Thursday, October 3, 2019

#632 - My Recent Furry Looks!

I have been dabbling into some furry looks recently and loving them! I have two to show you today. I love the bright greens and the dark tones too! And there are so many to be won at the Gacha Guild's The Hallows Event! Along with other avatars of interest. Come take a look. There will be a hunt at the halfway point.

This is the GLUM - Draxolotl Toxic Marecage Mod. This is a win from the GLUM Spooky Scary Draxolotl Gacha. There are 8 in this machine so not too many to collect! I did win one of the Rares and the Ultrarare Draxolotl (at least I did). This was my favorite being green! I've not done a Draxolotl Dragon before, and it was definitely on my list! It also includes an Omega applier so you can use any mesh body that will accept Omega. The textures needed to apply to the parts you need are also included. Take care with these! They are no copy items! I am using the Belleza Freya Mesh Body for this mod.
This gacha is currently at the Gacha Guild, The Hallows event. It has a Silent Hill theme this time around. Please see the credits for the other items needed to create this avatar. Find the gacha key at this link.

website merchant list and gacha keys

And now for a darker mod, this one is not new, but new to me! The {SS} Toxic Kami Omega Mod.
This one, the {SS} Toxic Kami Omega Mod, I found on the marketplace, and of course the dark and green mod caught my eye while looking for a Halloween fury mod. Something simple and not too complicated. Which I love the fact that many mods are now (or have been actually) released with Omega appliers. Very easy to work with! I am also using the Belleza Freya Mesh Body with this one. And I have used a different tail than what is called for to make this avatar. This is sold by the .uwu. skin boutique on the marketplace. There is also a new release just in time for the Halloween season too! You can see/buy that one here. I plan to do this one too!

That's it for today! Let's roll the credits!


GLUM - Draxolotl Toxic Marecage Mod
Skin/Mod: 6. COMMON ~ Glum ~ Draxolotl Toxic Marecage NEW @ Gacha Guild, The Hallows – Silent Hill (Ends Nov 1st)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * TIERA * (busty)
Dress: .::DS::. Azalex DRESS-FREYA
Boots: .::DS::. Leather clad boots - bellezafreya
Bento Head: [HP – Happy Paw] - Axolotl head
Mesh Eyes: [HP] - Eyes (axolotl) – Included with head
Body Shape: [HP] - Axolotl Head Shape (Edited) – Included with head
Neck Fix: Extendo Neck SL Avi (MP LINK)
Bento Ears: [HP] - Dragon ears - bento
Bento/Animesh Tail: [HP] - Dragon tail (big) - bento
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO

Toxic Kitsune (My name for it)
Skin/Mod: {SS}. Toxic Kami~ Omega Mod - Omega Hud (regular, freya nips, hourglass nips, femboi) <PG or Adult>
Top: :[P]:- Arvinea Spook Collection
Shorts: Blueberry - Babe Shorts - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - 11 Black
Hair: TRUTH / Euphoria / L + Chest
Bento Head: Happy Paw - Bento Foxcat Head
Bento Ears & Tail: + Nogitsune Tail + {aii}, Green Tail Flames, + Nogitsune (Ears L) + {aii}
Omega Neck Fix: [OS] Female Neck 1 (Shorter Version)
Body Shape: [SHAPE] Legacy (f) "Luscious" (Giant)
Paws (feet): Catseye "Dainty Paws" Belleza
Location: Athan Selidor

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