Sunday, March 6, 2016

#49 - Anachron is at the Multiverse Sci-Fi Themed Shopping Event!

Multiverse opened on March 1st and when I heard about it I knew it was something I would like to see! The grounds where the event is held are pretty cool! A very nice Sci-Fi themed area and great for pictures too. There are quite a few levels with a few merchants on each level and I had a great time taking these pics while I was there - and made a new friend!

Multiverse Event Grounds
Anachron is there with a few items right on the ground level where the landing point is. Luckily I have the Data Bracers that Nix has taken such care in creating and there is a lot of detail in these too! The Data Bracers come with a HUD to change the screen and trim colors - 8 options, the screen has four different options and are animated, there are three different animations and an "animation off" option and finally, four brightness options.

And here is a look at the Hacker Custom Data Bracer and a couple of the animations:
Viewing screen and Typing animations included
First you see the viewing animation, the computer is open and screen is scrolling, and your avatar is only viewing the information on the screen. The next is a typing animation, there are two, a light single, slowly tapping animation and then a faster typing animation.

Here we see the Bracer in the Open and Closed positions - back side views:
Open and Closed Hacker Custom Bracer
I really like this one's "STOP NSA" sticker and the yellow & black tape on it!

Next I have the Carbon Fiber in the Open and Closed with the view of the keyboard and screen:
Data Bracer - Carbon Fiber Open - Front and Back views
And three of the screen options:
Screen Options controlled via the HUD
And finally, a couple more of the Data Bracer versions and a few screen color options:

Here you see Clockwise starting with the largest picture: The Aluminum with the White screen applied, the back side view, The Kawaii Custom with Purple color applied, the back side view, The Hacker Custom with Orange Loading Screen and the Aluminum with the Teal color applied. And there are still two more options for both men and women(both come in each pack). You can pick up your favorite or a full fat pack of all of them at the Multiverse Event which runs March 1st thru March 15th.

And if you are reading this after the event is over, you can find them at the Anachron Mainstore.

Insilico & the Multiverse event grounds


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