Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#174 - The Wash Is Open - Items To Decorate Your Home

It's time again for that amazing sale called "The Wash Cart Sale"! This rounds theme is Indian Summer and it is very promising - as it usually is! Where else can you find such great quality items for only $10L? Here at the Wash! Most everything is $10L with each merchant offering one item for $50L, but still, such quality for so few lindens! You have to come look to see for yourself! I am not able to list them all in the posts that are forthcoming, but The Wash website does its best to list all the merchants and items available! Just FYI!

First, Magnum Opus with his Halloween Tables and Lamps! And they are toggle on/off lights too. They come separately and have very interesting and spooky fabrics on them. Perfect for your Halloween decorating! 

And there are more tables (end tables) from Magnum Opus:
Here we have some dark wood end tables and upon those I sat some cacti on either side of my bed. Lucky we don't have to worry about poking ourselves or even sleeping! :D No alarm clock needed! The Barrel Cactus and the Flowering Cactus are from The Artist's Shed and they have some colorful offerings for you this round! I love the colors in their items and they brighten a dark little corner of my skybox for me! I think I am really going to like this Indian Summer theme. I am loving these Southwestern looking designs...but again, its the colors I love! All available at The Wash!

And here are the colorful items I was referring to earlier! More color to brighten up this dark little corner! All for $10L but very sorry, the ladder is not one of the items included in the sale. The Cactus Poufs have one animation in each for sitting and the rest is decor for the home. And all are low prim!

So get on over there and pick up these Indian Summer items and either prepare your home for Halloween... or brighten it up with some warm colors!

So much more to come!

Sept 14th - Sept 28th

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