Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#27 - Venetian Chopines from Anachron

Wealthy fashionable women wore them back in the day.... way back in the day! They were a symbol of stature, elegance and had the women of that time towering over all others. They needed assistance from the maids or servants just to walk around in these shoes. And sometimes to just put them on! Luckily, here in Second Life we will not have that problem! We can walk so elegantly in any shoes!  

They were also used to keep dirt off the long, beautiful gowns worn in the 1600's. And sometimes used as a deterrent of illicit affairs by those husbands who seemed to not trust their wives for one reason or another. Well, no matter what they were used for, these Venetian Chopines from Anachron look wonderful with a medieval gown and I had a colonial looking coat that they paired well with too. However, as you can see, the gown was so long, you can barely see the shoes!
Venetian Chopines peeking out from under the long skirt of the medieval gown I paired them with!
Some of these shoes were so tall, they were some of the first platform shoes that became fashionable to wear and seen as a status symbol for the wealthy women of the time. Some were twenty-four inches in height! The feet were strapped in to the shoes and laced. Since you could not see them in the previous picture very well, I had to put on a shorter colonial looking coat with them so I could take some pictures of the shoes. And here they are:
A better view of the Venetian Chopines from Anachron
And, of course, a close up! The height of these Chopines will not cause you any trouble here in SL! 
Closer Detail of the Anachron - Venetian Chopines (SLink Flat) - Imperatrice set
These are modify and copy (so they are resizable) and have an animation in the shoes to slant the foot forward so it sits in the shoes correctly. They are made for the Slink Flat Feet. And they are 20% off at the Cosmopolitan Event which began on January 18th and runs for two weeks. 

Come grab yourself a piece of history! And take a walk like no real life woman could do in these shoes! There are six options to choose from. The one seen here are the Imperatrice version, a grey and tan shoe with a lavender trim and laces. And the price is pretty sweet! Only $159 at this event!

 Also seen in the pics:
Medieval Gown: !! FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! Matelda Gown
Hair: *PINK HUSTLER hair* 8103 - Monochrome

Coat: !TLB - Beary Coat & Bow Earmuffs w/color change HUD (Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt Gift)
Hair: ICONIC RUSSINA - Cafes - Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Stool: Purple Poses & ME Jewelry - Holographic Stool - Pack 2 @ Collabor88

More pics on Flickr

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