Thursday, November 3, 2016

#204 - Dia De Los Muertos & Halloween!

Well, I've been running around trying to have a little bit of fun and make sure I get to the various events, hunts, Halloween parties, Halloween or spooky sims, etc etc before they are gone! I am so glad I did! Here are a few looks I was wearing while I was doing all that running around.
When the gacha came out, I had to have as many outfits as I could get and I played this one a lot! And, if you are a fan of !dM, you know this is not a new outfit. But I've used it since I acquired them last year during the Tag Gacha Event. It is made of standard mesh sizes only but works well since it is a full skirt, I didn't have a problem wearing it on the Maitreya body which I use the most. Here I am wearing the outfit and the accessories which are won separately. I am not wearing the head flowers which came with it because I picked up the Astralia Catrina headpiece and veil from The Candy Fair Event. It is a collaboration between Astralia & Runaway Hair. Runaway created a hair that goes with this veil too and it fits perfectly underneath. I don't have that but the veil also comes in an unrigged version and you can wear just the candles alone if you want too. The Headpiece alone is unrigged and the Headpiece / Veil combo are rigged for the [RA] Hair (sold separately). I thought this complimented the look very well so I wore them together to have a slightly different look, but the head/hair flowers (part of the !dM outfit) are also very nice to wear with this outfit and there is also a parasol in the accessories of the !dM outfit which is not shown. I will include the gacha key at the end of this post.
Of course, I had to have the skull face makeup too, what would I look like without that on the Dia De Los Muertos?! This is from Delizio. Very inexpensive and looks great. It only comes in the standard avatar tattoo layer though. And I do not yet have a mesh head for those make ups which are pretty awesome this year!
I am also wearing: [RA] Runaway - Enchantress Hair, this is not the hair for which the veil is rigged for - just FYI.

This is a closer look at the Astralia Catrina Headpiece & Veil. The HUD changes the candles and the veil separately. So you can match to your outfit as needed. The makeup is a System layer only, and its what I already had so maybe Delizio has updated with some applier makeups too. On a quick search of the marketplace, they have -- Delizio - Dia De Los Muertos Face Paints! Wonderful!

I mentioned I was completing some hunts I could get to on the LAST day of October! So I was hopping trying to get those done. Here is a shot I caught at the Cemetery Hunt grounds.

In this photo I am wearing the !dM Diawa outfit (also gacha) which was at the Memento Mori Event in October. This is a futuristic fetish outfit of latex and chains. I really like the latex and all the pieces included when you collect the entire outfit. You can play for the outfit based on the mesh body you wear. It is offered for the Maitreya Lara and the Slink Physique & Hourglass bodies. So pay attention to which you play. This is the Olive version. 
You play for the latex suit, harness and cuffs as commons and the Souleater Crown RARE (shown above) has all the colors included. There are also RARE Wings and the Endless Eyes Visor RARE (a different headpiece), all the Rares have all the colors included. You only touch the item to get the menu to change those colors and other features such as the glow. A detailed list of each item and its features is on their website, Chainmations Devious Minds.
I was lucky to win the Souleater Crown which I felt fit me - being in Bloodlines as it is!

And this is not a Halloween look per say, but it is a futuristic cyber look from Wicca's Wardrobe which was at the most recent We Love Roleplay, which ended on October 31st! But I can imagine this will be out in the store, if not now, then soon. 

This is the Samara Outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe, I am wearing this one on the Slink Hourglass. I did have a slight poking thru of the skin near the waist, which I took care of my adjusting my Love Handles slider (obviously after this pic was taken!). Other than that, it fit very nicely! The A&A Abyssal Crown went perfectly with this outfit. And for the life of me, I still haven't figured out where I picked this up! But it looks great! The heels are the .:KC:. Angelina Heels for Slink High. There are lots of options and colors/patterns to choose from and three different sections to change.
This comes with sizes for the Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass bodies. All in one package. You can change the Main fabric colors, Lights, Metals and Belt on the outfit. Six colors on the fabrics are available in the HUD. There is a Slink Alpha Guide too for help with your alpha on the Slink bodies.

So there you have my recent looks for Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos! But you know, you can be all Halloweeny in SL all the time if you want! 

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And the gacha keys!

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