Sunday, February 14, 2016

#40 - Fantasy Gacha Carnival Teal Goodness from !gO!

I love this look from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival from the !gO! Dathomirian gacha. I've had it for a short while but am only just now able to fully share it with you. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival runs until Feb 29th, and there is a lot of great stuff there. The theme is Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones. And I have a few items from the Carnival including a light saber that you can fight with! And its pretty easy for me to use! I am terrible with DCS and fighting in SL. But I try! Well, here is one look at my outfit - without the light saber.

!gO! Dathomirian #2 - Gloves and Collar, Top & Belt and Skirt set
Also in the picture are The Dark Fae's Gladiator Platform Heels in Iron! They went great with the outfit and I love them!! They look great together. The hair is from ICONIC called Von Dita & Von Duke and at the On9 event. I have the Faded pack and I love the colors this pack comes with, they look great with my fantasy looks and the colored skins. Which, I must try soon!

I know I featured the outfit not long ago on another post(#37), but it actually wasn't the main item and I wanted to show the entire outfit and let you know that The Dark Fae is there too! And her Gladiator Platform Heels are a great deal at the pull price of $50L!!! I have a few pairs myself. They are made for Slink High Feet but if you modify your leg muscles slightly, they fit the Maitreya Lara body nicely and I am sure they will fit other mesh bodies too. And here is another look at that outfit in a warrior pose from NRage, also from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Location: Personal Apt Studio
And finally I am wearing my favorite caramel skin from {Meghindo's} the TrishAnna ~ Caramel and Slink Casual Hands and Feet. And the location for pic #1 is at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

So I hope you get a chance to get by there if you are interested in the theme this year, two very popular and very loyal fan bases are represented in this round! 

And if you are missing some items, stop by my locations and take a look at my extras, you may find the piece or pieces you are missing!

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