Saturday, December 12, 2015

#12 - Krissmuss Cups Of Sitting - The Dark Fae

So this was fun! I like items that have poses in them and are seasonal, cute, or I just love it! So this is from The Dark Fae, who by the way has a new 60L Weekends Item up for sale. The Plaid Kitteh - RED outfit. You can check out the full details on that outfit here: The Dark Fae - Blog

And, here are the Krissmuss Cups of Sitting from The Dark Fae and this can be found at the Twisted Krissmuss shopping event. Look for The Dark Fae's shop, there are many others there too. You can find The Dark Fae on the West side of the shopping area. And check out all the fun I had with them!

Krissmuss Cups Of Sitting
And more poses are included - a total of five poses on the cups.
Wearing the Plaid Kitteh Red outfit from The Dark Fae
Love the colors on all the cups!
Relaxing on the top of the cups
Featured here:
Krissmuss Cups Of Sitting - The Dark Fae @ Twisted Krissmuss
Plaid Kitteh - Red outfit - The Dark Fae - 60L Weekend Item
Love in the Library - Red Slink High Heels - The Dark Fae
Beanie & Hair: +Spellbound+ Blizzard // DARKS // Chapter I : Earth
Gacha item @ Arcade (current round)

TDF's Love in the Library Slink High Heel Shoes - RED

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