Thursday, March 5, 2020

#677 - Startled Me! Grrrr!!!

I decided to visit Hell House - Adult Haunted House. And of course, something startled me! I am easy to spook and the same goes for me in Second Life! But the good thing was, I never saw anything adult! Whatever that could mean here! LOL! And check out one of the numbers of my location

New at We Love Role Play are the .:Soul:. Head Nubbies! Above you see the Thorns Head Nubbies. There are three different types and all of them await your choice at the We Love Role Play event that opens today. This event runs the rest of the month. I am wearing it on the Catwa Susan Mesh Bento Head. It took some resizing and adjusting, but that was pretty easy.
These are the .:Soul:. Head Nubbies - Fins! These are small fin head nubbies! They would nicely fit  those mermen or mermaids out there! Gives you quite an edgy look, right? Kinda hard to decide which to wear seems like it might be a problem. And guess what? They are Bakes on Mesh (BoM) compatible. Make sure you use the right part of the hud to color your decor on the nubbies. Because the hud holds all the current shades of the .:Soul:. skin line! You can match them to your .:Soul:. skins!

And finally...
Yes! They are nubbies! .:Soul:. Head Nubbies come in a Nubbies version too! All are Bakes on Mesh compatible for those skins who are worn that way. Just make sure to use the hud to flip it to Bakes on Mesh, and you are good to go! Find the .:Soul:. Head Nubbies at We Love Role Play all month long! Open Now!

We Love Role Play - Ends March 30th


Outfit, Horns, Ear Jewels: Stargazer - Natira Gacha @ The Imaginarium - Ends March 30th

Tech Collar: Neverwish - Twisted Hunt Special Release (#35 on the hunt)

bold & italics indicate sponsors
Head Nubbies: .:Soul:. Head Nubbies – Fins, Nubbies & Thorns NEW @ We Love RP
Horns: StarGazer (SG) Natira Horns - Onyx - NEW @ The Imaginarium (Ends Mar30th)
Body Suit: SG Natira Body Suit RARE - Onyx NEW @ The Imaginarium (Ends Mar30th)
Boots: SG Natira Boots - Onyx NEW @ The Imaginarium (Ends Mar30th)
Ear Jewels: SG Natira Ear Jewel SPECIAL – Onyx NEW @ The Imaginarium (After 20 Pulls)
BoM Eyes: SG Eyes - Synthetica Red
BoM Skin: SG Synthetica Skin - Red
Collar: *NW* Tech Collar – Red - NEW Twisted Hunt Cyberpunk Release
Mesh Nails: [WitchCraft] Cat's Eye Bento Coffin Nails - Legacy
Ring: EarthStones Ever After Bridal Set - Gold

Body, Poses & Location:
Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.2.1) - UPDATE
Mesh Body Shape: [SHAPE] Legacy (f) "Luscious" (Giant) (6'7" 35%)
Mesh / Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Susan Toothless v4.5 (BoM Activated)
Mesh Eyes: CATWA EYES RIG Susan v3.3 (BoM Activated)
Mesh Teeth / Fangs: CATWA Add-on TEETH B [Default] v3.3
Facial Expressions: CATWA HUD Animations F v3.2
Bento Wings: [SP] Ascendant Wings Demonic v2 L
Bento Tail: aii  + Daemonium Tail (bento/b.o.m.) S + {egosumaii}
Poses: Poseidon Gantz 1-6 NEW @ We Love RP (Ends Mar 30th)
Location: Hell House – Adult Haunted House

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