Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#19 - The Skin I'm In...TSYI!

I don't do this too much with skins, unless they are fantasy skins of varying colors which I enjoy very much changing my look from human to non-human. But TSYI! - The Skin You're In! has $10L skins at The Wash and therefore, I had to try one! In this photo I am wearing the TSYI! Penelope St T5 & Happy Holly-Days Free Gift Face Tattoo from TSYI! too. Mystic Dragon Designs - LivingDeath Hoodie, The Rebakery/Radio Grind* Into the Madness Jeans (with 8 color change HUD), Loordes of London's Cuir De La-#4 Slink Heels, Encore Slink Nail set #7, and New Monday's Flutterby Tattoo. All of these items are found at The Wash and are all $10L each! After Christmas deals all around the sim!
TSYI! - The Rebakery - Mystic Dragon Designs - Loordes of London
First, a close up of the face on the TSYI! skin - Penelope St T5 and then more parts of the outfit:
The Skin You're In! - Penelope St T5 w/Dark Blonde Brows, Freckles, Dimples & Happy Holly-Days Face Tattoo
Slink Nails from Encore - Set #7
Had to remove the hoodie for this pic! From New Monday.

New Monday - Flutterby Tattoo
Loordes of London - Cuir De La #4 - Slink High Heels
So if you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, then you should head on down here to The Wash and find something for you! Cheap stuff but all great quality! I hope to see you here! And if you want to view the offerings before you head over to The Wash, you can view pics of those items here.

Also pictured:
Hair:  pr!tty - Leia - {Essentials} - Lost & Found Event
Eye Lashes: *MC* Falsies - Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
Eyes: Chus! Humanoid Elven in Freez - No longer available

More pics on my Flickr

#18 - Fifty Shades of Green!

Okay, so not really that many shades of green are included in this post! But, I happen to love the color green and mostly the bright lime green but if it catches my eye, then I will most likely will love it! So when I opened the boxes from Sage, Rowena's Designs and Park Place Decor and found enough green to lift my hearts delight in each box, I had to put them together if I could! First, I am wearing the Sage - Lizzie Parka Sage Solid, then the [Park Place Casuals] Ladies Cropped V-Neck Sweater - Green, the {RS} Aaliyah Necklace, all found at The Wash($10L) and The Dark Fae's Holiday Dot Boots Green are found at the Twisted Krissmuss Shopping event($100L thru Jan 11th). I put them all together into one great look in different shades of green. I think this came together very well. I was very pleasantly surprised! Take a look...
Items from Sage, Park Place Casuals, The Dark Fae & Rowena's Designs
I was so warm in this Parka from Sage and I love the light green color with the black accent around the collar and the mittens. I could wear the cropped sweater from Park Place Casuals and still be warm as I traveled to the party I was headed to. The Aaliyah Necklace from {RS}comes with a six color HUD and you can change the metals on it too(also six options). So, I changed the accent on the charm to green. The Leggings are an Advent calendar gift at :: PM :: Amor Leggings Black Spandex(ended Dec. 24th). 
Park Place Casuals - Rowena's Designs - The Dark Fae
I very much enjoyed this outfit and almost all items are found at The Wash, which runs through January 6th. So get down here and grab these deals! The Dark Fae Holiday Dot Boots Green are at the Twisted Krissmuss event, but she also has Snowflake Boots at the Wash for $10L (featured in the Dec 15th post on this blog).

Also featured:
Hair: Vanity Hair::Winehouse-All Browns Pack - Hairology Event
Leggings: :: PM :: Amor Leggings Black Spandex
Boots: The Dark Fae's Holiday Dot Boots Green - Twisted Krissmuss
Abs: {Meghindo's} ~ WorkOut Abs ~ Free Gift ~

More pics on my Flickr

Sunday, December 27, 2015

#17 - To Grandmother's House I Go!

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, a lesson to learn that you should listen to your mother's instructions always, and do not stray from the path given! You can relive this tale with this offering from Anachron. It is the Riding Hood Hair and it is hooded hair in many many colors and you can own them all for only 10L each pack! A tremendous deal for some hair, wouldn't you say? I definitely would! Here I am wearing the Prism pack and with the hood in the darker grey option.
Anachron's Riding Hood Hair & Roped Passions' Gothic Swirl Xmas Dress
I am also wearing the Gothic Swirl Xmas Dress in Red & Heels from Roped Passions. This is a very cute dress that shows a lot of leg! A soft, satiny slight ruffle on the edges of the skirt make it very delicate and lovely.  It goes great with the Riding Hood Hair too. I enjoyed wearing this strappy, flirty dress out dancing and partying on Christmas Eve. It caught the attention of the Hostess and so I was able to send her the LM to The Wash from the attention she gave to this dress. And I mentioned the $10L price along with that and was able to hand out a couple more LMs during that gathering. And as you can see, it also caught the attention of that sneaky ole wolf too! :) Gorgeous!!!
Roped Passions Gothic Swirl Xmas Dress & Heels in Red & Anachron's Riding Hood Hair - Prism Pack
And, its not so Christmasy that it can only be worn during the Christmas season. You can wear this anytime of the year and it will work and the heels are very easily coordinated with your many other red outfits throughout the year! And, again... only $10L!!!  Don't miss out! There are these great deals that look great together and there are many more to find here at The Wash! And if you want to see the offerings from the comfort of your home before you visit, you can check out The Wash Blog before you make the trek out here... I hope to see you there!

Also worn:
Ring: Dark Knight Decor Ring Pop in Cherry
Slink Nails: Dark Knight Decor - Corset Laced Slink Nails
Both also found at The Wash! And seen in close up pics on my Flickr.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

#16 - Peering out into the cold...

Staying warm and cozy and feeling all sexy in this Camille Frozen in Emerald from Ollie's Follies. Its silky and sexy looking and was nice to lounge around in it while inside and safe from the cold! And if you throw a pair of matching heels on, it is a very seasonal looking dress! I have the Holiday Head Flake from Wise Walls on too though it is hard to see in these pics so it may be best seen on my Flickr. And the heels I threw on are the Ellie Slink Heels from !TLB (but sorry, not at The Wash).
Ollie's Follies Camille Frozen - Emerald & A Very Squirrelly Christmas -- Wise Walls - Holiday Head Flake - Green -- TLB - Slink Gradient Nails
I was peering outside to see A Very Squirrelly Christmas also from Ollie's Follies. A very cute little birdhouse scene with squirrels loving the shelter from the cold and having a ball! Very cute!  
Ollie's Follies Camille Frozen in Emerald & A Very Squirrelly Christmas
Ollie's Follies - A Very Squirrelly Christmas
And, I have been wearing these nails but you can't see them in my pics so here is a much closer and better view of [:Rad Designz:] Slink Nail offerings! These are Shades of Red in the large pic, the small right side from top to bottom: Snowflakes - Rocking Retro, Shades of Red, and Rocking Retro again at the bottom left. They do have more to offer that I have not shown here. Don't they look great!
Shades of Red - Snowflakes & Rocking Retro from [:Rad Designz:]
And Wise Walls has a quite a few pieces available at The Wash for your Christmas home decor needs! Here are a couple of them that I enjoy. One is a Christmas Decal for a mirror or a window and a Simple Boho Tree Shelf which is adorable.
Wise Walls Christmas Decal 11 & Simple Boho Tree Shelf
So there you have it! More for you to dress up yourself and your home! Come on out to The Wash! And again, if you want to preview the offerings before you arrive, you can do that here.

Also shown:
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. * ADELE* -BRUNETTE
Gradient Nails: !TLB - Gradient Slink Nails
Heels: !TLB - Elle Slink Heels w/ HUD

And more/larger pics on my Flickr!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#15 - All Dressed Up, And No Where To Go!

This cute little outfit from Aaric's Design is very sexy, skimpy and oh so cute!  We are so lucky that we don't have to worry about the elements in Second Life! That makes looking good soooo much easier than real life. But, I still decided to stay indoors with this one (though I did do some partying later on this day in this outfit!). I lounged around the small but cozy cabin on our sim which the sim owner decided to have up during the winter months as a fun Winter getaway for all the parcel renters on the sim. There are games and skating and its very pretty and so nicely put together. But that is the great thing, we can look this good without all the bulky clothing I so do not like when it is cold outside! The Blinky Lights Santa Hat is from Darling Home & Gifts and they have two more options with Antlers and Antlers w/Lights too!
Aaric's Design - Darling Home & Gifts - More Than Ever - [Blissiere] Nails
The White Fur Stole is from More Than Ever who is also at The Wash. White and fluffy, I think it adds a bit of glamour to this sexy outfit. And the boots are from !TLB who is also at The Wash, but these boots are in her store, they are not available at the Wash. And the same goes for the nails from [Blissiere] (whose link is below).

Another look at the awesome designers all in one place with quality items for a great price! Each of them have items other than what I display here, so keep that in mind. If you want to shop before you arrive, you can look at many of the designers and their various offerings on The Wash Blog

 Also in this post:
Nails: [Blissiere] - Christmas Mani/Pedi Appliers RARE
Boots: TLB - Elfie Slink Heels/Fatpack - Red
Hair: :::Phoenix::: Nina Hair Color Mix - Hairology Event

More pics on Flickr

Saturday, December 19, 2015

#14 - Out on the Town!

This round of The Wash has so many many items that are of such very nice quality. Some amazing dresses and Christmasy outfits are available at The Wash! Take this outfit from Yobasha and I've paired it with a Choker & Earrings Set from Luminesse, and shoes from 1313 Mockingbird Lane and from Dark Water Designs their Holiday Floral Shoes.
Yobasha Blue & Fur  - Luminesse Jovivi Zovio Choker Set - 1313 Mockingbird Lane Holly Berry Heels
Yobasha Blue & Fur with & without the Stole and Dark Water Designs Holiday Floral Heels
Middle: Luminesse Jovivi Zovio Choker Set
Dark Water Designs - Holiday Floral Shoes - Onyx (Slink High)
Don't they all look so great together? This is perfect for that night out on the town during this festive holiday season. And all this and more are available at The Wash which runs until January 6th, 2016. And everything is at a great price, $10L!!! And if you want to browse before you visit, you can do that here on The Wash Blog.

Also seen here:
Eye Lashes: *MC* Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. * ADELE* -BRUNETTE

More pics on Flickr

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#13 - Exploring Wonderous Places & The Wash

The Oubliette sim is a very magical place with its shooting stars and beautiful stone buildings. The flora and fauna are so very interesting in places and I took a stroll around the hills and valleys just looking at all the beautiful scenery. It will not be around much longer I found as I visited so if you like exploring in the quiet wilderness, you may want to stop here before its gone. 
From Daisy's Closet - Kara Outfit Champagne (Top/Jeans) & The Dark Fae's Snowflake Boots Champagne
The Kara Outfit from Daisy's Closet includes the Top and Jeans in Champagne. A short crop top and embroidered jeans. The Dark Fae will be offering the Snowflake Boots for Slink High Feet in various colors. These items will be offered at the upcoming sales event called The Wash. And if you don't know, many of the items offered (if not all) at The Wash will be $10L!!! Some really great deals on some quality clothing, home decor, shoes, jewelry, etc, etc. So spread the word! You don't want to miss this! The Wash is a BiAnnual Sales Event and the next one begins Dec. 16th and runs thru Jan. 6th.
Photo taken on the Oubliette sim
And the Snowflake Boots so you can see a bit more detail:
Snowflake Boots AdBoard
Kara Outfit Top & Jeans AdBoard
Keep up with all the updates here: The Wash! And remember it begins Dec. 16th thru Jan. 6th.

Also Shown:
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. * ADELE* -BRUNETTE- Previous On9
Jewelry: Other Skin - Time Catcher Blue Necklace & Earrings @ Winter Dream Market Gift!
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~
Body Parts: Slink - Hands - Casual & Feet - High
Location: Oubliette Sim - open until Feb 2016

More Pics on my Flickr

Saturday, December 12, 2015

#12 - Krissmuss Cups Of Sitting - The Dark Fae

So this was fun! I like items that have poses in them and are seasonal, cute, or I just love it! So this is from The Dark Fae, who by the way has a new 60L Weekends Item up for sale. The Plaid Kitteh - RED outfit. You can check out the full details on that outfit here: The Dark Fae - Blog

And, here are the Krissmuss Cups of Sitting from The Dark Fae and this can be found at the Twisted Krissmuss shopping event. Look for The Dark Fae's shop, there are many others there too. You can find The Dark Fae on the West side of the shopping area. And check out all the fun I had with them!

Krissmuss Cups Of Sitting
And more poses are included - a total of five poses on the cups.
Wearing the Plaid Kitteh Red outfit from The Dark Fae
Love the colors on all the cups!
Relaxing on the top of the cups
Featured here:
Krissmuss Cups Of Sitting - The Dark Fae @ Twisted Krissmuss
Plaid Kitteh - Red outfit - The Dark Fae - 60L Weekend Item
Love in the Library - Red Slink High Heels - The Dark Fae
Beanie & Hair: +Spellbound+ Blizzard // DARKS // Chapter I : Earth
Gacha item @ Arcade (current round)

TDF's Love in the Library Slink High Heel Shoes - RED

Friday, December 11, 2015

#11 - Frozen Fae

From the We <3 Role Play event comes this gorgeous skin from Fallen Gods. It is called Frost [xx]+FGInc.+ Ice. I put this together from free gifts, previous blogged items, various new items around the grid and the items found at We <3 Role Play Event. Which is currently going on now. So you are looking at Fallen Gods - Arcadia - OtherSkin - [Blissiere] - Emo-tions - .:Soul:. - Roped Passions and [Runaway]. And the Necklace and Earring Gift set can be set to your RL Time Zone!
My Frozen Fae Ensemble - Dec 2015
Frozen Fae Collage
 So let me get right to it! In the pictures you see the following:

Skin: Frost [xx]+FGInc.+ Ice @ We <3 Roleplay
Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears - Blix
Body Tattoo: Ammonite +Fallen Gods Inc.
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * IZZY* BLACK/WHITE @ Hairology 
Nails: [blissiere] manis & pedis applier - snowflakes @ OtB Frozen Fantasy
Outfit w/Wings: Arcadia. Elohim Frost @ We <3 Roleplay
Crown: [RA] Ice queen (Soft) (Gift) @ We <3 Roleplay
Necklace & Earring Set: Other Skin - Time Catcher Necklace & Earrings @ Winter Dream Market
(And the OtherSkin set is a gift at the Winter Dream Market)
Anklets: Roped Passions - Sexy Snowflake Silver - Slink HIGH @ Twisted Krissmus
And of course the Slink Hands - Casual and Feet - High

Ice Elf  Eyes (included with Frost female skin)

More to come on my Flickr

Saturday, December 5, 2015

#10 - Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's cold here with warm days here and there though so we don't need to be too wrapped up when we go outside now. But I dug into my inventory and found this look but also hit a few yard sales and threw this together. I haven't been able to enter the Arcade yet so I don't know too much about what all is there but the little Schadenfreude Deer Mice are soooo cute! I have found those and they keep selling out when I place them in my store! This is the only one I happen to have left! Isn't he cute!!! And yes he is going into one of the stores for sale. I will just get into the Arcade later and get myself some. That would be the Melynessence store on Nuvoletta.
Schadenfreude Blixen Deer Mouse
The hair is a gacha find called +Spellbound+ Blizzard - Chapter I - Earth // DARKS from the current round of Arcade. I do not like hat hair usually but I decided to try it out. And I love it! The ZipUp Turtleneck Sweater is from *Mon Cheri* (*MC*) and I found the Alyce Skinny Jeans on the Marketplace. My shoes are from 1313 Mockingbird Lane and are from their On the Boardwalk Gacha (the event is now over but still available for maybe a few hours, but don't quote me!). The nails are from [Blissiere] and are from the Christmas Mani Pedis set.
Winter Look of the Day Purchases & Gacha wins!
And the only other item here is my usual skin from {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone.

And closing with a couple of pics of the On the Boardwalk set up before it disappears:
Yup there is a Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Skateboarding Area and a Cards Against Humanity Table here too. Lots of entertainment to be found on the other end of the Boardwalk too, carnival games, fishing and a snowball pile too... maybe to have a snowball fight! 

A few more pics on my Flickr

Thursday, December 3, 2015

#9 - A Final Farwell...Stay Cozy and Warm

Well, the last couple of days are upon us...it's been great to experience all the designs from the creators at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair. The Frozen Fantasy round is nearly over, the clock will strike midnight on the 4th and that will be the end! I hope you've made it down here to check out the gachas especially created for the event. I will be trimming the tree and decking the halls in this warm and gorgeous blue pastel snowflake fur trimmed dress. Very luxurious and did I mention gorgeous? This is from Get Frocked and I am wearing the RARE that comes in all colors offered (8 in all) including the Silver Snow RARE (which can be viewed on my Flickr).
Get Frocked Blue Snow dress

I am also wearing the FLAWED Santa Hat by Dallywood. There are 8 options and no rares in this gacha and they are very cute! So come check us out if you have not already done so and remember you only have until Dec. 4th! Also shown here is the !TLB Baubly Necklace in Blue. 

Dallywood's FLAWED Santa Hat & !TLB's Baubly Necklace in Blue

Also shown:
Hair: ICONIC:VANESSA-HAIR - Chocolates HUD - Hairology Event
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel ~
Eyes: {Meghindo's} ~ Tatiana ~ Eyes ~ Hazel ~ Large ~
Eye Lashes: *MC* - Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

More Photos on Flickr

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#8 - The Final Days of Great Deals!!!

These are the final days of the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair. If you haven't been you need to get there! You could be missing out on these great deals! Just take a look at the items you can win for just a few lindens. 
First, I am wearing the White RARE Snowflake Jacket from LMD, comes with the white crop shirt underneath included. Next I have on the !TLB Baubly Necklace in Green & Red. And I am also wearing the Hanta Boot in White from {UC}. All of these are available at the Fair until Dec 4th.
LMD Snowflake Winter Hoodie - TLB Baubly Necklace & {UC} Frozen Hanta Boots White
 And these very fine nails from [Blissiere] too! These are just a few of the designs in the Snowflake Nail Gacha Machine at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair. Lovely!!!
[Blissiere] Snowflake Nails
So hurry up and come on by the Fair! Don't miss out! These are some great deals to be had here and you only have a few days left. 

Also shown:
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. * ADELE* -BRUNETTE
Eye Lashes: *MC* Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
Skin: Meghindo's ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~
Leggings: :: PM :: Twi'lek Leggings in Silver - From the "Star Wars" Round of
The Instruments - November 2015

More pics on my Flickr