards - Summer Bikini - Purple, this suit is made for the Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya and Tonics Fine and Curvy. There are four different versions of the bikini. All the same great fit!
And guys, there are clothing options available for you on this cart too!
And finally, I have a separates from Dark Water Designs, Kuid and Shoe-Ddiction. The DWD - California Dreams Top - Yellow, is shown here on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. It also comes in four different versions and in more mesh body sizes, including all Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya and eBody Curvy.
The shorts are the Kuid - Wings Shorts and these are very cute! They include a hud with 8 textures and come in sizes for mesh bodies only (Bellezas, Slinks & Maitreya). Surely one will fit your mesh body!
And those cute strappy sandals are from Shoe-Ddiction, the Rebeka Sandal White. This sandal is for flat feet on the Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya mesh bodies.
GFY-Aztec Blue & Pink Nails
And one more final thing, the nails in matching colors. Not at The Wash but go great with the outfits nonetheless! These are the Go Frock Yourself - Aztec Blue & Pink Nails available in the GFY store. Applied using Omega appliers. These come with Slink & Omega appliers and Maitreya will be added in the near future. She is currently updating her nails with Maitreya appliers, the newest releases do have the Maitreya Nail Appliers included.

There really is so much more to choose from around The Wash, so make sure to visit and take a look! You can also window shop on the website. Keep in mind, not everything is listed there. The only way to see it all is to take a stroll around the event. Everything is easily seen on each cart and there are great deals on each one! And guys, there is more for you too! I plan to do that next!

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends July 24th


Monday, July 15, 2019

#607 - The Beach Life!

Find some nice home decor for your beach home, shack, whatever the case might be! All at The Wash Cart Sale! It's still going with the Sizzling Summer round until July 24th.
There are quite a few items to spruce up the place at The Wash, some seen here (above & below). Just to make it feel a little more homey! And definitely get the beach vibes going! Above are items from LpOca and DKD. Plants, Beach hangings, a patio set with table and chairs and more. The Beach Vibes Wall hanging is a gift from DKD too. Now, let's go inside.
There are also plenty of food to keep you and your guests fed, and fed well! This Clean Earth Sparkling Fruit Water Vendor is something very handy to have (from DKD)! You gotta stay hydrated, don't ya? Lots of different foods for your beach party or for you alone and a guest, DKD has you covered on the food! All of these food items give food/drink to whomever touches them. And the small glass tables hold quite a bit of food on them too. There are two to choose from with their colorful designs to brighten the place up in competition with all the sunshine you will be taking in! DKD @ The Wash Cart Sale.

The cute little corner nook with the chairs and table are from the LpOca - set patio and there is actually more to it than seen here, I found you can remove what you don't need. It does come with a cozy little backdrop and tree! I am using only part of the full set. And the full set is only $50L! Quite a bit for a small price! LpOca @ The Wash Cart Sale.
And of course, you can always use some nice plant life around the home and who better suited to the beach life than the catci? These box planter succulents are a perfect addition to your home. There are of course, more than just the succulents seen here. On the end are some tulips for those who are vacationing at home too! There are more available than pictured here. All the above are from Fantasy China @ The Wash Cart Sale.

Find all this and much more at The Wash Cart Sale! The Wash runs until July 24th.


Friday, July 12, 2019

#606 - Overdressed A Bit?

Visiting a friend's small little beach shack, I laid out across the hammock on the porch. Lots of sun and the ocean nearby I quickly figured out, I was severely overdressed for this climate. 

Where I live, it's been pretty rainy and here, it's the opposite! Which must have subliminally made me dress this way. I felt dark before heading this way so that is how I dressed! I am wearing the Crom - Zorana Overall Shorts and Shirt. Just one of a so many outfits you will find at The Wash Cart Sale. I am wearing it on the Maitreya Lara. And it comes with many more mesh body sizes along with 3 Fitmesh standard sizes (S-M-L). 
This body shape is currently at the the Underdog event and is the Facet Originals - Yvette shape made for the Catwa Catya. I am wearing her on the Maitreya and have edited the body for more curves. The ad shows her with the Belleza body, so keep that in mind when you wear her, she'll need some plumping up unless you are wearing her with the Belleza body already. Plus, there is a styling card included with purchase. So you will be able to get her looking just like the ad if you'd like! That is a plus! The Underdog event runs from July 1st to Aug 1st.

So I took full advantage of the restful peace here. It was a lazy day and everything I needed was here for me already. It's great to have a friend who doesn't mind you lazing around their place!

So this is the Crom - Zorana Overall Shorts and Shirt (@The Wash) and paired them with the {zfg} serena leopard heels! Aren't they amazing! So sexy, they look great! They are made for the Belleza, Maitreya and Slink high feet. And a 12 texture hud too. They are currently at the Twe12ve event which runs until the end of this month.

And what better nail design for the beaches than mermaid scales? Dark Passions is currently at the Mermaid Cove event right now with these two designs: Dark Passions - KN - Oil Painted Siren (darks) and Oil Painted Mermaid (pastels). Mermaid Cove runs thru July 26th.

Those little Sea Stars seen there are not just a filler picture, they are available at The Wash too! The LpOca - sea stars are one of the 10L items at The Wash! Some nice beachy decor for your beachfront home!

The dark eyeshadow shown here is also from Dark Passions and this set is available at the Loading event. These are the Dark Passions - Neon Nightshade Eye makeup set. With 5 colors in the hud along with a makeup remover (I LOVE that part). Included are System Layers for Classic Avatars, Catwa, Lelutka and Omega appliers for mesh heads. Perfect to accent these wild eyes I am wearing too! Loading is a new Gamer Themed Monthly Event. It runs from the 9th to the 29th every month!

Finally, to add to my darkness feel today, I am wearing these cool animated eyes from Elemental. These are at the We Love Role Play event that runs from the 4th thru the 30th every month. These are the Elemental - 'Eerie' Animated Eyes. They are sold in packs of four colors and are actual mesh eyes with a hud included in each set. And of course, there is a fatpack of all the eyes. Very cool! There are two styles, the reaching hands seen above or flames of fire.

Well, I'll change later, but now I will enjoy!

That's all the happenings around the grid I have for you today! I hope you've seen something you like. Here are the links to get you there.

The Wash Cart Sale        Twe12ve        Mermaid Cove        Loading        The Underdog Event


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

#605 - Death Is Coming...But First, Coffee...

All done up and ready to get on her mission... Death, looking better than ever, prepares for an early day. Unfurling her wings and wearing her newest heels, hovers slightly above her throne. "It's time to welcome some newcomers to the land of the dead" she thinks to herself.
Taking a final sip from her coffee cup, savoring the taste of the fresh hot coffee warming her cold body, she thinks to herself that she will allow them to stay in the land of the living a short while longer. Because even Death enjoys the goodness of hot coffee every now and then!
This pale skin is a new release from Stargazer. The Stargazer (SG) - Death's Dance - Pallid Skin Set. It includes a hud that has many options, brows or no brows, for both men and women (also interchangeable), different skin options, nails and eyes in Omega appliers. You can find this skin set at The Darkness which runs until July 30th. Death never looked so beautiful!

The dress is the SG Miori Dress - Vanilla which is currently at the Curves event. Worn on the Belleza Freya, it also comes in sizes for the Maitreya and Slink Hourglass. Of is at Curves afterall, right? 

The silver/grey lipstick is the MOEKO Starstruck Terra (Omega) set, available at Curves as a gift at the MOEKO booth. Six colors and I've applied it to the Catwa Kittia Head.
And now she's ready to get on with the business at hand! Hopefully, she's not coming for you!

The cup seen above is from {zfg} home - Death Before Decaf tumbler/cup which is now in the store. There are two versions in the package, one for males and one for females, both with animations. And a third rezzable cup with a texture hud of 8 textures(use for all 3 cups). And the {zfg} serena heels from this past weekends Energy Weekend Price sale.

The Darkness - Ends July 28th

Curves - Ends July 24th


Sunday, July 7, 2019

#604 - Energy Weekend Group Gift & New Item From {zfg}

This weekend {zfg} is sponsoring the Energy Weekend Price sale group! That means there is a gift at {zfg} for the Energy Weekend Group. So wear those tags and come and grab the super short and sexy {zfg} Anna skirt! For Free!
The {zfg} anna skirt comes with the sizes for Altamura, Bellezas, Slinks, eBody Curvy and Maitreya and is made for mesh bodies only.

That cute little top there can be found at The Wash Cart Sale from Dark Water Designs - California Dreams Top - Yellow. This one is only $10L at The Wash as are all the California Dreams Tops. It is made for mesh bodies only.


The {zfg} serena plain heels come with sizes for Maitreya, Slinks and Bellezas. And they include a hud of 12 textures! They are the {zfg} Energy Price Sale Item this weekend. These sales only last 24 hours, so don't miss it! All clothing worn on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.

Stop by {zfg} and save on fashion this weekend!

Energy Weekend Price - Ends July 7th 11:59 PM SLT

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends July 24th


Saturday, July 6, 2019

#603 - Relaxing in the Garden

Taking a relaxing break in the garden with these new wicker furniture pieces from Storax Tree. I found them at The Wash Cart Sale, so if you know anything about The Wash Cart Sale, you know they were not expensive!
All of the pieces shown above are from Storax Tree and they are all at The Wash Cart Sale. The Loveseat is only $50L and other furniture pieces and table lamp are $25L. The potted flowers seen here are each $10L. And there are more potted plants to choose from on this cart.

It's so quiet and peaceful here, I love spending time alone or with friends out here. So of course there is more at The Wash, this outfit is from Roped Passions. These are the (RP) Camilla Bustier and the Sienna Pants. Both in Teal. The bustiers are $25L and the pants are $10L. Great deal on an outfit! 

And the cute little espadrilles are the {Poeme} Jade Boho Espadrilles. They are also $15L each and also at The Wash Cart Sale. There are many colors to choose from in the espadrilles too!

There are a few prices you will find here at The Wash this round, $50L, $25L, $15L and $10L, all very low prices for the quality items you will find here. I hope you can come by and take a look around. There is bound to be something you will need or love and it won't cost you an arm and a leg! And you might discover a new store or two while you are here too.
And as always Luminesse jewelry is also at The Wash Cart Sale. These fabulous sunglasses are the Luminesse Viorel Aviah Sunglasses (25L) and the bracelets are the Luminesse Tanani Nienka Bracelets(25L). Also shown are the Luminesse Moongleam Sonzi Earrings(10L). I am so mixing all these metals today!

The lovely Dragon Roar Tattoo is from Innerjoy Love Tattoos. Dragon Roar is one of the $25L tattoos on this cart. There are plenty of other designs to choose from too!

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends July 24th

This pop of color you see on my lips, is the new release at The Makeover Room from Stargazer, Bubble Ombre Lips 1 lipsticks. They include six designs and an Omega applier for your Omega compatible head. Find them at The Makeover Room until July 26th.

The Makeover Room - Ends July 26th


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

#602 - Partially Furry?

Lots of new goodies from Stargazer! Not all of them are pictured here because there are tons! I can't recall how many events Stargazer is in! A whole lot around the grid! So this is just the beginning!
Add caption
The Stargazer (SG) Asany bodysuit - Coffee is newly released at the SaNaRae event this month. SaNaRae runs from June 26th thru July 17th. This sexy bodysuit leaves just enough exposed to keep the eyes fixed on you! And the back doesn't leave much covered at all! Made for the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.

SaNaRae --- Ends July 17th

If you are not into the furry looks, but might like to partake in some of it, here's an option! The Stargazer (SG) Felinae Boots look like furry legs to me. They are not "furry" but they are a very different sleek look! They are made for the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body only. They are quite cool looking! Not the same as wearing digi-legs, but a similar look! These are available in a large variety of colors at the MadPea Pet Friends Fair, and they also match the SG - Asany bodysuit colors too! This event runs thru July 20th. 

MadPea Pet Friends Fair --- Ends July 20th

Didn't I tell ya? Not much left to hide back there! The backdrop seen here is the #hashbang! Neon Photo Backdrop - Shadow Dark. This is from a new gacha at the Gachaland that opened on the 1st. There are 8 commons and 2 rares in this set. Come play the #hashbang! Neon Photo Backdrop Gacha! See the gacha key at the end of this post. Or on Flickr!

Gachaland runs all month long!

The following vibrant eyes seen in the next picture are from {Demicorn} in their new gacha at Gachaland too! Aren't they amazing? I am so loving them! They are the {Demicorn} SOL Eyes - Rainbow RARE.
The lipstick seen here is the [Stargazer Creations] Precious Metal Lips makeup set, and you will find it at the Underdog event. I used the closest to my skin color I could find and I think it compliments this look perfectly. It comes with Omega appliers only so any Omega compatible head will be able to use them (with the correct relay, if needed).

Underdog Event --- July 1st to Aug 1st

And finally...last but not least, the nails!
These gorgeous nails are a $3L hunt prize in the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt from Dark Passions, the DP - Gun Metal Leaf Nails. There are six colors and you get huds for Omega, Maitreya and Slink. Covering lots of mesh nails!

Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt -- Ends July 21st

Happy Shopping and Happy Hunting!