Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#36 - Bitterness can be awesome!!! Come See the Treasure Trove of Awesomeness at On The Boardwalk!

Yes, it can be a bitter Valentine's Day for some, but you won't remember a thing when you come visit and find all the awesomeness to be had here at the On the Boardwalk - Bitter Love Round Gacha Fair! So many goodies for those of us who dread, dislike, hate or can just do without Valentine's Day. It's not a day to be dreaded! You will find some great things here. And here is another preview of what there is to offer to those of us with a sad or bitter heart!
Items from [Blissiere], Intwine, NOVA, Dallywood & !Head Desk!
In the picture you see the cuddly little stuffed bear from [Blissiere]'s Bitter Bears Gacha and she also has some Bitter Love Slink Nails for you too! All with bitter images of love if that is what you are feeling and you want to express that to everyone you meet! These will help you wear your heart on your sleeve...well, hands! Woops!
Broken Hearts Nails by [Blissiere]
The Psycho tank is one of the Bitter Hearts V2 Tanks from the Intwine gacha! There are two versions of the Intwine Tanks in two different gacha machines. So there are plenty to win! I love the colors on the V2 tanks. It goes great with the Moonlitecat Creations Gothly Swirl Bloody Green Makeup!
The gacha fair also has your mane covered too ladies! With this cute little slanted cut Bob in the Selene Hair Gacha from !Head Desk! I've received many compliments on this hair when I was wearing it around the grid! It's very stylish and catches people's attention and remember what I said about looking good and revenge? There you go! Grab up some of this Selene Hair while you are here at the Fair. Here you see the following HUDS: Must Haves - Darkling - Light Side - Punk & Streak Freak. All have six color options for the hair you win. Very nice hair!
Selene Hair from !Head Desk!
Also seen in these pictures is the NOVA Anti-Valentine Choker - LOL NO. A cute little black choker with a candy heart pendant with various different sayings offered. 

And last, but not least, are the items in the background. From Dahllywood, comes the Broken Hearted Gacha with items for your home. Behind me are the Curtains and the Mirror and I love the Broken Hearted Table and Motivational Wall Heart! Here are those items, and they look great!
Broken Hearted Curtains and Mirror from Dahllywood
Dahllywood Movtivational & Broken Hearted Table
So many great items here for everyone! Make sure you get by here because there are a lot more than what I am showing off too! So many things you won't get to see here on the blog! So don't miss out! On the Boardwalk lasts until February 19th. So you have a little time left but don't delay!

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