Saturday, December 22, 2018

#534 - Finding the Perfect Tree!

If you still need a tree for Christmas, I would love to recommend this one to you! It is at Twisted Krissmuss this month and has MANY options available in it. You can definitely make this one your own! We are enjoying it thoroughly!
This is the Lunar Seasonal Designs - Menu Driven Christmas Tree. You can change nearly every item on the tree. The colors or textures on the Tree (12), Skirt (21), Baubles (11), Garland (11), Candles (11), Topper and Lights (11)! And you can toggle the brightness of light the tree casts too! Lots of customization is possible with this beautiful tree! This is one of the Frosted textures. You can also rez gifts and a train that works it way along the track under the tree. Very cute! There are 3 different train options. This one is a keeper! At 2m it is only 11 prims. This one seen here is 4m and is around 30 or so prims, because I'm kinda high prim like that!

Twisted Krissmuss runs until Jan 2nd! Don't miss it!

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