Thursday, January 28, 2016

#30 - A Couple of Great Looks I Wanted to Share!

I've been taking random shots lately - of my outfits - but I've not had the time to share so finally, here they are! Well, a couple outfits and one is a gacha sale I found on the MP - I had no idea it was a gacha! And the other was actually in the last post I did but the main focus was not the outfit so I am including it here again. And the first look is the gacha find I came across on the Marketplace.
So this is the gacha I found on the marketplace, its not marked as a RARE but I was thinking it was but its made by Champagne Sparkling Couture. I've never heard of them but I think its time that I paid them a visit! Love it! It includes the entire outfit including the headdress/helmet or crown rather. I like wearing big hair so luckily, the headdress does have a resize script. But it looks like hair anyway so wearing it without hair looks okay too.
Then I decided that I would mess around with some filters within the Firestorm Viewer and I got this result with two different Monochrome filters. Jules Verne and Toy Camera. And here is the result...just fooling around with the pics!
From Left to Right: Toy Camera & Jules Verne filters on the Firestorm camera
Then this is the repeat outfit from the last post for Anachron. But I like it so much I am still wearing it now! It's the UC_Fringe_bandage_dress_black and its so nice looking on me! I was chasing some gacha keys when I ran across this outfit. And I don't regret it! I added some boots I had from Sky - AriJ Strapped Boots Black, and whom I can't locate anymore so - wah!
UC - Fringe Bandage Dress - Black & Sky - AriJ Strapped Boots Black
This mannequin is a new prop suggested to me by a friend from {What's Next}. It's called Mimi's Mannequin with Poses. It has five poses in it. And the chair I am using on the right is from Purple Poses & ME Jewelry - Holographic Stool - Pack 2 @ Collabor88, the stool comes with a color change HUD for the metal and has six poses.

And this same friend suggested I go to Earthstone Jewelry and Wow!!! I love the jewelry there but I held off since I had just purchased a couple necklaces but I did find some eyes I really, really love! They are the Earthstones Jewelry Idol Eyes in Chocolate Diamond. And here is a look at those:
LOVE LOVE LOVE these eyes from Earthstone Jewelry!!!
The earrings are from The Fantasy Collective - the *Figment* Morocco Earrings which have a color change HUD for both the metal (4 options) and the glassy bulb section (6 options) of the earrings. 

And the other items in the pictures above are here:
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone
Hair: [RA] Carrie Hair - Regular - Grayscale @ The Fantasy Collective (thru Feb 15th)
Eyelashes: MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown - B -

And more pics on Flickr

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