Saturday, May 21, 2016

#103 - Ren Ren Shoes From The Dark Fae - Now $60 Lindens!

This weekend, if you missed the Fantasy Faire, you can get the Ren Ren Shoes for Slink for only 60 Lindens! Yes, this is your 60 Linden Weekends sale item and they are gorgeous! And they go great with the Ren Ren Dress which is also available in the store.

These shoes come with a 9 color HUD and the colors match the RenRen Dress too. Just take a look at the photos from the Fantasy Faire, which was so amazing by the way, if you missed it, definitely look for it next year around April again. You will be amazed!

These shoes have matching laces and your skin peeks from between them. And remember, these are for the Slink High Feet only. The other sizes for other mesh bodies are available in the store but only the Slink version is on sale this weekend. So be sure you are purchasing the pair you need for your mesh body!

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And here is your ride:

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