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#454 - A Stranger Travels About Sanoria

The woman wanders the warm sands of Sanoria. She's gone unnoticed so far for the time she's been here. She moves along the rock walkways hoping to go completely unnoticed by anyone. Looking around she keeps her distance from the others going about their own business in this busy marketplace. "Good" she thinks to herself, "no one is even noticing me."
She must keep her distance so no one gets too close. She cannot afford to be discovered. She appears normal from a distance in her Sari with a scarf for a quick face cover should she need it. But, it's hard to cover her eyes. Once you look into her eyes one could see she seems as out of place here as the strange plant-life and other alien items found around this land.
Then, something catches her attention, this is why she's come looking. Then she suddenly forgets all going on around her as she stares into the distance. There is something obviously very familiar to her about it and she lets out a sigh of relief. She's may have finally found her way out of this land and back home. After ending her admiration of the object, she makes her way back to her dwelling until the night arrives. It's better she approaches under the cover of night and when the streets are hopefully empty. She takes a quick glance again as if to make sure it is not a mirage, and then heads off to formulate a plan.
This beautiful outfit is from Dreaming Thicket. This is the Dreaming Thicket - Verbena Outfit. They are sold in two pieces, the tops and skirts in 6 color options. The tops come with the scarf AND hair and a hair color hud! And the skirt and skirt scarf in a set too. So you can have this full look! And of course there is an RFL color of Violet. Two RFL vendors contain the Violet and Hellabore colors. There are also the Sedge Shirts for men too. Also in 6 colors, with 2 RFL vendors of the Mulberry and Flax. You will find Dreaming Thicket (& kisetsu) on the Sanoria sim at Fantasy Faire.

The skin is from ND/MD - Zoe skin which is a new ethnic skin release at the Fantasy Faire. This skin comes with shapes and appliers. Appliers are for the Maitreya, Slink and Omega. The Shapes available for this skin are for the Lelutka - CATE and Catwa - LILLY mesh heads. I am not using the shape on my Catwa Uma, only the skin. You will find ND/MD on the Pool of Ethuil sim.

Makeup here is the *Booty's Beauty* - Catwa Makeup ~ Phenomenon (eyeshadow & lipstick) and lashes from the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Eyeshadow & Lashes ~ Empress.
These are the Avatar Bizarre - Chrome Eyes. These have been applied to my mesh eyes with the included Omega applier hud. There are also a set of mesh eyes in the box too which include a hud of the eye colors, 9 to choose from. They are quite large with roman numerals around the edges and what appears to be golden clock hands extending from the pupil. The color worn above is Flame, a very bright orange, veined color. You will find Avatar Bizarre on Sanoria.
What was the object of her relief? This strange statue that stands here across from the largest store on Sanoria. How she will access it is another story.

This item is the Chic Buildings - Space Time Astrolab. This was made for the Sanoria sim landscape and to spark some stories from those who visit this land. There are two sizes included in this package. You can find this item in it's environment on the Sanoria sim and in the Chic [Cb] store on the Sanoria sim. Both types of plants seen in the picture #1 are also from Chic Buildings [Cb].

You have until May 7th to visit the fairelands in all their beauty. The events are now over, but that just means it's a bit more quiet. And a lot less lag! You can start at the Fairelands Junction or teleport to any sim and at the landing points you should find the teleport hud to get you around to all the sims very easily. And, the shops are still around too!

Skin: ND/MD ZOE head Skins Lightest - Omega HUD @ FF2018, Pools of Ethuil
Eyes: Avatar Bizarre - Eyes Chronos Fire @ FF2018, Sanoria
Hair, Top & Scarf: Dreaming Thicket - Verbena Top, Scarf & Verbena Hair @ FF2018, Sanoria
Skirt & Skirt Scarf: Dreaming Thicket - Verbena Skirt & Scarf - Maitreya Lara - Goldenrod
Eye Lashes: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Eyeshadow & Lashes ~ Empress
Eyeshadow & Lipstick: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Phenomenon
Earrings: :Z.S: Crystal Swirl @ FF2018, Willows of Nienna
Ring: DKD - Eternal Hearts Ring, hers
Bento Rings: (Yummy) Leave A Mark Set - Maityrea
Mesh/Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Uma v3.1
Mesh Eyes: CATWA EYES RIG Uma v3.1
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Mesh Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium *Maitreya*
Nail Polish: Dark Passions/Koffin Nails – Demon Caller @ The Secret Affair (Ends May 5th)
          ***DP/KF is also at Fantasy Faire on Severina
Statue: Chic Buildings [Cb] - Space Time Astrolab, FF2018, Sanoria
Plants: Chic Buildings - Sonorian Fire Plants
Tall Plants: Chic Buildings - Sonorian Flora
Location: Sanoria

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