Monday, July 19, 2021

#828 - So That's Where We Left the Beverage!

 Backtracking looking for where we may have left items we need, I found the teleport and the beverage kegs! Very important items, I must say! Now how to transport it to the camp? Can't do it on this hover bike, there is no room to tote it.

I guess it's off to find the others, or a larger vehicle!

Both these items are at the Chronicles & Legends Event thru month end. The Stargazer Tanzanite skin for both Male and Females and the #hashbang! Rebel MK I Hover Bike are there all month long! So you have time but why would you wait!

The SG Tanzanite skin comes with both male and female BOM skins and they are bakes on mesh only. There are two sets of eyes included (system layers), and skins made for the Legacy Perky, but I am wearing it on Legacy above. There are layers for the Flat chest, Keen chest (male) and Male legs. So you achieve the male look with those extra layers.

The #hashbang! Rebel MK I Hover Bike is a vehicle you can ride and the seated position is adjustable and has particle effects that can be turned off via the menu. It moves very quickly! You sit and use the keyboard arrows to drive. There are four versions available!

Chronicles & Legends - Ends July 31st

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Skin: SG Variety Perky - Tanzanite (M&F skins included in box) NEW @ Chronicles & Legends (Ends July 30th)

Vehicle: #hashbang! - Rebel Mk. I Hover Bike – Marine NEW @ Chronicles & Legends (Ends July 30th)

Outfit: V/.VoluptasVirtualis  - Ravyn - {LEGACY} – Top, Straps, Panties - Fatpack

Headgear: Butanik83 - Brain Sense Amplifier TENKEI

Nail Polish: VENGE -  ' Azrael ' Stiletto Nail Applier


Hair: :[P]: & Trap:// Kalari Hair [Rigged-Unisex]


Body Details:

Mesh Eyes: :[P]:- Nareos Night Eyes [Sphere]

Mesh Nails: VENGE - Legacy - Stiletto Nails

Mesh Head / Body Shape: .N X LELUTKA EVOX BAMBI SHAPE  (Legacy)

Mesh Bento Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0

Mesh Body:  [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)

Backdrop: Abandoned Teleport - Far Horizons - The Bearded Guy

Windlight: Poly: Beautiful Day 4

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