Thursday, April 27, 2017

#279 - The Many Creatures of the Fantasy Faire

And now for some creatures that are available at #FantasyFaire2017 ! 

This Fisheye Avatar by Wilds of Organica [WoO] is a low lag avatar that should make it much easier to get around the Fairelands and is very low in complexity. There are two colors the pink and the blue. The eyes are customizable via the included Hud and there is another hud to change the smile or close the eyes, etc. You do not need to wear the huds to keep the animation going either, so that is nice too!
The [ WoO ] Fisheye Avatar (RFL Purple & Blue offered too!) FREE avatars are free to everyone (although an equivalent donation to Relay for Life of L$500 is recommended!). Two RFL colors are available, while 10 other colors are available at The Spirit Pool sim. So come grab them! These are Bento avatars, so you will need a Bento viewer to see the animations. They are available at nearly every landing point that I've been to and they come in only two colors and they work very well getting me around without any wonky camera angles when wearing it. You will also find Wilds of Organica on The Spirit Pool sim at the Fantasy Faire.

Next is the RFL Skatter Imp Stripey by Avatar Bizarre. This is a purple, green and white colored imp and there are more solid colored versions to choose from. This is the female version and there are also male versions too. I love the colors on the RFL version. Here the wings from the Opteryx Wings gacha have been added. These are the purple version of those wings. The Skatter Imp does not come with wings, they are separate. You will find Avatar Bizarre on the Chaddul Ro sim at the Fantasy Faire.

Plastik has a beautiful deer avatar RFL Hope Special Edition avatar, it is a pretty fawn color and has different tails to choose from including a long tail that wags, which I happen to like. Though there is a short normal deer tail too. I love the run on this one, you really have to see it! It has an AO and this is very cute. It only comes in one color, but there is also a gacha where you can try for many other colors and 3 rares! You will find Plastik on the Chaddul Ro sim at the Fantasy Faire.

And last but not least, I have the tiny Titans - Nuubie Avatar in Lime, this is not an RFL item, The RFL Item is the Floofie Tiny Avatar. I fell in love with the Nuubie though. And again, the camera angle when wearing it is not troublesome at all. I enjoyed this tiny avatar too! The eyes are color changing via the hud and there are many other colors to choose from in all the avatars you will find here in their store. You will find the Titans/Solarium store on The Hill sim at the Fantasy Faire. There is also a First Druid Hud as the second RFL offering in the Titans/Solarium store.

Here is the RFL Floofie Tiny Avatar:

And that is it for today! There are only a few more days left to see the Fairelands and find some unique items here at the many shops. The sims will vanish and be gone forever until next year when new ones will rise in their place.

And there are lots more that I haven't gotten to so come explore and find what fits you!

You can find all links to the sims shown above here.

And links to all the shops participating here.

There is also a Pinterest Shopping Catalogue to do your RFL window shopping here.

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