Monday, June 18, 2018

#471 - Pante's Punch Brings You Refreshing Fruit For The Summer

Hi everyone! I love to have fruit nearly anytime of the year, but we know many are best when in season and *Booty's Beauty* has brought those wonderfully colorful fruits to your makeup! So if you happen to have a fruity costume or outfit, now your makeup can match it!

All the makeups you see here are from the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Pante's Punch hud. This is a very unusual set and I had to try them out to see what I could do with them. This is a new release in the store and it comes with eyeshadow/liner and lipsticks. The lashes seen here are from the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa ~ Chantage Makeup. Above is the Strawberry lipstick and the green eye shadow and black liner with grapes at the outer corner of the eyes.

Orange eye shadow and Orange lips! This shadow has green leaves at the outer corners of the eyes.

Here is the Watermelon lipstick, I am wearing the green eye shadow again but there is also a red shadow with leaves that would go well with this lipstick too. There are 4 eye shadow choices and 6 lipstick choices.

Lemon Lipstick for those pukery days! Or if you feel like a sour puss (just joking!). Also in these photos are some new release nails from Dark Passions which are only at the Vintage Fair until June 30th. These are the Dark Passions - Vintage Vogue Gold and there is also a Silver version too. They come in many color options for each version. They are like French Tips but the tips are colors and not white. And there is a golden scroll like embellishment on each nail. Very delicate and beautiful.

This one, Coconut Lipstick and the brown eye shadow/liner feels very playful and seems to me to stand out a little bit more than the others. The lips are lined with a thin coconut shell outline and white coconut inside. 

And finally, the Banana Lipstick. This one was the hardest to try to figure something out for but I still had to show this off! Maybe it'll give someone some inspiration about what they can do with it.

And that is all for today! Remember you can find these and many more makeups for Catwa and Omega compatible heads in the *Booty's Beauty* store.

And the Dark Passions - Vintage Vogue - Gold (& Silver) Nails are available at The Vintage Fair until June 30th.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Saturday, June 16, 2018


Get into the spirit of the World Cup as the matches begin the flurry of excitement! Here is a bikini from RYL for the ladies (separate bikini briefs for men too) to wear to show off who you are rooting for as the matches progress.
First, you will need the RYL World Cup Bikini - Basic. This is a mesh two piece bikini that comes in sizes for mesh bodies only. It's green as seen above and then you can buy the optional huds with the team flags to display on the bikini bottoms. You will only find this at the Spotlight event until June 22nd. So not too much longer!

This is how the RYL World Cup Bikini - Basic looks when you get the huds and apply your favorite flag to the bottoms. The top does not change, only the bottoms. I am wearing it on the Slink Hourglass in these photos. There are also sizes for the Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, Maitreya and TMP.
Then, you can cover up in this exclusive beach wrap, the +FC+ Kona. This item along with much more from Facepalm, can be found at the Jersey Shore 3, which runs until month end. It comes with a hud of 6 colorful floral patterns and matching solid color bikini bottoms with 6 colors (not shown). I just threw it over the RYL World Cup Bikini bottoms here. This comes in sizes for Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya.

Spotlight Event - Ends June 22nd

Jersey Shore 3 - Ends June 30th


Monday, June 11, 2018

#469 - Let Them Eat Cake!

I finally got myself a nice Roaring 20s look! All from the Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Event this month. I am loving this outfit, shoes and jewelry set! All ready for the party to held later today.
The Maraschino - Lois Dress is the Exclusive for the ladies at the Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Event. There are very nice formal suits as the Exclusive for the men there too! The Lois Dress comes in 5 colors to choose from and in sizes for both mesh and classic avatar bodies. Sizes for the Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, Ocacin, Maitreya, TMP and Standard Mesh sizes too. I am wearing the Gold color Lois Dress on the Slink Hourglass body.
The shoes are the Beyond Persuasion Designs - Midnight Tomato: Hazel Heels, which is one of the Exclusives from Beyond Persuasion Designs. They include sizes for the Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and Tonic high feet. And they have the Twisted Cube on them too! A fun and stylish memento from this round of Twisted Events.
There are some nice furniture sets at the Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Summer Sale and Mini Hunt. And in the Twisted color of Sepia and variations thereof. Here are a couple from Dekute Dekore. They are the Buchanan Living Room and the Carraway Living Room. They both include the Sofa, Chair, Side table and Coffee table. The Carraway Area Rug is separate and is tintable via a menu and the Tall House Plant is also separate from the sets. It is in a Twisted Cube Patterned pot. Which made it and the rug irresistible to me!
The Watermelon Cake on the Buchanan Coffee Table is from Lunar Seasonal Designs and is a full perm item that is part of the current round of The Creative Spark - Sweet Tooth. This is at a special price right now and has 3 mesh models, a Whole cake, a Cut Slice cake and a Slice of cake, all on plates. These seen here have been tinted by me with similar colors on the included mesh models. This set includes the UV and AO maps for all the pieces and faces of the mesh models. Find this set at Lunar Seasonal Designs and find the full list here. You can also see what is offered this round inworld in The Creative Spark HQ here. And it wouldn't be a party without cake!

And finally, a closer look at the hair, jewelry and makeup I'm wearing on the Catwa Uma Head.
This jewelry is sold separately. This is the Anachron - Art Deco Empire Jewerly - Agate, this necklace and earring set is just one of 5 colors available. This one is not in the store at Twisted Sockdolanger but you will find it in the Anachron Discount Warehouse where everything is 25% to 75% off! And it does go great with this outfit! I am so glad I ran across it in my inventory! At the Multitudes sim landing point there is a sign to teleport you to the Warehouse.

The makeups here are from you know whoooo! *Booty's Beauty* and are new or recent releases except for the brows, which have been out a couple months and I still love them! The *Booty's Beauty* Catwa (Omega available too) brows ~ Punk Pixie are nicely shaped and come in many colors on this hud. Both natural and fantasy colors are included in this one hud! Which is great! I can make the brows the color I'd like to have if I want a different look from the skin. If that is possible with a browless skin option, not all skins allow for this. These are available in both Catwa and an Omega version so it can be used on many different Omega compatible mesh heads. I am wearing the following: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Unicorn Farts (Lashes only), Omega Eyeshadow ~ Satin Sheets and Catwa Lipstick ~ Sandcastle.

Finally, the hair is ICONIC - Betti and is currently at the Vintage Fair. The fair runs until June 24th. I am wearing a color from the Millennium Darks hud.

Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Summer Sale and Mini Hunt
June 1st - 30th

The Creative Spark - Ends June 15th


Saturday, June 9, 2018

#468 - Caution!!! Warning!!

Facepalm Clothing has some new snarky tank tops out and also a new group gift that tells the world that you are a survivor! Like so many more of us, it's pretty cool to know of like minds and/or dealing with similar situations!
This is a group gift at Facepalm. The +FC+ Survivor t-shirt. This one is a recent release and is as seen above. I am wearing it on the Slink Hourglass body but it also includes sizes for Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya, TMP and Standard Mesh sizes. This shirt is made for both men and women and can be found on the second floor of the store.
The shorts seen here are the +FC+ Country Girl shorts and they come with sizes for both standard and mesh bodies. The sizes include Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, eBody, Maitreya, TMP and Standard Mesh sizes. And they include an 8 texture hud.

 Now for the new snarky shirts!
The +FC+ Caution is a fitmesh, layered tank top and it comes with a 6 texture hud with more humourous textures for this top. I have 3 of them on display here. This shirt includes sizes for the Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, eBody, Maitreya, TMP and Standard Mesh sizes. I am wearing it on the Slink Hourglass body. This tank will let everyone know to approach you with caution...or not at all!
+FC+ Warning is a new release at the Jersey Shore 3 event, which opened today (June 9th). This shirt has the same sizes included as the +FC+ Caution tank top. This one has a few more options to use in it's 10 texture hud. Only at the Jersey Shore 3 event which runs from June 9th to June 30th. These textures are a bit stronger than the last one pictured above, so fair warning! If you have a strong opinion and aren't afraid to share it, then this is the set for you!

If you are a fan of these shirts, there will be plenty to chose from this month.

Jersey Shore 3 - June 9th - 30th


Friday, June 8, 2018

#467 - The "Not All There" Kaori Kimono

"The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment." It is normally a floor length robe "and the word "kimono" actually means a 'thing to wear'." (Wikipedia )  This kimono, the +FC+ Kaori, is missing some of its length! Hence the title of my post. It is a simple yet beautiful garment and they come in so many beautiful patterns. Even if they are a solid color, I always think they are so elegant and beautiful. This is a sexy version of the kimono and you will find this one new in the store at Facepalm Clothing. Made for both the Standard and Mesh body avatars it includes the following sizes: Standard Mesh sizes (XS - XL), Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, Ebody, Maitreya and TMP.

The kisetsu World Tour Gift Getas (sandals) were the hunt gift from the World Tour Hunt from May 2018.
The kisetsu - Sakkou hair is a traditional Japanese style hair worn by maiko for a week before they become geisha. Very pretty, with silver wires wrapped around parts of the hair. It is unrigged mesh, hud controlled with 5 accessory textures. 20 hair colors/pack and materials options, the hairbase is not included. This hair is available at the current SaNaRae event which ends on June 18th.

The makeup seen here is from *Booty's Beauty* and they are the Catwa Lashes set ~ Vice, Catwa Makeup ~ Kaldorei (liner/shadow) and the Catwa Lipstick ~ Hot Tamale. The Kaldorei liner and shadow can be tinted and has lashes, liner and shadow and a face tattoo around the eyes. They can be tinted using your main Catwa hud. On the eyeshadow seen here, the blue line is the tintable portion of the shadow.
Also from kisetsu are the new 3Ayame Kanzashi in bright Spring colors, these are the Mixed Yellow Bridge, Hana and Small Kanzashi. And they are available now in the kisetsu store. There are 5 color versions to choose from, all in bright Spring colors you are sure to enjoy!

The nails seen in the second picture are from the Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Summer Sale & Mini Hunt. They are from EKC, one of the many merchants you will find at this event. These are the EKC - Twisted Sockdolanger Omega Nails. One of two special sets of nails created for this event! This event runs through June and raises money for a great cause! We hope you will come check us out and maybe find something you will love. The theme this summer is the Sockdolanger (Roaring 20s). So expect to find some wonder Art Deco Furniture and Home Decor along with 20s period clothing, some ala Twisted Style!

kisetsu @ SaNaRae - Ends June 18th

Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Summer Sale & Mini Hunt
Ends June 30th


Monday, June 4, 2018

#466 - Country Girl Cutie

I am feeling so comfortable in these new items from Facepalm Clothing Company. So I was taking a load off, kicking back for a few moments in the nice weather today.
I am wearing +FC+ Alison shirt and the +FC+ Country Girl shorts on the Slink Hourglass body. Both fit with very little alpha needed. Actually, none on the shirt and just a little bit with the shorts. Although, I did not find the same alpha needed on the Maitreya body, so it could be the size of my butt in the Hourglass causing the peeking of flesh through the shorts. It took crouching for my flesh to peek through though. So normal movement was actually okay. Both of these items are New Releases in the store.
These nails are from Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Citrus Splash. They are a $69L special price for the Syndicate Sunday and will go up after June 5th. So get them while you can at the Sunday Syndicate price! This nail set has 5 bright summery colors included and come with Omega, Slink & Maitreya appliers.

I am also wearing the new Group Gift from Akeruka, the [AK Deluxe] Maia Bento Head. It comes with all you need, including the animation hud! This offer is only available until June 15th and you must be a member of the group to get this gift. The group will cost you $150L and it is open to new members during this Group Gift period.

Syndicate Sunday - Ends June 5th


Sunday, June 3, 2018

#465 - The Twisted Summer Sockdolanger RFL Sale & Mini Hunt Is Open!

The Twisted Summer Sockdolanger RFL Sale and Mini Hunt is now open! This is the 3rd year for the Summer event and the Twisted Merchants have so many great things for you at this event. I have some items from Gothic Desires and Page Creations.
The theme, Sockdolanger is from the time period of the Roaring 20s. And it means something that is exceptional, an important event. This event has it's own mini hunt and the color of the cube for the Summer is Sepia. You can see this on the website. There are no hints this round just the fun of finding the cubes wherever you can find them. In the above picture, I am displaying the hunt gift by Page Creations, the Bonifide Gin Tray
Here are a few more items from by Page Creations, the bPC - Art Deco Squared Clock - Bronze Mixed Metal, Art Deco Table Lamp Dk Silver and the Art Deco Mantle Clock - Silver.
And finally, here is the bPC - Bonifide Bathtub Gin. A spot for all that speakeasy gin to sit and wait to be finished, bottled and consumed! Lots of Gin for your partying needs right here!

And there is still so much more to see at the Twisted Summer RFL Sockdolanger Sale and Mini Hunt! This event runs until June 30th.
June 1st - 30th