Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#154 - Magical Staffs, Wands and Books - Anachron @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Anachron has the Magical tools you need to show off your powers this month at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. And there are many to win from the Magic Items Gacha, wands, rare staffs & rare books!
This is the RARE Staff of Life, just one of four rares in this gacha set called Magic Items. These Magic Items have a HUD that controls the particles it will emit. Every item has this HUD and each ones particle effects are different. I have put together quite a few pictures to show what they do. And let's start with one of the Rare Books, the Book of Order:
You add the book and the HUD and when you press the lightning bolt, you get the "At the ready" or "Preparing to strike" stance. In this case the book is open and held up as if you are looking into it. Some particles begin poofing from the book (large picture), the Fireball button (or Fire button) makes you shoot the magic from your item, in this case the book, being the Book of Order is shoots this circular symbol out (top right pic), next the "Rain" button sends out smaller triangular & circular shapes as you open your arms and turn slightly side to side throwing forth the powers. The next picture shows the "Explosion" button sends out the large circular symbol quickly (bottom right), the "Shield" Button puts forth the circular symbol and this stays in front of you until you turn off the book or use another button. 

Next is the Rare Staff of Death! This one is pretty cool I like the particles in this one, could be the vampy me...but whatever, it's pretty cool!
The large pic is the "Shield" this staff surrounds you with when you use this button. Then there is a Fireball that shoots forth when using the "Fire" button. The bottom right is the "Explotion" button and it explodes the darkness as you hold the staff above your head. The lower left picture is the "Rain" button and it rains down destruction which appears to be blood as you hold it over your head. 

And finally I have the Dazzle Wand. This one is simply magical, starry sweet particles, this is a great one for faries and emits cute colorful effects.
This one as you can see is different from the others, it is very colorful and more inviting in nature than most of the others. Although, I really like the Wand of Water, I like this one for all the colorful particles. The particles beginning with the big picture and then clockwise: the "Rain " effect showers you in colorful star particles, then the "Lightning" button is the Prepare to strike stance which is the same with all the Magic Items. Next the "Shield" button surrounds you in a big rainbow colored bubble, the "Fire" button shoots the colorful stars forth at your target. Finally, the "Explosion" button showers forth the starry colored particles.

And there you have it! Don't miss out! The Fantasy Gacha Carnival runs from Aug 7th thu Sept 7th. So you have plenty of time to get in there and play this one to your heart's content!

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