Thursday, May 28, 2020

#706 - Beware the Kistune

Maybe the human female form is best to work my magic and go about fulfilling my desires. I am full of energy, willing to delve deep into your psyche and work to bring about my bidding. I appear full of youth, but I can be centuries in age. This I will never reveal to you. There is no way to resist, I can possess the one you are endeared with and still work my magic alternatively in this way. I will be there one day and draw your attention. It will be happenstance and unexpected, one way or another, I will have my way. Others will warn you but nothing will come of it, you will be under my spell. It will be too late. My grip on you will be relentless, ruthless and binding, until I choose to release you.

Enchantment this month is themed Kitsune. One set of makeup here is from [Stargazer] - Kitsune Makeup. This Fatpack has 8 colors included. They are Bakes on Mesh layers only. I am wearing the Cerulean Kitsune Makeup. There is a wearable demo to try. Shown on the Genus Strong Free Gift Mesh Bento Head. This should work with any BoM skin that applies directly to your mesh head. But it is only available at Enchantment until May 30th, so not much longer.
The small horns are a new release from .:Soul:., the .:S:. Horns - Geit. These are a brand new release and are in the store now with different huds available. There is a skin hud which matches the .:Soul:. Gen 3 skins and also allows tinting of the base skin around the horns(which is what I've done above). You can also adjust and edit them to hide the base skin too. These are in the .:Soul:. main store on Storybrook now!
The (RP) - Olina Enchantress Dress is part of a fatpack with the full outfit, boots, necklace and circlet in 21 colors. Only at Roped Passions! I am wearing it on the Legacy Perky Mesh Body using the Maitreya sizes.

Enchantment - Kitsune - Ends May 30th

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Horns: .:S:. Horns – Geit NEW in the store now!

Makeup: SG Kitsune Makeup – Cerulean NEW @ Enchantment (Ends May 30th)

Skin: Expanding Universe [xx]+FGInc.+ Psychic Opals [BOM] NEW in store (Fantasy Faire Release)

Dress: (RP) Olina Enchantress Dress – Maitreya NEW in store (Fantasy Faire Release)

Necklace: (RP) Olina Enchantress Necklace (part of the Olina Fatpack)

Panty: :::insanya::: ThongGString P1 - M.LARA

Eyes: *Booty's Beauty* [Classic & BOM] Surreality Eyes 5 - NEW release in the store!

Lipstick: *Booty's Beauty* [Genus] Dark Melody Style Recent - New Release

Hair: -FABIA- Gacha   <Grace> RARE1 - Recent Gacha

Mesh Nails: N.Kolour: Legacy Stiletto Bento Nails – Long


Body Details, Poses & Backdrops:

Mesh Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Strong Face GIFT001 - v1.7

Mesh Body Shape: GENUS Project - Default Shape

Mesh Eyes: GENUS Project - Genus Eyes v1.4

Mesh Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.2.1), [HANDS] & [FEET]

Deformers: [+] Legacy (f) Fit Deformer (Upper) (1.1) & [+] Legacy (f) Fit Deformer (Lower) (1.1)


Backdrop: Play - House Vibes - The Bearded Guy

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