Wednesday, September 12, 2018

#503 - Taking a Wicked Rest!

I've only begun hunting and plan to do more! These merchants are making it hard on a hunter this time, but as usual I suppose! This time? Who am I kidding? But it's so worth it! Just look at the hunt prizes, extras, sales, and special items from Twisted Inferno!
So I am basking here in all the Twisted glory that can be gained from going through the Twisted Hunt Inferno! This hanging chair is the LoveEverlasting ~ Hanging Chair *Inferno* Twisted Special Edition and is her Twisted Hunt Main Prize (#17).

I am wearing even more Twisted Inferno prizes too!
I am wearing the following:

Dress: MLCC Persephone Dress Inferno Maitreya – Twisted Main Prize @ #25
Hair: A&A - Twisted Genasi Hair - Twisted Side Hunt Prize @ #4
Eyes: Attitude is an Artform - Inferno eyes - Twisted Main Hunt Prize @ #4
Brows: A&A Twisted Genasi Brows - Twisted Side Hunt Prize @ #4
**Note: A&A items come in both Regular AV and Petite AV versions**
Earrings: DragonFyre Designs (DFD) - Anger Earrings – Twisted Gacha @ #50
Nose Ring: Astara - Spiked Septum V1 1 – Twisted Main Prize @ #35
Necklace: GG: THF18 - Inferno Necklace – Twisted Main Prize @ #70
Watch: GG: THF18 - Inferno Watch – Twisted Main Prize @ #70
Belt: DFD - Anger Hellfyre Belt – Twisted Main Prize @ #50
All the above coordinates well with all the Twisted Side Quest Prizes too! I only have a few out here, but here is what you see from Love Everlasting: LE ~ Iris Plant *Special Edition Inferno* (side quest gift), LE ~ Bleeding Plant (Twisted side quest gift) and the LE ~ Golden Fire Urn @ #17.

I also have some items from Lilith's Den shown here too. In the background are the Lilith’s Den - Carmine Cibum A,B & C FIRE (Twisted Hunt Main Gift) and LD - Carmine Cibum A,B & C DAWN – Twisted Special Sale Item. And, if you didn't see the previous post on the side hunt collaboration between Lilith's Den (#11) and Fantavatar & Moonstruck (#8), check that out here (Post #500). There are a lot more Twisted Special items for this Inferno theme! I love landscaping and had to show these off and show others off in that previous post too. 

And what is the dark lava colored items surrounding me? Well that is the LE ~ Twisted Inferno Gazebo 10 x 10 (side quest gift), another gift! And you need quite a bit to fill it! It is only 10 prims at this size and has plenty of room as you can see here. Another gift in the Twisted Inferno Side Quest at Love Everlasting (#17).

And finally, a closer look at a new *Booty's Beauty* makeup set. This is the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ The 3 L's (Liner, Lashes & Lipstick) and this set is at the Designer's Showcase until September 30th.

This close up also shows you the Attitude is an Art Form (#4) - Inferno Eyes, Genasi Brows and Genasi Hair. Here you can also see the Anger Earrings by DragonFyre Designs (#50).

Good Luck to you all as you go forth and hunt! I hope you find all the cubes!!!

Twisted Hunt Inferno - Sep 1st - 30th
Twisted Headquarters
& Merchant List

Designer Showcase - Ends Sep 30th
*Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ The 3 L's Catwa Makeup

Other Credits:
Skin: +FG Inc.+ - Scales [xx]+FGInc.+ Fire
Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Blix

Makeup: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ The Three Ls Hud
Background – Large Plants: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Megil Plant (Fire)

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