Friday, June 28, 2019

#599 - Twisted Summer Jackson Square RFL Creatures!

Today I have just a couple of really cool looking creatures whose mods you can find at the Twisted Summer Jackson Square RFL Event! It is coming down to the final days now! From SKS, is the SKS - Hippocampus Okapi Purple mod and its skin is in shades of the RFL purple! This is a mod only. You must already own or purchase the {NB} Happy Hippocampus. Which comes with a copyable version of the Hippocampus avatar shape, AO, Gesture Hud. All you need to create the one seen above (and below!).
The SKS - Hippocampus Day of the Dead mod is another amazing mod for the {NB} Hippocampus Avatar! I love this one so much! Both are really nice mods! These two mods are Twisted Summer Jackson Square Exclusive mods, so don't miss them! Very reasonably priced as well! Please remember, these are only mods and do not include the avatar body, shape or huds. You must already have the {NB} Happy Hippocampus avatar. The gacha vouchers can be found on the marketplace. The Happy Hippocampus was an avatar that was released at Fantasy Faire this year. Not sure if this gacha is still available anywhere.


Hippocampus #1: SKS - Hippocampus Okapi Purple Mod @ Twisted Summer Jackson Square
Hippocampus #2: SKS - Hippocampus Day of the Dead Mod Twisted Summer Jackson Square
Shape: {NB} Happy Hippocampus Default Shape
Floating Pose: {NB} Happy Hippocampus AO HUD
Laying Pose: {NB} Happy Hippocampus Gestures Hud
Rose Bushes: LEP ~ Climbing Roses *Red* Extra Gift
Roses - Planter Boxes: B's 25! Planter -Red Roses
Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic Ambient
Location 1: Fallen Gods

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