Sunday, October 10, 2021

#852 - Sneaking Out for some Adventure!


Shhhhhhhh!!! You tell no one!! It's time for a little adventure past the walls of the yard! The perfect time for cats to lurk, no? We'll have a good time! And be back in time! Just follow me! Yes! Just trust me! We will have fun and be back before the hoomans awake again! Time to go now!


This gorgeous blue teal mod is the F~K Chessy mod found at the Furry Snout event! Which has only one more day left! Hurry over there find it before it's gone to the store. And there are a few gifts there too! Including one from F~K! So come and grab those too! They may not be available later you know!
I am wearing this mod on the +SG+ Katzen Head and the Legacy Mesh Body. The layers are Bakes on Mesh (BOM) and all put together so easily! But, there is only one more day left! So you have to hurry!


These PomBear ;; Oogiemonster Nails are also at Furry Snout and the sets here are perfect for this spooky month! I am wearing the FW - Holy Nails that fit the Apricot Handy Paws. You need both of these for the nails to apply correctly. Great colors for the Halloween season with 3 choices, Skellyfriends, Oogiemonster (shown above) and Wayward Nails too!

Now, time to get on with this nighttime adventure!

Furry Snout - Ends Oct 11th

F~K (Furry Kinks)

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Mod & Furry Parts Used:

Skin: F~K [Excluisve] Chessy - Blue F NEW @ Furry Snout (Ends Oct 11th)

Eyeshadow: F~K [Exclusive] Chessy Eyeshadow -Blue

Eyebrows: F~K [Exclusive] Chessy Eyebrows -Blue

Chessy Eyes: [Exclusive] Chessy -Blue Eyes

Skin - Nipples: F~K [Exclusive] - F N1 (2 choices included)

Mesh Head: +SG+ Katzen Head [standard fem]

Mesh Eyes: +SG+ Katzen Eyes

Head / Body Shape: +SG+ Katzen Shape (Chessy & Legacy)

Tail: She-Devil: Long Vixen Tail

Tail Animator: [M.O.R] bento demon tail 1.1 : ANIMATOR + long deformer (from Bento Demon Tail set)

Mesh body: [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)

Nail Polish: PomBear ;; Oogiemonster Nails NEW @ Furry Snout (Ends Oct 11th)

Mesh Nails: .: FW :. Holy Nails! - Medium Almond Size

Paws: AP: Handy Paws v2.3d (Legacy.F): Palm Pad B

Feets: AP: Feety Peets: Mid v1.4b (Legacy.F)

Hair: TRUTH / Unravel / + Chest



AURORA Irina Set - Legacy



Tree: Hayabusa Design Peach Tree - Pecher Hand M1 Gift

Poses: Nani Banani - Arigato - Pose Stand

Windlight: Poly: Dark Haze

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