Saturday, October 24, 2020

#749 - Where Are All the Trick or Treaters?

 I fear this may have been a bit too much! I thought it'd be great for Halloween visitors. Maybe I was wrong? I began with a couple, but then after them, came no more! I wonder why?

Hmmm, Maybe the eyeball pumpkin was a bit much? So I switched to another one...


This one had a candle inside like a normal pumpkin lantern, but the night waxed on and still no one. Hmm. Getting pretty dark out, maybe some will be along soon?


Wow! Daylight comes and no more showed. Maybe I've moved into the wrong neighborhood!? Oh well, their loss! I have some great Halloween decor this year! And candy!

These creepy pumpkin lanterns are new from .:Soul:., I have the Pumpkin Lanterns in Eyeball (BoM), Needles and Orc versions above. Oh, and yes, the Eyeball Pumpkin Lantern does match whatever BoM eyes you happen to be wearing. So you can match the eyes...or not (you wear regular mesh eyes, and add on a favorite system layer eyes)! And they have the hold animation in each one. You can win these and many more versions/color variations at the store! These are in the Pumpkin Lantern Gacha at .:Soul:. as a new item in the Wanderlust Weekend Sale! They are only 25L per play and you win one of many in the gacha machine. They are a wonderfully creepy addition to your Halloween costumes or decor!

Come on by and play for yours today! This price is only Saturday and Sunday for the duration of the Wanderlust Weekend Sale!

Wanderlust Weekend Sales - Ends Sunday, Oct 25th

bold & italics indicate sponsors
Pumpkin Lantern: .:S:. Pumpkin Lantern - Eyeball (BoM) - Orange NEW Wanderlust Weekend Sale
Hair: Tameless Muerte - currently at The Fetish Fair (Ends Oct 24th)
Eyes: {Demicorn} Vampirella Eyes – 1 BoM
Tank Top: GeorgeVerge – Tank Top Gacha - #10 - Fitmesh Model Belleza Freya
Jeans: Blueberry - Authentic - Classic Jeans - Freya
Skin – Face Layer: Lefort by Revoul.Yemaya BOM Applier in Tone 7
Skin: Revoul Body Applier 5.1 BOM - Petite / Belleza Tone 7
Bento Ring Set: (Yummy) Equinox Ring Collection –Belleza – NEW
Dragon Ring: [MFDragon Ring L - Twisted (Belleza) – Twisted Hunt Drow Main Gift

Body Details & Poses:
Mesh / Bento Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Erin.2.0 (currently on Promo pricing)
Mesh Ears: :[P]:- Sanya Ears – NEW @ SamHain (Ends Nov 2nd)
Mesh Body Shape: LeLUTKA.DefaultShape.Erin (Belleza Edit)
Mesh Eyes: LeLUTKA.Eyes.Erin.2.0 BOM Activated
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO
Face Light: Heidi's soft face light

Background Items:
Statue: LiViD : Santa Muerte Statue
[CC] Gug- Standing, Glowing Green - Hallowen H&S Exlclusive NEW @ GG Hallows Carnival
[CC] Gug- Sitting, Glowing Green - Hallowen H&S Exlclusive NEW @ GG Hallow Carnival

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