Monday, March 14, 2016

#55 - Newness from [:Rad Designz:] - Smudge Nails - Beautiful Messiness!

Yes, messy can be beautiful. Even when it comes to your nails. You make them so perfectly and then suddenly, you bump that nail and AH!!! It's messed up! But then you realize, no, it's perfect! It's different! It's eye catching! All this and more is what you get with the newest design from [:Rad Designz:]!
Smudge Nail Design by [:Rad Designz:]
Aren't they great! And these new releases are only $100L for one week only! Then they go up! Come on by the store and get your set!

And just a reminder that [:Rad Designz:] will be in the upcoming Wash Event! So watch for that!

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