Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#25 - Inner Beauty

To be honest, the term Inner Beauty bugs me a bit in itself. Why do we have to call all of our good qualities "beauty" in order to make them count? I think we should be just as proud of our kindness, our strength, our smarts, our sense of duty and honor as we are of our beauty. Miss Congeniality shouldn't be a consolation prize!                                                                             -- Nix Marabana

I couldn't of said it better myself! And, in this offering from Anachron, Miss Congeniality is one of the Rare prizes! 

You will receive with each play both the Ms. and Mr. sashes. They are rigged mesh and include 5 sizes each for both male and female. And you can share these with others you feel deserve them. Sounds like a great idea to me! There are many options to be won and all of them are great qualities to see in someone!

You can find these currently at the OMGacha Event which runs from Jan 10th thru the 24th.
All options for the Inner Beauty Pageant Gacha from Anachron
Hope to see you there!

More pics on Flickr

What else you see in the picture:
Dress: :: PM :: Elwing Gown in Moss Green v.2.0
Hair:  ICONIC: RUSSINA - Cafes - Mesh Body Addicts Fair - Bi-Monthly (January 2016)

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