Monday, February 29, 2016

#46 - Country Fan - New Release from [:Rad Designz:]

Glanduin Sim - Country, Farmland Sim
Wow! The clean country air, the smell of the wildflowers, just fresh and a great homey feeling...  That's what I think of and feel when I am enjoying the countryside. And [:Rad Designz:] new release is called Country Fan. Calming colors and country designs that fit in with the peaceful sounds of country life.

[:Rad Designz:] Country Fan Nails for Slink, Omega & Maitreya (Maitreya shown)
And above are a few designs from the nail set - Country Fan.

Make sure you get over to the store and pick up your set! Every set comes with the Slink, Omega and Maitreya appliers now. And as you can see they apply to both the hands and feet on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Only one week promotional pricing then the price goes up, so get over here quickly!

Location: Glanduin sim

Sunday, February 21, 2016

#45 - Not Your Normal Camo Nails from [:Rad Designz:]! New Release!

Not your normal Camo here! Check out this new design by [:Rad Designz:]!!!

Camo in a very different pattern than usual and with six options
you have a very versatile set of nails.

Option #1 on the Camo Nail Set - Slink & Maitreya Hands
Above they are demonstrated on both the Slink Casual and Maitreya Hands - as noted above.
And seen on my regular skin tone and a couple fantasy skin tones and
I liked it on all of them!

Camo Nail Set - Two Toned Gradient options
Here are a couple other options and I really love the duo blue and pink options.

And an all new HUD with Slink, Omega & Maitreya Nails on them so you do not
need to go searching for the right one or adding the wrong one an wondering why
the nails did not apply to your hands or feet! And the Maitreya feet are also
applied as well when you use the Maitreya HUD. You must have the 
Slink hand or feet for this to work or the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
for those nails to apply!

So come on by the store and pick up the new release and take a look at the
recent releases too! I am sure you will find something you will love!

Friday, February 19, 2016

#44 - A Star Wars Fantasy Twi'lek with Items from !dM & Fallen Gods!

I love so many of the Star Wars characters but I'd not really tried any of them out here in SL until once last year when I found a $10L Twi'lek skin and really liked it. Now, at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, !dM has their N'Shaddaa Gacha for Mesh Bodies and Classic Avatars. So, I had to try! I loved the way the Ad looked and I had to have the same look. 
What I really like about this gacha is that when you play, the commons are all the dancer silk sets in full. Not in pieces! I really loved that! So each time I received a common, I had a full outfit I could use with my mesh body or my standard avatar. The RAREs are four items: Dancer Silks **THE FORCE**, THE DARK SIDE, Chromatic Shift & The Ornamented Lekku Headpiece with the Four Tentacle Option & Wild Stripes Option on those tentacles.
Here are the Lime Dancer Silks with the Ornamented Lekku Headpiece in my normal Caramel skin from Meghindo's.
Location: Little Mos Eisley - Star Wars Roleplay sim - Cantina

Then, I have a Blue skin from +FGInc+ (Fallen Gods). So this is the Female Frost - Ice Skin. The N'Shaddaa Lapis Dancer Silks with Silver metal parts (option in the menu for the dancer silks) and the Ornamented Lekku Headpiece tinted as close as possible to the skins color.And as in all pics, the headpiece has the wild stripes option worn but cannot be seen in the front, only in the back and they are very, very light in color. I am also wearing The Dark Legacy Tattoo RARE (Full) in the Soft Full Body option and the Trouper Head Tattoo Face Marks (Soft Option) on the standard avatar head. All Tattoos are from the Legacy Gacha from Fallen Gods.
Location: Planet Ahch-To Star Wars Roleplay sim - Stone bridge

This gacha is also at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and it does come in various pieces but not as many pieces(Limbs - Chest - Head), but it does come in four different possible colors for each piece. The 2 RAREs are the full body tattoos in Intense and Soft tattoo versions and all four colors. It does not include the Face Mark tattoos so you will need those to complete the look. And the Face Marks come in four different versions each with 2 tintable versions of Intense and Soft tattoos.

I don't think I am done experimenting with this look! I have another skin I will definitely try out with this outfit. So I may update this post or just post that to my Flickr when I finish with that one.

Also seen on the body are the following items:
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara - v 3.4 & 3.5
Eyes: {Meghindo's} ~ Tatiana ~ Eyes ~ Grey ~ Large ~
EyeLashes: MG - Eyelashes - Party - Separated Kim K - BLACK
Nails: [:Rad Designz:] Galaxy - Maitreya Nails - seen in Post #41
Top: Yasum*Shawl Deco Top*Size 2*Static/mod*Pitch Silver
Panties(Thong): !FP! (Female Poison) Lace Panties (Black) Appliers - Maitreya
Poses: VA-Dance *HUD3.9j* HOT & SPICY AO V1.1

Both are Star Wars Roleplay sims


Thursday, February 18, 2016

#43 - A Final Farewell & And Great Looks As We Leave!

And in the final day, I am showing off some great looks to be found at the OtB! There's just a little bit of time left to get here and grab some last minute deals! 

We start off with a Death to Cupid Hoodie, a dress with a warning and a cute but snarky T-shirt:
+Facepalm Self Defense Hoodie RARE - Reaction Don't Touch Me Dress RARE & MurrMurr UGH Candy Darts Shirt
What you see here are from the  +Facepalm+,  REACTION & MurrMurr gachas, all available at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair - Bitter Love Round! Which ends on Feb 18th! Only a few more hours left!

Next we have a look at one piercingly gorgeous necklace from ~IO~ Insanity's Own:

The top shows the heart and wings charm being stabbed by many, many knives! And the bottom shows it without the knives and there is a third option of randomly stabbing knives too!

Then a look at the [R]uckus Broken Heart Doll - Purple and better look at the Don't Touch Me RARE Dress by REACTION:

All great items to grab before it's all over!

And here is your teleport link:

~Bitter Love Round~
Ends Feb 18th, 2016

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#42 - Sometimes...Just Relax, Sit Quietly & Let It Go! (OtB)

When your mind keeps racing about all the things you wish you could do differently, what you wish you hadn't done, the signs you missed or ignored, sometimes you need to just sit (or lay) somewhere quietly - and let it all go...
Location: Black Basalt Beach
From one of the destinations on the SL Blogger Support website, I found a wonderful place to just sit and relax and just enjoy the scenery. A place to meditate, wander, sit quietly and just release it all. All the stresses of a post-bad relationship mess of a mind we sometimes have after a relationship has gone bad on us! This is Black Basalt Beach. And a great place to show off more On the Boardwalk goodies to mend your broken heart!

Seen here are the following - Items from the OtB Gacha Fair - Bitter Love:
Earrings: (*<*) 1313 Something Borrowed Earrings - RARE
Necklace: !TLB - Grim Love Necklace/Drop Dead RARE
Tank Top: JR Wolf Creations - Broken Hearted Tank 
Garter: (*<*) 1313 Something Boo - Red - RARE
Nails - Hands: DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Heart Burn V1
Nails - Feet: DP - Koffin Nails - Slink - Shattered RARE
Location: Black Basalt Beach

Dark Passions - Broken Hearts Nails Maitreya Hands (Heart Burn) & Slink Feet (Shattered RARE)
And a better look at the Voodoo Garter Belt by 1313 Mockingbird Lane:

The Necklace (!TLB) and Earrings RARE (1313 Mockingbird Lane):
Tank Top by JR Wolf Creations
And a better look at the Broken Hearted Tank Top:

And the !TLB - Grim Love Necklace/Drop Dead RARE:

And you only have until Feb 18th to pick up all these items and more by the awesome creators at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair - Bitter Love Round! So don't delay! Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 15, 2016

#41 - A Galaxy of Beautiful Nail Newness!

[:Rad Designz:] has a new release and its out of this world!
The new Galaxy Nails are demonstrated here on both Maitreya Hands & Feet.
And they also have a Slink HUD too.

Galaxy Nails by [:Rad Designz:]
The nail bed is the solid color and the tips are adorned with the galaxy of stars on them! They are so very pretty!
I am so loving them! And the HUDs have the option of six different colors as shown here.

Come on by the store for these and check out all the latest releases!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

#40 - Fantasy Gacha Carnival Teal Goodness from !gO!

I love this look from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival from the !gO! Dathomirian gacha. I've had it for a short while but am only just now able to fully share it with you. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival runs until Feb 29th, and there is a lot of great stuff there. The theme is Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones. And I have a few items from the Carnival including a light saber that you can fight with! And its pretty easy for me to use! I am terrible with DCS and fighting in SL. But I try! Well, here is one look at my outfit - without the light saber.

!gO! Dathomirian #2 - Gloves and Collar, Top & Belt and Skirt set
Also in the picture are The Dark Fae's Gladiator Platform Heels in Iron! They went great with the outfit and I love them!! They look great together. The hair is from ICONIC called Von Dita & Von Duke and at the On9 event. I have the Faded pack and I love the colors this pack comes with, they look great with my fantasy looks and the colored skins. Which, I must try soon!

I know I featured the outfit not long ago on another post(#37), but it actually wasn't the main item and I wanted to show the entire outfit and let you know that The Dark Fae is there too! And her Gladiator Platform Heels are a great deal at the pull price of $50L!!! I have a few pairs myself. They are made for Slink High Feet but if you modify your leg muscles slightly, they fit the Maitreya Lara body nicely and I am sure they will fit other mesh bodies too. And here is another look at that outfit in a warrior pose from NRage, also from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Location: Personal Apt Studio
And finally I am wearing my favorite caramel skin from {Meghindo's} the TrishAnna ~ Caramel and Slink Casual Hands and Feet. And the location for pic #1 is at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

So I hope you get a chance to get by there if you are interested in the theme this year, two very popular and very loyal fan bases are represented in this round! 

And if you are missing some items, stop by my locations and take a look at my extras, you may find the piece or pieces you are missing!

#39 - Teasingly Sexy Peek A Boo Top! The Digital City Top by Anachron

This is a very cool looking sexy, futuristic top! I really like the peek a boo opening in it that show off some skin. Just enough to be daring and tempting but not too much! I have paired it with some jeans here for a more casual, everyday look that I am loving!
Anachron's Digital City Top - Shocking version @ The Thrift Shop
This Digital City Top and other versions along with more offerings from Anachron are available now at The Thrift Shop, which runs from Feb 7th - 29th.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

#38 - Healing My Mending Heart @ the OtB

Wow! The things we go through while mending a broken heart! Listening to excuses, thinking about old times, wishing we had done things differently or never met them at all! Lot of the items at the On The Boardwalk Gacha Fair are those things that we think of or go through when we have a broken heart. Check out all the goodies you can find here at the gacha fair which is going on until Feb 19th.
Items from IT! - [Blissiere] - NOVA - Lil Things - Zombie Suicide @ OtB Gacha Fair
In the picture I am wearing/using: 
Necklace: IT! Bitter Love Necklace Gacha #1 - Mended Heart
Ring: NOVA Heart of Stone Ring - Fantasy
Head Light: Zombie Suicide's Bing Light - Kisses - RARE
Tank top: Elysian's Dope Tank - Snuggle
Hair: !Head Desk! - Selene Hair
Cellphone: Lil Things - "You Wish" cellphone
Nails: [Blissiere] - Broken Hearts Slink Nails

Going through heart breaking "stuff"
NOVA Heart of Stone Ring - Fantasy & [Blissiere] 
What a way to treat yourself if you are tending to a broken heart! Great things to make you look great! So here is your link to get to the Bitter Love Round of On the Boardwalk this weekend!

Feb 5th - Feb 19th

#37 - Crouching Tiger, Warrior Sexy Play - Tough Love Gacha

Anachron has some sexy play toys in a new kink themed event called Objects D'Amour! This event has been going on since Feb 4th! So sorry I am so late with this one! But you still have a couple days left to indulge in the items in Anachron's Tough Love Gacha at this event. And there are quite a bit to be won. So you can spank to your hearts content with each of these items! Each item comes with matching "marks" made by the object too, and various appliers needed for our various mesh bodies. The Objects D'Amour event runs until Feb 15th only. So make sure its one of your events you visit this weekend!
Anachron's Riding Crop & Heart Paddle from the Tough Love Gacha @ Objects D'Amour
And I decided to have fun with it a bit and get in some practice should I happen to need it! LOL. There are many different versions of the spankers to win but I chose to play around with the Anachron - Tough Love Gacha - Studded Paddle - Black. I don't think he's gonna know what hit him! But I think he will enjoy it!

Anachron - Tough Love Gacha - Studded Paddle - Black
There are Canes, Heart Paddles, Studded Paddles, Plain Paddles, Riding Crops, Heart Crops and each one comes with the "marks" and appliers needed to add them on your avatar. Sounds like a lotta fun to me! But you only have two days left to grab these up and maybe later they will also be in the store. Hope you have a great time with yours!

Tough Love Gacha from Anachron

Objects D'Amour Event - Feb 4th - Feb 15th

Other items seen in the pics
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~
Hair: ICONIC:VON DITA-HAIR - Faded Set @ On9 event
Outfit: !gO! Dathomirian Top, Skirt, Gloves & Collar #2 Teal 
from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Ends Feb 29th
Location: Anachron sim

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#36 - Bitterness can be awesome!!! Come See the Treasure Trove of Awesomeness at On The Boardwalk!

Yes, it can be a bitter Valentine's Day for some, but you won't remember a thing when you come visit and find all the awesomeness to be had here at the On the Boardwalk - Bitter Love Round Gacha Fair! So many goodies for those of us who dread, dislike, hate or can just do without Valentine's Day. It's not a day to be dreaded! You will find some great things here. And here is another preview of what there is to offer to those of us with a sad or bitter heart!
Items from [Blissiere], Intwine, NOVA, Dallywood & !Head Desk!
In the picture you see the cuddly little stuffed bear from [Blissiere]'s Bitter Bears Gacha and she also has some Bitter Love Slink Nails for you too! All with bitter images of love if that is what you are feeling and you want to express that to everyone you meet! These will help you wear your heart on your sleeve...well, hands! Woops!
Broken Hearts Nails by [Blissiere]
The Psycho tank is one of the Bitter Hearts V2 Tanks from the Intwine gacha! There are two versions of the Intwine Tanks in two different gacha machines. So there are plenty to win! I love the colors on the V2 tanks. It goes great with the Moonlitecat Creations Gothly Swirl Bloody Green Makeup!
The gacha fair also has your mane covered too ladies! With this cute little slanted cut Bob in the Selene Hair Gacha from !Head Desk! I've received many compliments on this hair when I was wearing it around the grid! It's very stylish and catches people's attention and remember what I said about looking good and revenge? There you go! Grab up some of this Selene Hair while you are here at the Fair. Here you see the following HUDS: Must Haves - Darkling - Light Side - Punk & Streak Freak. All have six color options for the hair you win. Very nice hair!
Selene Hair from !Head Desk!
Also seen in these pictures is the NOVA Anti-Valentine Choker - LOL NO. A cute little black choker with a candy heart pendant with various different sayings offered. 

And last, but not least, are the items in the background. From Dahllywood, comes the Broken Hearted Gacha with items for your home. Behind me are the Curtains and the Mirror and I love the Broken Hearted Table and Motivational Wall Heart! Here are those items, and they look great!
Broken Hearted Curtains and Mirror from Dahllywood
Dahllywood Movtivational & Broken Hearted Table
So many great items here for everyone! Make sure you get by here because there are a lot more than what I am showing off too! So many things you won't get to see here on the blog! So don't miss out! On the Boardwalk lasts until February 19th. So you have a little time left but don't delay!

Monday, February 8, 2016

#35 - [:Rad Designz:] Newness! Rose Band Nails

This week's newness from [:Rad Designz:] is a pretty heart made of roses and a thorny band!
A very pretty, romantic and elegant design for your nails!
Rose Band Nails in Pink & Black
And these are available now at [:Rad Designz:]! So make sure to get by there and pick up your set!

Rose Band in Teal
You get six colors in the set and they look good on short, long and the stiletto length nails.

Rose Band in Pink - Detail Close Up
And one more...

Rose Band in Black
Also perfect for Valentine's Day too! Pick up this romantic design soon!
Here is your link to get there:

Different lengths look on Flickr

Friday, February 5, 2016

#34 - Need some Mardi Gras and Valentine Designs For Your Hands & Feets? Check Out [:Rad Designz:]!!!

If you are in need of some nail designs for the upcoming Fat Tuesday and Valentine's Day, look no further than [:Rad Designz:]! They've got you covered for both those days! Take a look at these great designs! First, Mardi Gras:
Mardi Gras Designs by [:Rad Designz:]
These are the Mardi Gras nails and don't they look great! I love the bold colors of Mardi Gras and these nails show that off brilliantly! 

And now for Valentine's Day and some colorful 'Just Because' designs including flowers and twists. Seen below are the Hearts A Flutter. Hearts A Plenty, Twist and Flower Trio nail sets.
New designs from [:Rad Designz:]
These nails come with Maitreya(Fingernails only)/Omega & Slink Appliers. And, not only do they just carry ladies designs, men, they also carry some men's designs for you too

Okay guys, these are not the designs I am talking about for you, but the store has some men's designs for Slink nails for you too! So check it out! And Ladies, come grab yourself up these cute designs!

So here is the link to get you there and I know you will love them as much as I do!

Larger pics on Flickr

Thursday, February 4, 2016

#33 - Your Next Great Opportunity for a Sexy "I'm Over You" Revenge Look!

I still say the best revenge is looking good! And here is another great opportunity to do that from D&S Designs at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair - Bitter Love Round! This is their Bound Love Corset & Collar Uncommons from their Bitter Love Gacha. This corset is sexy and goes great with the Dark Love Garters in Black from The Style Loft. These two items look great together!
D&S Designs Bound Love Corset & Collar w/Dark Love Garters from TSL
And the makeup from Moonlitecat Creations - Gothly Swirl Clean Makeup in Purple adds the finishing touch to this amazing look. The Gothly Swirl close up on the makeup here:
Gothly Swirl Clean Makeup - Purple from Moonlitecat Creations
This makeup is so elegant, bold and looks great! I am totally loving it! There are also Bloody versions to be won in the same gacha set. And though they are Bloody, it is not overpowering on the blood. So they look great as well.

And finally the Dark Love Garters in Black from The Style Loft!
Dark Love Garters in Black from The Style Loft
Three great gacha wins that look great together! You can find all three at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair that runs from Feb 5th thru the 19th. So not very long for you to get them, so make sure you get over here and play for your next great revenge look! You will not be sorry!

On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair - Bitter Love information is here on The Little Sideshow website. And there are more great designers that will be there too! So don't miss out! Save the date! All this greatness all in one place! Still the best event to visit if you are not a fan of Valentine's Day - and even if you are! I am sure you will find something you will love here!

Other items seen in the pics:
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone
Eyelashes: MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown - B -
Earrings: *Figment* Morocco Earrings - @ The Fantasy Collective (thru Feb 15th)
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. * ADELE* -BRUNETTE
Couch/Poses: Mystery Sofa - Obscure ULTRARARE - Mystery Collection Gacha
by Lacrime dell'anima

More pics on Flickr

#32 - It's Time For A Snowball Fight!!!

The Gacha Garden opened on February 1st and Anachron (one of the Sponsors of the event) is there with what you need for some great winter fun! Nix has created the Snowball Fight Gacha, which has Snowball Mittens for both men and women that also launch snowballs! And the Rares are the Snowball Forts! The Forts come in three colors: Green, Blue & Red. So you and all your friends can have some snowball fight fun!
Snowball Fort RARE - Red from the Snowball Fight Gacha @ The Gacha Garden Event
Here is a look at one of the RAREs in Red. I am wearing the Snowball Mittens in Black for the ladies! And they work great! Make sure wherever you play you can rez, otherwise, they will not work. The Forts also have many animations in them too. There are ten animations total in the forts.
Three animations of the available ten in each RARE Fort!
In order to access those ten you must use the Swap menu when you click the fort. All of them are pretty fun to play around with too! Here I am Calling out (Trash Talking?), Taunting and Resting. I had great fun playing around with these items so much! I hope you will too!

And the Seed Of Inspiration you can get for 20 pulls, and it sounds like great fun too! Here it is!
The Snowshovel Catapult!

You can really mess someone's fort up with this toy! LOL! Why not try it out? You can play for this at the event only until Feb 29th, so you'd better get on by there!

Here is The Gacha Garden site for more information.
And here is your teleport link to the event!

More Pics on Flickr