Monday, June 26, 2017

#309 - A Quiet Day Of Writing

Hanging out one morning in my pajamas, I sat out on the small patio just thinking about the day ahead. It was so quiet, only the birds chirping and traffic in the far distance. Sometimes it's so great just to have a quiet moment, a few hours or a whole day of quiet time. Though today was not going to be a full day of quiet, that is a very rare thing in my world and I assume in many others too. It was a nice quiet morning. All the following items are shown on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.
Seen above are (from top to bottom) !HEAD DESK! JULIETTE hair which is currently the $50L Item at the Jersey Shore 2 event. I am also wearing +FCC+ DEJA (tank top) & SHAW'S CAMO pajama pants which are both new in the store this month. The +FCC+ DEJA Tank comes in 5 Standard Mesh sizes and one each in Belleza, Slink & Maitreya and a 6 texture hud. The +FCC+ SHAW'S CAMO pajama pants come with two textures and include 5 Standard Mesh sizes, 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic, Maitreya and TMP sizes. Both fit very nicely with minimal alphas used.

As the day wore on, I wanted to stretch out on the beach and continue my writing. I love to be on the beach so much but I must be comfortable, so I donned some shorts also from Facepalm Clothing Company and laid out on the beach to continue working. The +FCC+ SUE ELLEN shorts (also at the Jersey Shore event) come with a 13 texture hud and here you see them in the green print texture along with the Deja tank again, this time in green. I have previously blogged these shorts so if you want more on them, take a look at post #304, where I go into more detail. So the day dragged on and I got quite a bit of writing done. Now it was time to head out on the SL highways and find myself a party! Off to find a dress!
The +FCC+ LUCINDA'S LACE is my choice for tonight's night out at the clubs! It is a lace mini dress with a connected choker. It is sheer all around the sides and the back with a solid panel in front to cover you as needed. Very sexy and comes with a 7 color hud. It is a fitmesh dress that includes sizes for Standard Mesh (5), 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 1 Maitreya and TMP sizes. Ladies, I think you are gonna love this one! I love lace dresses and this one being sheer makes it better. I can show off some skin but still be covered at the same time! Lol! Yes, what a tease! And let's show you the back so you can see for yourself...

And here is the view from behind to show you how sheer the dress is on the sides and the back. Very sheer indeed! Yet, still covered! I love it! And I partied for a while and called it a night. You can find LUCINDA'S LACE in the +FCC+ Mainstore too! I love hanging at the clubs to let  go of some of the tension and just cut loose! So that was it for my day, I hope yours was great one! Here is to the next quiet morning that is hopefully in the very near future.

You can find Deja & Shaw's Camo in the +FCC+ Mainstore

You can find the Juliette hair & Sue Ellen shorts at the Jersey Shore 2 event

Also Seen:

+FCC+ Deja & Shaw’s Camo
Hair: !headdesk! Juliette Alchemist @ *Jersey Shore 2* (Ends June 30th)
Bracelets:  Cae :: Engraved :: Bracelet :: Friend
Collar:  Cae :: Interlaced :: Collar
Mesh Head: [AK] Lulu Bento Head  NEW GEN Vers. 2.6
Eyes: .::{Solstice}::.Dragotha Eyes ($5L Hunt Gift) @ Midsummer Enchantment
Mesh Head: [AK] Lulu Bento Head  NEW GEN Vers. 2.6 (Group Gift)
Nails: Dark Passions - Enchanted Masquerade ($5L Hunt Gift) @ Midsummer Enchantment
Chair, Nook, Basket & Bottle: Serenity Style- Alex Summer Vintage Set @ TLC (Ends June 30th)

PIC #2: 
Mesh Head: [AK] Eretica Mesh Head Vers. 1.5 (BENTO)
Mattress: Anachron Hacker Squat Mattress & Laptop (previous Twisted Hunt Gift)
               ~Other versions of this mattress in the store now!
Slippers:  The Dark Fae - Funky Bunny Slippers only @ The Wash Cart Sale

+FCC+ Lucinda’s Lace
Shoes: PFC - Forced Heels @ We <3 Roleplay (Ends June 30th)
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Razorblade Remix 01
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Razorblade Remix 19

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