Thursday, February 4, 2016

#32 - It's Time For A Snowball Fight!!!

The Gacha Garden opened on February 1st and Anachron (one of the Sponsors of the event) is there with what you need for some great winter fun! Nix has created the Snowball Fight Gacha, which has Snowball Mittens for both men and women that also launch snowballs! And the Rares are the Snowball Forts! The Forts come in three colors: Green, Blue & Red. So you and all your friends can have some snowball fight fun!
Snowball Fort RARE - Red from the Snowball Fight Gacha @ The Gacha Garden Event
Here is a look at one of the RAREs in Red. I am wearing the Snowball Mittens in Black for the ladies! And they work great! Make sure wherever you play you can rez, otherwise, they will not work. The Forts also have many animations in them too. There are ten animations total in the forts.
Three animations of the available ten in each RARE Fort!
In order to access those ten you must use the Swap menu when you click the fort. All of them are pretty fun to play around with too! Here I am Calling out (Trash Talking?), Taunting and Resting. I had great fun playing around with these items so much! I hope you will too!

And the Seed Of Inspiration you can get for 20 pulls, and it sounds like great fun too! Here it is!
The Snowshovel Catapult!

You can really mess someone's fort up with this toy! LOL! Why not try it out? You can play for this at the event only until Feb 29th, so you'd better get on by there!

Here is The Gacha Garden site for more information.
And here is your teleport link to the event!

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