Thursday, February 18, 2016

#43 - A Final Farewell & And Great Looks As We Leave!

And in the final day, I am showing off some great looks to be found at the OtB! There's just a little bit of time left to get here and grab some last minute deals! 

We start off with a Death to Cupid Hoodie, a dress with a warning and a cute but snarky T-shirt:
+Facepalm Self Defense Hoodie RARE - Reaction Don't Touch Me Dress RARE & MurrMurr UGH Candy Darts Shirt
What you see here are from the  +Facepalm+,  REACTION & MurrMurr gachas, all available at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair - Bitter Love Round! Which ends on Feb 18th! Only a few more hours left!

Next we have a look at one piercingly gorgeous necklace from ~IO~ Insanity's Own:

The top shows the heart and wings charm being stabbed by many, many knives! And the bottom shows it without the knives and there is a third option of randomly stabbing knives too!

Then a look at the [R]uckus Broken Heart Doll - Purple and better look at the Don't Touch Me RARE Dress by REACTION:

All great items to grab before it's all over!

And here is your teleport link:

~Bitter Love Round~
Ends Feb 18th, 2016

Hope to see you there!

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