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I have been in Second Life since October of 2009. And I just went about vampire clan life for many years, jumping from clan to clan. In and out of drama everywhere we went(with my partner). That was such an adventure and I am so glad that drama is all over! It was fun though! So after that ended, I moved back to my original clan and that is where I am staying. And yes, all this is in Bloodlines and I am still in Bloodlines to this day.

I really loved shopping in the early years and actually still do, but the very well off previous partner of mine just fueled that fire even more so for a couple years and then some.  And changing up our looks was a regular thing we did between landscaping and renting the sims he owned and we managed. I didn't really do any blogging but I did share the various looks I had put together. I did love doing that! Taking pictures of my outfits and places I'd been was always a love of mine.

I was off SL for a while and then came back in 2014. Later in 2014, I started being interested in building and later blogging. I do have my own shops, Melynessence (creations & gacha resales) and Mel's Rares & Spares (gachas only) and I need to get back to building again soon! I think since I had to describe my creations, I had to write about them and this lead me to want to blog too. So I applied to The Dark Fae after seeing her notecard calling for Bloggers and I started with Corvi and her shop, The Dark Fae, in January of 2015. And I loved it! And Corvi suggested I apply and put in a good word for me with the blog manager at The Wash and I began to blog for them in December of 2015. Thanks Corvi for encouraging me!!

I blog for 13 shops regularly (and a few not so regularly): The Dark Fae, Anachron (now #hashbang! - Dreaming Thicket - Kisetsu & Maraschino), Roped Passions, .:Soul:. Adoness Hair, Dark Passions/Koffin Nails, Booty's Beauty, {zfg} Zero F*cks Given, Facet Shapes and MacMoragh an Gabha (Fashions)! RYL, Moonlitecat Creations, MystRie, DSO and Love Everlasting are quite irregularly blogged sometimes, among others. I also blog for The Wash, Fantasy Faire and the Twisted Hunts pretty regularly (when they do have events). I am also a Blogger Manager/Assistant with the Twisted Hunts & Events. I am a very busy vampire!

I really love the fantasy looks the most, though since I've started blogging those are very few and far between. I squeeze them in here and there. My favorite fantasy skins are from Fallen Gods and a few from .:Soul:. and I've collected many over the years of being in Second Life. That and the Twisted Hunts give me many weird, strange, gothy, dark and fantasy looks throughout the year which I love!

I am open to blog most anything, I mostly do clothing and hair but every once in a while I do furniture or buildings. So that is me in a slightly bigger nutshell than I expected!

My Shops & Locations:
Melynessence/Mel's Rares & Spares: Neptune 
Mel's Rares & Spares (store): EPIC 3
Melynessence/Mel's Rares & Spares: T-Girls Adult Beach & City Sim

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