Tuesday, January 30, 2018

#414 - Don't Miss The Gothic Garage Sale! Ends Very Soon!

The Gothic Garage Sale opened a few days ago and ends in one more week! I was on my way home from there and found a nice little spot to grab a few pictures.
Worn on the Maitreya Mesh Body, I have the #hashbang! Digirati Tops in three colors. These fit very nicely on this mesh body and I really like the colors. They also come in a few different colors, 5 in all and they come in many mesh body sizes too! Included sizes are 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic, Maitreya, TMP, Ebody and Ocacin.  They are 50% off at the Gothic Garage Sale!
And those glasses you see sitting atop my head are the Optical Illusion Glasses from John Dee's Emporium which will be at The Wash Cart Sale on Jan 31st (tomorrow!). It was a little dark in the alleyway, so I pushed them up on top of my head.

Also at the Gothic Garage Sale:
And, above are three nail designs from Dark Passions! The designs are Stained Glass Goth, Smoke and Mirrors (Exclusive) and Eat Your Heart Out. I thought Eat Your Heart Out was a good choice for the upcoming Valentine's Day. And at these prices, I had to grab it up! And I am sure you will not want to miss them either. These nails come in fatpacks with Maitreya, Omega and Slink appliers. They are 50% off two of the above designs and the Stained Glass Goth (top right) is a $5L Hunt Prize! Find it and for $5L, it's yours! Just look for the little black cat with the glowing eyes. There is an example on the signs at the landing point. The whole event is 50 to 75% off with a new item as the hunt gift and an exclusive! But you need to hurry its over very soon, ending on Feb 6th. So don't delay! I am new to the Dark Passions brand and quite excited to be able to join the blogging team today! \0/ \0/ \0/ 

And there you have it for today! Don't miss the Gothic Garage Sale which ends on Feb 6th.

The Wash Cart Sale opens on January 31st! Watch for more from this event soon!


Friday, January 26, 2018

#413 - Electric Rain

New at Men Only Monthly from .:Soul:. are the Modern Gods - Lokin Horns. And a majestic set of horns they are! They come in 3 different color huds or the Fatpack with everything! These are unisex and they are a large set of horns as you will see in the pictures that follow.
Here are the .:Soul:. Modern Gods - Lokin Horns that you will only find at Men Only Monthly right now until Feb 15th. These horns come in 3 separate hud colors or the Fatpack and you can mix and match the huds on the horns to get unique customized looks as you need them. The combination you see above is a mixture of the Unicorn and Wicked Hud colors. You are also able to adjust 3 levels of glow on the 4 parts of the horns as you like as well. The four parts are the Horns, Cuffs, Bands and Egg. And on the Egg, you can also adjust the transparency.
You have some time to get over to the Men Only Monthly, but why would you wait? Make it there by February 15th to get your set of the .:Soul:. Modern Gods - Lokin Horns. Once you wear them, you will feel like the God (or Goddess) you were meant to be!


.:Soul:. Modern Gods - Lokin Horns
Horns: .:Soul:. Lokin Horns – NEW!! @ Men Only Monthly (Ends Feb 15th)
Eyes: .:Soul:. Draglien Eyes - S.E. Omega
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ceredil - [SE Hyacinth] TT FB
Hair: *TSM* Warpath - S6 - L.E. Draven
Tank & Panties: Graffitiwear - Corruption Tank MAITREYA & Omega Applier Panties
Pasties: Graffitiwear - Fitmesh Lace Nipple Pasties MAITREYA
Fishnet Boots: [QE] Futura Thigh High Plats Maitreya @ The DarknessChamber Fair (Ends Feb 10th)
Earrings: Sn@tch - :::Sn@tch Starbound Earring::: Gift @ The Darkness Chamber Fair (Ends Feb 10th)
Tattoo: Juna: Black Cyber tattoo Light Classic avatar @ The Darkness Chamber Fair (Ends Feb 10th)
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Uma v3.1 (bento)
Mesh Body & Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - Bento Hands V4.1
Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Digital Alchemy 42
Decor by E.V.E:
   E.V.E Dancing Poison Rain {White -DelS}
   E.V.E DYSTOPIA Stage Grass M01Glow
Texture: Ro!Act Designs - Blue Winter Photography Backgrounds set 2

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

#412 - New Glossy Bento Gloves by RYL @ The Point Event

RYL has some new Glossy Gloves for Bento hands at The Point Event this month. These come in bold, bright colors and they fit the Maitreya Lara, Slink and Vista Bento Hands. Take a look at the ones I am wearing on the Maitreya Lara Bento Hands.
Here you see the RYL - Glossy Gloves Bento in green. These gloves partially (but mostly) cover your hands and wrist. Made for Slink, Maitreya and Vista bento hands. You get all three in the package and they are only found at The Best Point Event.
They come in a small variety of colors, 4 to be exact. Blue, Green, Red and Pink you get all four. Above you see the blue on the Maitreya Bento Hands.
The pink match so perfectly with the outfit seen here from Dark Salvation. All are very bright and bold colors. Only at The Point Event!

And finally, for a closer look at the pink gloves:
You can see the red here in a previous post. Remember, these are only at The Point Event which ends on January 30th. So you still have a little time to visit this event.

The Point Event - Ends January 30th



Friday, January 19, 2018

#411 - Group Gifts Available @ kisetsu! Don't Miss Them!

Kisetsu has quite a few of their past group gifts out for a while now and I've taken a look at quite a few of them. They are varied in nature and there is a little bit of everything there! And they are all free to members! And the group is free too! So take a look at the few featured here and see what you think, and remember, these in the post are only a few of what is available. Come take a look and see what you might find while they are still available!
Here is the first I want  to show you. The kisetsu - hitodama and it is one of the many group gifts at kisetsu right now. And from the note inside the folder I see this: What are Hitodama? Hitodama are... kind of like will-o-wisps, in that they're little glowing souls flying around. So I looked into it a little further and found a place where they might show up for me. And that they did!
They are a wearable item and they glow and float or fly around you when you wear them. They come in pairs so there is only one in the folder. But as you see above, I visited a small graveyard and found they are quite happy in this environment. But they still spooked me a bit! 
Meanwhile, back at home here is some of the decor among the gifts there with a couple Kokeshi Dolls thrown in from the nearby gachas. They are sitting on the Anachron - Step Tansu - Dark Wood. This is one of the group gifts as well, so if you need a spot to display your dolls or anything else small enough to fit on it (but it is modify too), then this should work out for you. 
At the top of the tansu is the kisetsu - Gift - Maneki Neko Mo. This is my lucky cat statue.
And the lovely fan decor, the kisetsu - Gift - Maiougi Decor Matsu which consists of a fan for the table and one for the wall. Matching fans to add some culture and color to those bare walls. 

Remember, these are only a few of the gifts available right now, don't miss them!


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#410 - New Year, New Looks!

Darkness Monthly began on the 5th and of course Facepalm Clothing Company is there! With a fun snarky shirt (just one of the exclusives there). And it 's made to cover lots of your bodies!
The +FCC+ Odelia T-shirt is made for both the classic and mesh avatar bodies. It includes a hud with 6 textures and comes with fitmesh sizes for Standard, Belleza, Slink, Tonic, Maitreya and TMP. If you are as much a fan of the previous ones as I am, you will want to grab this one too. It contains a few references to a popular show (with her own fun twist) whose fans are greatly missing it right now. This is worn on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.
Here is the Jan Group Gift +FCC+ New Year for the ladies and, men, you have one too! To get this gift, you need your tag and go to the second floor of the store at the new location! Yes a new location you can find it...here. It's a great looking spot too! Just click on the gift board and accept your gift! This outfit consists of a sweater hoodie, pants and a hud with two textures each for the top and the pants. Both plaids for the pants but with a hint of blue or green in them. And ladies, it comes with the following sizes: Standard sizes, Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, Maitreya, TMP and the eBody size is only available for the shirt. I am wearing this on the Belleza Freya Mesh body. 
And gentlemen, your outfit comes with the Standard Mesh sizes, Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP. Same textures for both the top and the pants. Don't forget to come by and get them!
And new in the store is this outfit, +FCC+ Yetta, which is a crop length sweater and plaid pants. The pants, comes with a hud of 5 different plaids. The included sizes are as follows: Standard, Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, Maitreya and TMP. Seen worn on the Belleza Freya Mesh body.

Make note of the new location if you haven't! 

Darkness Monthly - Ends Jan 30th


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#409 - A Surprise Greeting...

Just ahead, a couple somethings to heat up these cold days and nights! Sooo, the morning after a very exciting evening... I went outside for some fresh air and forgetting how lightly clothed I was, I noticed something outside the fence and stepped out there to investigate. And then...a neighbor saw me and shouted an unexpected "Hellooo!" I waved, of course, and then suddenly recalling I had so little clothing, so I gave them a quick thumbs up and went my merry embarrassed way!
This is +FCC+ Ashling. It is a lingerie set consisting of a bra, panty and a short robe. This is what my neighbor caught me in! I guess it could have been worse. They could have seen me in what I had on last night! This set comes with a hud of 6 pastel colors. The bra and panty both come in both classic and mesh body sizes. The robe comes in standard fitmesh sizes. I am wearing them on the Maitreya Lara Mesh body and the robe size is the small. And for it to be standard mesh, it fits this body very well with little peeking during movement. The sizes included are: 5 Standard Fitmesh, 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic, Maitreya & TMP.

And this was me the night before:
This is the (RP) Temptress Harness (Nipple Covers are NOT included)! And it leaves very little to the imagination. This harness comes in mesh body sizes only and includes a hud with 9 colors for the top, middle and bottom sections of the leather and the metals as well. You can mix and match the colors and metals as you like. The included mesh body sizes are as follows: 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic and Maitreya bodies. This came out in the store this past weekend, so you can find it there now!

Both great choices to take the chill off these cold days and nights!


+FCC+ Ashling (Robe, Bra & Panties)
Hair: Volthair. Octavia Hair V3 (B&W) @ Lootbox Gacha (Ends Jan 20th)
Eyes: Izzie's - Winter Eyes Darks – FLF Special Jan 12th (one day only)
Skin: COMMON #10 Essences [Lydia D02] @ PocketGacha (Ends Feb 14th)
Collar: .:Soul:. Dwarven Collar
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Uma
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Mesh Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium *Maitreya*

Nail Polish: [N] Chrome Nails [omega] EMPIRE Claws

(RP) Temptress Harness
Nipple Covers: *BE Designs* - Tassel Pasties
Sofa: SAYO - Bungalow Retreat Gacha - Sofa

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Friday, January 12, 2018

#408 - An Alien Observes The Planet....

An alien, sent out on a mission to scout out and observe planets to see if our race could benefit from moving there, finds this desolate place on planet Earth. So beautiful from space it had to be teaming with life and resources. But to their surprise, this is not what the scout found! It was found to be a wasteland, where even the humans are fighting to hang on to any little space or area they could call "Home." Desert sands and dirt cover everything. The Wastelands are exactly that, a place to call home for those who strive to survive here. After taking in the sight upon arriving...they were shocked that humans even live in these conditions. Sitting down to ponder her surroundings, she is amazed, thinking she should get back into her ship and try again!
This is the .:Soul:. Ranitomeya Gen2 F [F3] skin [Wild]. There are actually two tones to this skin with the same markings. The markings cover the body from head to feet. There are a multitude of appliers included for both the head and the body too. So you are pretty much covered since there are Omega appliers too. I love the orange markings on this skin. To me it almost has a human skin tone...almost! The markings are on the skull and forehead too. Here is a close up of those:
There are also many accessories from .:Soul:. too. The antennae, the collar, ears, eye liner and lipstick are all from Soul. Of course the hair is covering all the markings under there but they are there and similar to what you see on the arms and neck.

And now for the other shade, this one slightly darker and it is the Fade shade of this skin:
This is the Fade version of the skin with the tattoo applied which has 3 strengths, Fresh, Medium and Worn. This version of the skin doesn't have the colors of the Wild version but a lighter shade of the skin tone itself. And then you can add the tintable body tattoo to make a different look altogether!

And here is a closer look at the Fade version:
And there you have it! These were released for the 2016 Fantasy Faire and as you can tell, I love, love, love them quite a bit!! And, sadly, I did not think to show you the back of this skin so I will add at least one photo to my Flickr pics for this post (Added!). But there are so many more skins and body attachments you can find at .:Soul:. so come on over and take a look! 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#407 - Debating In Style

Because I love to be casual so much and I have the hardest time going thru my inventory to find a classy gown or dress...I tend not to dress up too much! So, I tend to add fancy jewelry or other accessories to dress up my casual looks! And this post is one of those times! I was finally done with my rebooting (from the last post) all was well and operational now, but left me with little time to get dressed up for the night... So now I am debating. Do I go like this? Or shall I be fashionably late, and get a bit more dressed up?
So, I stood there debating, but grabbed my new Maraschino - Pennie Purse, in Turquoise of course, and stood there pondering my choices. What to do, what to do? Had to gather my brain cells and get it together (funny my shirt said that too)! I stood there debating but I did it in style with this very stylish, very feminine purse! This is only one of six colors available too! Four poses are included with each one and you click on the purse to change those. You can see three of the four poses above. And you can find the Maraschino - Pennie Purses in the store now!


Purse: Maraschino - Pennie Purse - Turquoise Silver

Shirt: +FCC+ Honesty M Lara
Jeans: Blueberry - DWL Classic - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink 
Hair: *TKW* Herkko [Boobs1]
Mesh Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Uma v3.1 (& Lipstick)
Skin: :[P]:- Draziele Femme Skin:// Agriel
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - HUD V4.1
Mesh Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium *Maitreya*

Data Center Gacha d├ęcor pieces:
#hashbang! - Data Center Gacha - Server Rack 1
#hashbang! - Data Center Gacha - Server Workstation RARE @ The Gacha Guardians

Other Decor: 
Decorative Cube: [CREATiCA] Sci-Fi Cube Decoration P1 – Free Store Gift
Fan: Michigan’s Shack - Geek Chic Desk set - Paint Splatter Fan
Wall Texture: Timeless Textures - Metal Panels - Vibrant 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#406 - A Final Attempt...Rebooting!

In a final attempt before I leave for the day, I needed to try to get the servers back operational and this was a very slow process! Everyone had left for the day and it was just me, myself and I. And all these screens did not hold good news! So much fun to be held up by the Data Center servers at the end of the day. NOT!
The pieces you see here are from the #hashbang! Data Center Gacha now at The Gacha Guardians event. It contains all the monitors (8 monitors, Incl. 1 RARE) seen here and the stand alone servers (3 servers, incl. 1 RARE) only. So 11 pieces in this set! And the RARE Monitor Multi is my dream monitor set up! There are wall monitors and ceiling monitors too, so your monitors can be stacked along the wall in front of you. Which sounds like a good idea and I might do that next!
Here is the RARE multi monitor, the #hashbang! - Data Center Gacha - Desk Monitor Multi RARE. And again, you can only find these at The Gacha Guardians event that runs from Jan 1st to 31st. They are only $39L per pull and after the 20th pull you get the Gift of the Guardians:
Above you see the Guardian Gift from #hashbang! The multi monitors, keyboard and mouse! Perfect for your home, office or dare I say,  hacker lair? 

And the Data Center Gacha key:

I am so loving this set! Anyone have that Guardian Gift yet?!

Gacha Guardians: Jan 1st - 31st

Saturday, January 6, 2018

#405 - Very Blessed

Freebie stuff is always great, isn't it? Now one group who has an awesome yearly gift is Fallen Gods. The New Year Group Gift is always so awesome. Not only do we see so many new and fantastic skins each event and opportunities to win a few during the year, we also get one for the new year and they are always totally awesome.
And there is not much more to say. If you are not in this group and like fantasy skins, you may want to check this group out.

Worn on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Omega Applied), 
Catwa Uma Bento Head (Omega Applied), 
topped off with the Exile Windsong (unsure on the name! checking!) Hair 
and clothing from Vibes @ We <3 Roleplay (Dec Round). 

And you will probably want to look at the Flickr picture, this one is pretty small.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

#404 - Honestly....Just Teasing Ya!

So if you read my blog regularly, you might know I love the snarky tees from Facepalm Clothing Company! And she's released another one! So yes, here it is! This one is called Honesty. This is new in the store as is my other outfit which is a sexy latex number that will get his/her heart racing!
This is the +FCC+ Honesty Tee. This is new in the store and is made for both classic and mesh bodies. I am weraing it on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Very little alpha, only on the sleeves. It has a 10 texture hud and comes in the following sizes: 5 Standard Mesh, 3 Belleza, 2 Tonic, 2 Slink, Maitreya and TMP! Some great sayings here. One I think really applies to me, "Trust me, as you get to know me, I just get WEIRDER." Yup! That's me!

And now for the sexy...
This is the +FCC+ Teaser dress. It is a latex dress with quite a revealing backside to it! Quite sexy and leaves little to the imagination! With a full front panel so it appears that you will be covered the same on the backside, but surprise! Not so! As you might guess, this one is made for mesh bodies only, with an 8 texture hud and I am wearing it in my favorite color. Surely you will find yours in there too! This dress comes in sizes for 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Eve, Altamura, Maitreya and TMP.

So come on my the store and pick these up! And check out the new location! Very nice!


 +FCC+ Honesty M Lara
Hair: *TKW* Herkko [Boobs1]
Mesh Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Uma v3.1
Skin: :[P]:- Draziele Femme Skin:// Agriel
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - HUD V4.1

+FCC+ Teaser M Lara
Pose: FOX CITY - Bad Kitty Vol. 2 pose
Mesh Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium *Maitreya*

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#403 - Dreaming Thicket Yew Cloaks For Men and Women @ GENRE

I am not a fan of wandering the forest in the cold. But I'm staying warm in my cloaks every time I go out. Nothing beats staying warm in this weather. Maybe nothing but not going out in it, but that is not an option, I had to make the trek!
Here you see the Dreaming Thicket - Yew Cloaks you can find at the current GENRE event, which ends on Jan 12th. These are made in three sizes, Small,  Medium, and Large in Standard Mesh only. There is a script to hold your arms underneath the cloak while standing and walking. And that works quite well. If not, just remove the cloak and wear it again. For the ladies, I am wearing it on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body with the medium size. And there are sizes for the men folk too!
Here are the Dreaming Thicket - Yew Cloaks for the men folk! All the same colors are available for both genders and the same scripts in both to keep your arms underneath the cloak. The same sizes for men as well (Small, Medium & Large) in Standard Mesh. The man here is wearing the Slink Male body and wearing a Large size cloak.

Only found at GENRE until January 12th! So hurry one by there before it ends.

GENRE: Ends January 12th


Ladies cloak: DreamingThicket - Yew Cloak (Ladies) Chestnut, Hellebore & Leaf @ GENRE
Skin: :[P]:- Draziele Skin (Femme):// Agriel
Mesh body: Belleza Freya Mesh Body

Mens cloak: Dreaming Thicket - Yew Cloak (Mens) Chestnut, Hellebore & Magnolia @ GENRE
Male Skin: VYC - DANTE Face #3 & Body Applier #3
Mesh Body: Slink Male Body
Location: Dreaming Thicket

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