Friday, May 8, 2020

#701 - Create Your Dreams @ Fantasy Faire!

Create your dreams at Fantasy Faire! So many merchants are around with so many things for you to use to create anything you've seen or dreamed up! 

Here I am doing my musicbox dance to the music over the stream! Enjoying one of the many sims at Fantasy Faire this year (2020). You know, with our RL world situation, it has nearly basically halted or slowed down all the Relay for Life fundraising events. So Fantasy Faire continuing on is doing what currently can't be done in RL! Your purchases and donations are particularly important this year. The virtual world is helping where the real world cannot. I hope you join us for these last few days of the Fantasy Faire and make a donation at one of the kiosks or an RFL purchase. You can also always go to the Relay for Life website and make a donation there too. No matter where you do it, it is very much needed. Thank you so much for your donations, however you may decide to make them! And, have a great faire!
Mistakes Were Made! is a bright colorful sim at Fantasy Faire and very cheerful in mood. Lots of different merchants are here both cheerful and dark. You can also find Dinkie stuff here too. This sim reminds me of the Dinkie crowd too. Pay it a visit! Mistakes Were Made! sponsored by Epic Toy Factory.

I found a wonderfully pretty RFL furry mod! The SKS Designs Okapi - Purple RFL. This is made for the Regalia and Omega compatible mesh bodies(so be sure to grab the one you need!). You will need the Happy Paw Deer Head (Bento) to create this furry. It is a beautiful Purple - Black - Pink and includes the hooves (for the Maitreya body) and tail seen in the picture above. I've added the outfit, horns, hair and wings. I have done a side by side picture above to show the mod without most of the extras I've added. The HP Deer Head also includes horns in 5 options via the hud. Ears are animated as well. SKS also has this mod in different colors too in the store at Fantasy Faire on the Lamented Fens sim. Fantasy Faire will run through May 10th, so you will need to get by there soon for this RFL color!
The outfit is from Roped Passions, also on the Lamented Fens sim and is available in a fatpack with 21 colors!!! 21!!! Have this sexy dress, jewelry and boots in 21 colors! I am so happy for this set!
The wings are also available at the Fantasy Faire, the AMBIX - Starlight Wings! You can find them on the Melusina's Depths sim. They are bento wings and move when you walk. Customize them with the included hud for the colors on every part of the wings, ribbons and stars seen.
If you are not familiar with the Harshlands FF Decade Necklace Gacha, this item comes back each year and with additional or new items added. This year makes the 10th year, hence the Decade Necklace Gacha. Many styles to collect! This is the #10 from the HL Decade Necklace Gacha. Find Harshlands on the Siren's Lore sim. A mysterious yet beautiful sim with the ever present sounds of the ocean waves (I love that part!).
The two nail polishes seen here are also found at the faire. Dark Passions - Koffin Nails has a store on the Lamented Fens sim. These are applied to the Maitreya Mesh Body Nails. Lovely, aren't they? Find them at a very nice price for the six design sets that include Omega, Slink and Maitreya appliers.
Many of these special RFL editions are only available at the faire, so once the faire is over you may not see them again until next year or they could be gone, so don't delay! Hurry on over and find them today!

Fantasy Faire - Ends May 10th
Fairelands Junction
**Pick up your teleport hud at any sim landing point**
Pinterest Shopping Catalogue

bold & italics indicate sponsors
Furry Mod: SKS Okapi Mod – Purple RFL - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Lamented Fens (Ends May 10th)
Hooves & Tail: SKS Okapi Mod – Purple RFL includes: Maitreya Antelope Hooves & Antelope Tail
Nail Polish #1: DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Fantasy Flutter Keys - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Lamented Fens (Ends May 10th)
Polish #2: DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Hope, Fire & Fairy Dust - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Lamented Fens (Ends May 10th)
Dress: (RP) Olina Enchantress Dress Hudded – Maitreya - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Lamented Fens (Ends May 10th)
Circlet: (RP) Olina Enchantress Circlet Hudded - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Lamented Fens (Ends May 10th) -- (all jewelry included in Fatpack)
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mirai hair - NEW @ GachaGarden (Ends May 31st)
Bento Wings: ::AMBIX:: Starlight Wings - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Mesulina's Depths (Ends May 10th)
Collar: ::AMBIX:: Crystallon Collar [Ruby] - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Mesulina's Depths (Ends May 10th)
Necklace: [Harshlands] #10 FF Decade Necklace - RFL Magnolia Vines - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Siren’s Lore (Ends May 10th)
Particle Poofer: **CC** - RFL Hope Potion Aura (add to wear) - NEW @ Fantasy Faire on Lunafae (Ends May 10th)

Body Details, Background, Poses:
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.0.1
Mesh / Bento Head & Parts: [HP] - Deer head (bento), including: [HP] - Eyes round, [HP] - Deer ears
Neck Mesh: Omega Neck Fix - [OS] Female Neck 1 (Shorter Version)
Horns: [CC] Ibex Horns, Common/Standard – gacha win
Background item: !ETF! The Crystal Heart Tree
Pose #1: {.:exposeur:.} Top Model -All-Stars: Intros – Bianca ***
Pose #2 & 3: Tuty - 10 Lovely hands - Bento Still Poses

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