Monday, March 28, 2016

#66 - Lots of Decor For The Low Low! @ The Wash!

Do you need to bring Spring into your home? Check out The Wash Cart Sale! There are lots of designers there with quality items for only $10L! Just take a look at this little cozy corner I've decorated to display some of the items found at The Wash!

Items from Artist's Shed  - Park Place - Low Prim Living, Wood Works & Ollie's Follies
This includes items from five designers: The Artist's Shed w/Funky Pillow Stack (Four), Park Place w/Round Wired End Table in Gold, Low Prim Living (3 items shown) w/XOXO Bookshelf, 4 in 1 Wall Frame, and the XOXO Hanging Shelf, Ollie's Follies w/Potted Amaryllis, Peapod, Pink(gift) and Wood Works w/Grape Leaf Bench which has 7 poses for each pad on the bench (his & hers). Here is a second pose called Intense.

Wood Works Grape Leaf Bench with poses - Intense (Hers)
And all these designers are at The Wash! Only two more days left, it ends on March 30th, so make sure you don't miss it! Next more close ups of the individual items seen in the first picture.

LPL - XOXO Hanging Shelf
LPL - 4 in 1 Wall Frame
Artist's Shed - Pillow Stack (four) - Park Place - White Marble Statuette - Eternal Woman, Round Wired End Table - Gold
& Ollie's Follies - Potted Amaryllis, Peapod, Pink (gift)
And Low Prim Living also has a boxed garden for you too with a watering animation:
LPL - Gardenia Plant Box with Anim
Here below are two planters from Crys Secret Garden, the Mixed Grass Planter and the Mixed Flower Planter (Orange Poppy 1) in the black planter boxes. Also there is The Artist's Shed - Wall Garden and Toolbox Garden seen here. The Gracious Chair Planter Curacao, Copper, Tulips, from Ollie's Follies was out in the first week of the Wash Cart Sale and will later be offered in the store. But there is another one offered in the second week of the sale right now, the Gracious Chair Planter Terracotta, Old Gold, with Daffodils instead of Tulips.

Planters available @ The Wash Cart Sale
And that is it! Lots of decor for inside and outside! And there is more that you haven't seen all waiting for you at The Wash! Only two more days to get in on these great deals! And if you miss them, here are the links to get you to the individual stores inworld, but the prices are certain to increase.


Outfit credits and details here:

Hope to see you there!

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