Friday, November 4, 2016

#205 - One Of My Favorite Winter Things @ The Gacha Garden

Anachron has begun ushering in those cooler temperatures at the current Gacha Garden! Burrrr! Yes, the winter brings colder temperatures and snow, but isn't it one of your favorite things to see the various snowmen and sculptures that people create when there is snow on the ground? I know I love seeing them whenever we are out and about in the winter. They bring me a certain joy just seeing them! And don't we need just a little bit of joy in the world right now? I think we do.
Check out this gang of snowmen, snow women, snow reindeer and snow pets!!! And there are a couple of familiar faces in here too! Frosty, Santa, Rudolph and a couple of his friends are all here. All dressed for those cold temperatures too!

Here are some closer looks at smaller groups of the snowmen: Santa, Frosty, Angela RARE, Dancer, Rudolph RARE and Dasher.

This group is (clockwise from the top) Rosy, Spike, Fido (dog), Spot (cat) and Nana.

And these fun loving snowmen are Topsy and Toasty!

There are two rares in the group as noted above and the Gacha Garden Seed of Inspiration prize for 20 pulls are the Mr. & Mrs. Snow.

And, there is a free gift at the machine. The Peppermint & Pumpkin Spice drinks! Stay warm with these two steaming hot winter drinks!
These drinks have hold & drinking animations in them. And they both are steaming with warmth! Don't forget to grab these while you are there!

The Gacha Garden runs through the month of November.

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